Monday, November 16, 2015

The Stream

Well as my mind is all over the place this am, I am going to just jump in the stream and swim along!

First, I want to say that the people of France are on my mind after the events of Friday the 13th. All of Europe is such a dark place spiritually. I never heard any one reporting on the terror attack ask for prayers for the people who were injured and those who lost loved ones. I pray that there would be a revival and the people of Europe would turn to God.  I have some friends who are traveling in Europe right now and I prayed for them this morning that they would be safe and would travel home all in one piece!

And big news here in Grimmland....Margaret had a talk with her mom and dad and told them that she wanted to tell Jesus that she believed in him and that she wanted him to live in her heart. She is the first of my grandchildren to make a profession of faith.

It is starting to really feel like fall. It was in the mid 30s as I took my early morning walk. I had on several layers of clothing that I was peeling off as I approached my house. :)

My heart is heavy for an incident that took place here in Decatur over the weekend. A sweet lady who was co owner of a restaurant that  I enjoy was killed by her ex husband.  In fact, my friend, Susan, had chosen that restaurant for her birthday lunch on Thursday.  Our little town has had two homicides in one week. That rarely happens here.

I am looking forward to having Charles, Nancy and Audrey to visit over the weekend. We are having an early Thanksgiving on Saturday.  I am in charge of dressing, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and two appetizers. Right now I am planning apple slices and dipping sauce as well as home made Chex Mix. It is so much better than what is in the bag at the grocery store.

I have four Christmas parties on my calendar for December! Time is just flying by! I host a party each year for MOPs and one of my sweet girls told me she looks forward to my "fancy" party. That made my really is not fancy at all but I do try to make my home festive and I provide all the food so the ladies just arrive and have a good time.

If you like the Pioneer Woman then you do not want to miss her Thanksgiving Special tonight at 7 pm on the Food Network. Another foodie show I have become addicted to is the Great English Baking show which airs on PBS.  I was so happy to see Frances win the bake off yesterday.

Speaking of PBS, am I the only one who is tempted to look at the Downton Abbey spoilers online? As you know it is airing in England now and if you were a truly bad little girl you could find out what happens at Downton in the final season. Believe me, I am trying to wait until it is aired here. I have heard a few spoilers and I have seen the trailer for the new season which seems to hint at great change.

I don't know about you but I love reading books about English villages. I found an old series that I am just devouring!! It is the Round Ringford Series by Ann Purser. I found the fifth book in the series at our used book room in the library and brought it home for 25cents! Well after reading it, I wanted to know more and I ended up ordering the whole series from Amazon. By reading the 5th book first, I do know some spoilers there but I am almost done with the first one, Pastures New, and I must say I just love the people and the stories. I was familiar with Ann Purser as I have read her Lois Meade mystery series. I had no idea she had done fiction writing before she took on mysteries.  So if this world is getting you down, go visit Round Ringford!

Well I have places to go and things to do...have a blessed Monday friends.


Karen said...

I am praying for the situation in France, also. I'm sorry to hear about the murder there in Decatur. That is wonderful news about Margaret...the most important decision of her life. God bless her.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Karen...we were thrilled that Margaret made this decision for Christ!

Rian said...

I too love Downton Abbey, Great English Baking Show, and have read Purser's Lois Meade Mysteries. I will check out the other. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I saw little Margaret's photo on facebook with her offering for church. What a blessing that she wants to follow Jesus.
Sounds like you are going to be busy but I know you will have so much fun.

Terri D said...

God bless Margaret! Wonderful! You have a busy time coming up! I know your early Thanksgiving will be wonderful, as will your "fancy" party for MOPS. Pictures please!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I am so sorry to hear about the deaths in Decatur. There is so much sadness and darkness in the world and it seems more so lately.

Thank you for sharing some good news! Margaret always looks so sweet in her pictures. And hooray for Downton arriving soon! {{HUGS}}

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oops...I had a drs appt today and got behind in responding to your sweet comments. must read the Round Ringford Series. I LOVE IT! Mildred, that Margaret is such a dear child( and I am not And they have almost raised all the money needed for training Ruby. Terri, my prayer is that all of my grands will know and serve Jesus! The best legacy I can leave them is Faith. Gina, it has been a sad week here as more details come out about Kay. She was a believer so that is a comfort to all who knew and loved her. I just hope I can wait until January to visit my friends, the

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's such a busy time of the year but a fun one too. I have been sobered by the attack this week and it really does upset you, doesn't it? I'm going to go look for those books right now. If you like them....I know I will too! Sweet hugs, Diane

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Now that you mention it, no one in France asked for prayers. You are very observant. How sad, and very telling. We need to cover the USA with prayers for protection.

Love all your other comments and observations as well.

- Happy week to you,
Leslie Anne

Mari said...

With all the sad news in the world, reading about Margaret was a real blessing!
I love Downton Abby too, and I watched the Pioneer Woman tonight. :)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Diane, you will love the books. It is perfect escapism. Not that the people in Round Ringford do not have their problems, they do. But they all look out for each other and hold one another accountable! Leslie Ann, that no one asked for prayers really broke my heart for the people of France. They need the Lord, as we all do!! And Mari, Margaret's decision was certainly a blessing to Grandpa and me. I watched Ree as well...wish I had a big old kitchen like hers to cook all the Thanksgiving feast in!!