Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Stream

Swimming down stream this morning...jump in and join me!!

1. I finally finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Now I can relax and enjoy preparing all the sweet goodies for Christmas Day. This year we will gather at three in the afternoon on Christmas Day to celebrate. We decided no gifts for the adults this year. We will just enjoy watching the children open their presents. I am doing finger foods for us to nibble on as we visit. I was doing a big Christmas Dinner that no one ate because they had been to the in laws houses for a meal and the kiddos were just too excited to eat.  In stead, I will do a Christmas Eve meal for two and enjoy the left overs.  Traditions are good and I am definitely a traditionalist but sometimes those traditions can be tweaked.

2. One of my favorite places to shop is Tractor Supply. I did finish up some of my Christmas Shopping there yesterday. They really have some unique home decor items, clothes and calendars.  Marvin is a tall man and wears an extra large tall. In the past I have had to order shirts from LL Bean and Lands End to get the right fit for him. However, we have found some nice shirts at Tractor Supply for less than half of what I pay at the preppy stores. They are made of good material and hold up well. So if your budget is limited, check out Tractor Supply for a unique gift or two.

3. YETI...have you heard of these amazing hot/cold cups that are THE Christmas gift this year? I was able to snag one before they disappeared. Apparently they are the "Cabbage Patch Doll of the 80s" in the mania that surrounds them.  I was able to get  a Cabbage Patch Doll for my Amelia back in the day because Aunt Lanny was diligent in searching them out and allowed me to purchase one from her!! Then she gifted Charles one named Stanley. Believe it or not he still has Stanley and now he belongs to Audrey.

4. While I was in Hartselle yesterday I dropped off another Prairie Schooler Sampler to be framed. It is a Winter theme so I will display it on an easel in my kitchen when I put away my Christmas bling.  I am so thankful for Slate Framing and Gallery. They do a great job at a very reasonable price.

5. I wanted to tell some of you that I am having problems posting on your blogs. It seems to be those that are not part of Blogger. It just started last week and it is very frustrating. I am glad you all have Facebook pages so I will post there until I figure out the problem. If anyone has any ideas on solving this problem I would be glad for the advice. Google let me down on this one.

6. Today I will be cooking and cleaning as I am hosting Deborah and Susan for our Christmas lunch tomorrow.  When I count my blessings, I count these two friends twice!

Take some time in these busy days to pause and reflect on the true meaning of the Season. Bishop Robert Barron at Word on Fire has a good Advent Devotion today about the meaning of the Good News.  It blessed my heart and reminded me that the Good News came with a price. You cannot celebrate Christmas without celebrating Easter too! Have a blessed day Blog Buddies!!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Arlene you sound so organized. I still have a little last minute shopping and wrapping to do! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I try Julie but I do get overwhelmed some days! Merry Christmas to your family Julie!

Terri D said...

Your Tractor Supply sounds very much like our Rural King. They have jeans for $9.99 that are so well made and they are soft denim. Joe loves them! I had never heard of YETI cups, so jumped on Amazon to! They are expensive! I'll stick with my Tervis tumbler for now! Happy to know about them, though!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Your list of everything you've done inspires me to get up off the computer and finish (start) wrapping gifts! I'm impressed you are organized and ready to enjoy the time with family!

Don't know what the deal could be with the blogger/wordpress problem. Have you tried googling, "I can't post on wordpress sites" and see what comes up?

Have a fun time baking!

Leslie Anne

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Leslie Anne, I used your suggestion and the google answer is that maybe my comments are going to the spam comments on Wordpress. So if you would not mind checking that and see. I have the same problem with RefreshHer and Southern Hospitality along with yours. It is crazy and I am technically challenged. And I use a mac which can also cause problems apparently. Loved your post on Piggly Wiggly...I really miss our store.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Terri, I am so pooped I missed your comment. Your store does sound like Tractor Supply. I was able to get one for my husband as he takes a big cup of coffee to work with him and Yeti will keep it hot for days. lol. Apparently hunters were the ones who got everyone on board with this company. Their coolers are expensive but keep things cold for up to a week. For hunters and campers this is a bonus. I saw one of the coolers the other day...$300 for a medium sized cooler. I will just keep adding ice to my old Igloo.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I took time to clean my house today. I get so busy and then I look around and realize it needs some work...not just decorations! lol Hope you have a nice time tomorrow. Wish I was your friend that lives close by too! Sweet hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

Sweet Arlene, I am swimming upstream on your stream. I'm home and exhausted! I haven't decided what to make for Christmas dinner. It will just be the two of us. What are you making? I've not seen the hot/cold cups. I'm so behind!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Diana, I love Christmas bling but I also enjoy putting everything to rights in January. I use the first month of the year to do some decluttering around the house. And I am sore today from all that cleaning yesterday. Gina so glad you are back...I missed you but I know you were enjoying that precious new grand and spoiling your grandson so that he does not feel the effects of a new sibling. I am thinking of doing a ham for Christmas eve so we can use the leftovers for sandwiches and breakfast the week that Marvin is off from work. I will probably do mac and cheese, fruit salad and broccoli, as that is Marvin's favorite vegetable. Dessert will be a E's pound cake, a family recipe that I make each year at Christmas to remember our great aunt, Eunice, who we called E.