Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One More Christmas Post

One last post with pictures from Christmas and I am moving on in to the New Year!!

Here is my big boy wearing his new farm boots. I think he will need them if we ever get out little farm house in Georgia.

Margaret was happy with all her gifts but this puppy was special. I love the sleepy tousel haired look of children on Christmas morning.

Elliott says for get the presents...I want candy out of my stocking.

Baylor got some drums. He loves playing on Uncle Todd's drums when he visits the Roberts fam here in Decatur. Baylor plays them very banging but he enjoys them. They will go in his room.

The children also got a TeePee and Baylor takes a moment to enjoy some alone time.

Here is Amelia's crew working on Christmas Cookies.

Christmas morning at the Roberts home.

Kendall rocking some of her new Christmas Clothes.

I put away all my Christmas decorations yesterday. And while my house seems bigger I do miss all the colorful lights and bling. And I got 8000 steps just cleaning and putting away.  In January I try to go room by room and organize, deep clean and redecorate. Redecorating means moving things around, not necessarily purchasing new things. When Amelia was a little girl she loved to redecorate her room. That child would physically move her furniture. I had to finally tell her that she could move her possessions around but the furniture needed to stay in one place.:)

Marvin and I are off to have  a  DATE today. We are seeing Star Wars in Huntsville, eating lunch out and shopping at Bridge Street.  You are never too old to get excited about a DATE.


Mrs.T said...

Isn't that the truth? We had a breakfast and clearance shopping date the day after Christmas. So much fun.

I love Elliott's granny square stocking. Did someone make that for him and do his siblings have matching ones? So pretty and a nice size, too.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mrs T, that stocking was made by my late mother in law. She made them for all the grands and many of her great grands. Fortunately I have found a local crocheter who can duplicate them but i have to pay her.:)

Come Home For Comfort said...

No you are NEVER too old to enjoy a date with your man! Good for you guys! <3 I love your tree, so pretty! I'm going to to the ribbon topper like you have next year. The icicle branches I've used the past couple years are looking tired out. :) I enjoyed a peek into all your family's Christmases!

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Whitney, now I want to see Star Wars again!lol WE had a nice day. I got that ribbon tied for me at a local store. Can you believe $12.99 for two bows...I put them on the tree so they look like one. Looking forward to hearing about your new job in 2016. Hope you are enjoying the work.