Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Traditions

Todd and Amelia are hosting the Roberts/Grimm family Thanksgiving on Saturday. I am glad to turn it over to them!! They stopped by yesterday to pick up some tableclothes and other various and sundry. I love to bake but I am not a great cook so Thanksgiving was always rather stressful for me. Over the years we have had Thanksgiving with family and friends and I have good memories but the Thanksgivings from my childhood remain fixed in my mind.

We lived on a small farm with all my Daddy's family near by. So most Thanksgivings were spent with the Tankersleys. The Hendersons lived too far away..maybe 5 or 6   As all of you who grew up on a farm know, the animals must be tended to no matter the day of the week. Sundays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter make no difference to them. So Daddy started every morning at the barn. Even after he quit milking his cows, he would go to check on his livestock.  Some Thanksgiving mornings Granddaddy, Uncle Robert, Daddy and the boy cousins would go squirrel hunting. I think it was really a chance to be together, just the men.   As a little girl I always looked forward to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Even on our black and white tv it was impressive!  While the men were out, the women of the family were cooking. We had turkey and ham, dressing, various vegetables and dessert, which was my favorite part of the meal. I really do not remember having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. We had sweet potato pie and pecan pie. Grandmother Tankersley made her Danish cake for holidays. It was  a very moist cake with dates in it. ( I picked those out!)  And plenty of sweet tea and Koolaid as it was a special occasion. Eating was not the highlight of Thanksgiving for me. I loved being with all my family and playing with the cousins.

I am making the dressing for Saturday and it will be my Conecuh Sausage Dressing. I got the recipe from Southern living and it is our favorite now.  If you have never had Conecuh Sausage from Conecuh County Alabama, you are missing a treat!  Conecuh county is in LA...lower Alabama. This sausage was once an item you picked up on your way to or from the beach but now it is in most Alabama grocery stores.  I will be making an apple pie and two appetizers. I am going to do apple slices with a dipping sauce and Chex Mix, homemade of course. Amelia is doing sausage balls, which is her specialty. And she is making Deviled Eggs for her daddy.

Charles, Nancy and baby Audrey will be driving over from Georgia and they will stay with us until Tuesday morning.  So we will be celebrating Thanksgiving early this year and believe it or not, Marvin and I along with our friends, Sharon and Barry, will enjoy our Thanksgiving meal at Cracker Barrel this year! This will allow me to sit and watch the Macy's parade with a cup of coffee in my hand and my feet propped up on the coffee table. I am still impressed by the Macy's parade and one day I would love to travel to NYC to see it in all it's glory. Excuse me while I add that to my bucket list!!


Heather said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! That is what I always loved about Thanksgiving too; not all the food, but being with family. We will be celebrating with my husband's family this year, and we will be bringing the turkey. It will be a first for us, as we have never cooked a turkey before, so here's hoping it turns out okay!

Sandy said...

Yes, to Conecuh sausage, and now they make bacon. It is heavenly, but I have not seen it yet anywhere but home (aka Conecuh County). My mom and dad were born and raised there and all my family is there. I will have to try the dressing recipe, although my mom makes the most incredible dressing I have ever tasted. I am going to watch closely this year, as I need to learn.

Your story about your dad reminded me of a picture book for Christmas. I always read it in my classroom. I have never had any group of kids no matter the socioeconomic status not love this little story. I think you would like it for your grandchildren. It is called Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck, yes, The Good Earth, author.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Heather I am sure you will do fine...when in doubt That is my motto! Sandy we heard that they are making bacon but have yet to find any up here!! I am going to look for that book Sandy!!

Terri D said...

I still hold dear the memories of Thanksgivings with all the family together. There would be 30 of us - cousins, aunts & uncles, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters... and oh my goodness, the wonderful smells of turkey and dressing!! I love to cook Thanksgiving dinner, even though there will only be six of us this year. I will still have a 18 pound turkey. Leftovers are the best part. We have gone out for Thanksgiving dinner a couple of times, then I come home and roast a turkey anyway so we can have leftovers!! Have fun this weekend!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Believe me Terri, I did think of making a turkey breast!! We had about 30 in our family all said and done...and my grandparents had a small house but we did not care one bit.

Anonymous said...

Love hearing your Thanksgiving memories! I've never had sausage in stuffing. I am Stovetop Stuffing kind of girl.

We love to watch the Macy's parade too. I'm hoping there will be no incidents there. I'm a worry wart.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Gina, I know what you mean about worrying about the parade. There is just so much evil in this world today. I hope that NYC will be on top of things as they have been since 9/11. I wish I could mail you a taste of my dressing. It is yummo.