Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Thought

Another Saturday Thought that I found at   Last Saturday there was snow on the ground. Today it is supposed to be 61 and Tuesday we are in for some severe weather. Such is life in the never get bored with the weather!!

I love Saturdays! Marvin and I sleep in. Hey when you are our age, 8 am is sleeping in! We eat a leisurely breakfast and today is one of those Saturdays when I have nothing to do except read and cross stitch. I do have an errand to run in Hartselle but I have to wait until the stores open so I have some free morning time. Next Saturday we will be on the road to Memphis to attend a baby shower for our nephew, Jeff and his wife, Sarah. So I am enjoying today!!

I have some very good news this morning. Ben and Katy have a contract on their townhome here in Decatur. Closing is set for March 11th. Would you pray with me that all goes smoothly to closing. It would be such a burden lifted for them and for Mom who worries over her children!

And do not forget to come visit Nanaland on Monday. The first day of February will bring my first of the month give away. It is RED for Valentine's Day.  All you have to do is leave a comment and I will draw the winning name on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend dear friends!!

Friday, January 29, 2016


I was a person who was not involved in causes...not because I did not care but because I thought someone else would make the changes that need to be made in our world.  When Baylor was diagnosed with Autism at age three, I became aware of the big gap in the health care system for these children.  It is all Ben and Katy can do to provide the therapy Baylor needs. And they are not alone. Alabama is one of 7 states that does not require insurance to help with ABA therapy. This is a BIG therapy for children with autism, a life changing therapy in many cases. Baylor is not receiving it because of Alabama's insurance system. So to show our legislators in Alabama that there needs to be change we are blowing up social media with #autismmatters. Families are posting pictures etc on Facebook and Instagram.  Apparently if you want to get anyone's attention in our day and time, posting on social media is the way to go. So our family did their part yesterday!

Here is Ben and Katy's picture. Margaret's picture says, Help my Brudder.:)

Aunt Mimi and Kendall did their part as well.

And here is the picture I posted. Katy took this one of me and Baylor on Saturday when we visited the children.  I asked the question, "How can we refuse to allow this sweet boy to reach his potential?"

We will see if the state listens. Alabama is always at the bottom of most lists and does not seem to care about moving up but I hope they will listen to the citizens regarding this matter because #autsimmatterseveryday.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Grandpa and I surely did enjoy having Elliott stay with us a few days. Two year old little boys are some of my favorite people and this one in particular.  He is really starting to talk. Although I do not always understand him, he knows what he wants! And I have to say that he is such a polite little fella. Every time I give him a snack or a meal, he promptly says thank you in that gravelly little voice. I love him!!

Trains and cars are his favorite things to play with at Nana's house.

Coloring with big crayons is fun too.

Cousin love.

And here we are back in Birmingham...we did have to take Elliott home. His family misses him.  We met Mommy, Margaret and Baylor for an after school snack at Krispy Kreme.  And by the way I still have not made it to the Decatur KK. You would think people had never seen a donut store by the lines that are still forming. Maybe it will calm down next week so I can have a donut before Lent.

Now...for all of you who have wanted to see my leggings.....

Actually they are the Walmart Jeggings. And I realized that I did not have a full length mirror for a selfie!! This is in my room divider's mirror.  I purchased a size 12-14 and they fit well without being super tight.  In this picture they are tucked into my new pair of black boots.  

Don't laugh. I stood on a chair to take this one in the bathroom mirror.  I hoped I did not have to call 911 for a fall.  Sorry EMT's I was standing on a chair to take a picture of myself in leggings to post on my blog!   I am wearing a black shell with my long gray Matilda Jane sweater over the jeggins. Black boots complete the outfit.  I am 5' 71/2" tall if that helps you to see the proportion.  Hey girls, for $13 go to Walmart and get a pair to try out. They are very comfortable and with all the tunics, long shirts out there right now, you can find something you like.  I really am trying to change up my wardrobe a bit. I have lost some weight and I am going through my closet and tossing the large sizes and switching to medium.  I am one of the curvy pear shaped girls so I tend to wear a smaller top and a larger bottom.  I do not like tight clothes but I am realizing that baggy clothes are not very attractive and can actually make you look heavier. I am leaning to the tailored look these days.   So there you have it. Make your own decisions.

Well it is Friend favorite day of the week!! We are going to a restaurant down by the river today. And I have plans to visit two libraries so I am a happy camper.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine Coffee Bar

I am going to post this evening as Elliott is busy upstairs with Grandpa!  I had to wash his hair tonight so I am not his favorite person right now. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Krispy Kreme in Hoover to meet Katy and enjoy an after school snack with Baylor and Margaret.  Katy says the house has been very quiet with Elliott in Decatur and they are looking forward to his return.

I put my Valentine Coffee Bar together. And I am seeing the cord in the background that I usually unplug before I take a photo!

I love using cake stands in my decorating. I put my LOVE on the cake stand and surrounded it with packets of hot chocolate.

The grands love having a snack on seasonal paper plates.  Target and Walmart carry cute plates at very reasonable prices.

I enjoy this bright little corner of my kitchen in all seasons.

The Stream

Well we were up at 6:30 this morning! But Elliott is sleeping well and only one more night before we head back to Bham.  He is such a sweet boy. Anything I do for him, he has a big Thank You Mimi out right away. No, I am not Mimi, I am Nana, I tell him but he just laughs and calls me Mimi. Amelia has always been Aunt Mimi because the little ones could not say Amelia. So Amelia is still Aunt Mimi and I am just Mimi, for now anyway!!

I was thinking of my seasonal decorating the other day so I looked up some dates and realized that Lent begins on February 10th this year. I am thinking of giving up sweets for Lent this year. I gave up chocolate last year and managed to make it to Easter without cheating.  Our Krispy Kreme opened here last week and I am wondering how I can go for six weeks without stopping by there. The lines there are still long so I have not been by for a donut and coffee yet. Some people camped out in the frigid temps to get free donuts for a year! I just cannot understand leaving my warm house and cozy bed for two nights on the sidewalk. Yes, the first person in line was there on Sunday afternoon and the store did not open until Tuesday.

And as to seasonal decorating...I am trying to decide what to do about Easter. It is in March this year so is March 1st too early to put out the bunnies, eggs and flowers? I am still stitching away on my Easter piece. I hope to get it made into a decorative pillow for my living room.

My husband is the deacon in charge of communion at our church. As a deacon's wife, I help him with the prep and the clean up. After the service is over I go down each row of chairs( we do not have pews) to pick up the used communion cups and as I was doing it last week, I was very sad to see that our sanctuary looks more like a movie theater than God's house.  Papers were scattered, water bottles and coffee cups were left to be picked up by the maid I guess. I picked up the trash as I picked up the cups. We have a lovely lady who cleans our church and I am sure she could really tell some tales along these lines.  I want to have a servant's heart as much as the next person but I think our church needs some lessons in etiquette. Is this a problem everywhere or just at my church?

I know many of you pray for Baylor so I am asking you lift him up in the weeks ahead as Katy is trying a new speech therapy. It is called Geminni and it has been touted as being very successful with non verbal children. Baylor will be five at the end of March and it is so important to do as much as we can for him before age six.  Ruby continues her training. Several people sent me a little video on FB of a service dog demonstrating his skill at keeping his little person out of the street. It was so sweet.

It is hard to believe that the end of January is in sight. For some reason I find January to be a difficult month and I am always glad to see it go. Maybe it is because I am a bit down after the holidays and January in the south is cold and dark. Usually our daffodils are starting to bloom by the end of February and March brings nice spring temperatures.

I added a new blog to my blog roll if you want to check it out. Small Things is written by Ginny, a young farm wife and mom who is quite the knitter. She also dyes her own yarn...let's just say I would like to go and visit her home for a week.

Well I guess that clears my mind for today! Elliott and I have several errands to do before picking up Landon and Kendall at school this afternoon.  Have a blessed Tuesday!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fun with the Grimmlins

We made it to Birmingham with no problems at all! We stopped at Krispy Kreme and Chic Fil A before heading to the Hoover Grimm Home. We left the KK donuts in the car until the grands ate their lunch. We always stop and get donuts when we visit the kiddos so now they expect us to bring a box.

Margaret took this photo of her mom and dad on their anniversary. Katy gets on to Ben because he does not smile in pictures so he was cheesin it up.  They went out for lunch and then just took some time to be by themselves. We enjoyed being with the children. Unfortunately the pictures I took of the boys did not turn out too well. But I did get one of Margaret and her new book, Pinkalicious.

While we were in Bham, the Ledlow Grands were in Gatlinburg with their dad and step mom.

Love Kendall's coral coat!!

Ready for sledding.

And Little Miss Audrey saw her first snow in Hotlanta.

I know I am biased but Audrey is the cutest baby....our littlest Grimmlin.

And today Ben and the children spent the afternoon with us while Katy and her sisters took their mom out for a birthday lunch. I had promised Margaret that we would make cookies. We made two kinds, GiGi's Oatmeal Cookies which are a favorite with Daddy and Grandpa, and chocolate chip cookies which are Aunt Mimi's favorite.

We had a good time baking together.

Don't you think she should have her own cooking show???

Grandpa says the cookies are DELICIOUS!

I am posting this tonight because Mr Elliott Grimmlin will be staying with us until Wednesday afternoon.  He is sound asleep right now and who knows what we will be up to tomorrow?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Thought

If you are not familiar with Liz Curtis Higgs, check out her facebook page. She always has an encouraging Scripture posted there. I became familiar with Liz when we lived in Louisville, Ky and she was a local DJ.  She does not take herself seriously and is truly a joyful person.

Well we got a dusting of snow but the roads look clear so we will probably head to Bham around 10 am. I want Ben and Katy to have a nice day out for their 7th wedding anniversary.

It was a warm January evening when Ben and Katy got married.

Me and Ben...

Kendall giving Katy a hug. (Kendall was the flower girl.)

So today we will watch the grands and Mommy and Daddy can have a bit of a break and think back to this day seven years ago!

Friday, January 22, 2016


Well I guess I picked up my latest sampler from the framer just on time.  This is Winter by Prairie Schooler and how true it is!! The Winter Wind will chill and bite today as this big storm comes in this afternoon. We are at the edge of the Snowpocolypse so we are not sure if we will get any snow at all but the schools are dismissing early and I am sure the milk and bread shelves are empty at the grocery store. I plan to do my shopping after I drop Kendall and Landon off at school so I hope I can grab  a few supplies!

We are supposed to go to Birminghan tomorrow to babysit the Grimmlins so Ben and Katy can go out for their anniversary. I am hoping this is much ado about nothing in our case as I have not seen the grands in a while and I need some hugs and kisses.  I have my Nana Bag filled with treats for my darlins and in  case you are wondering it is a thirtyone tote bag so it holds a lot!

I will be praying for my blog friends who will be affected by this winter storm. Stay safe!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Remembering Perk

My daddy's best friend, Perk, died last week.  Perk's real name was Floyd but when he was a little boy, he told his mama that he was a cowboy and his name was Perk. And Perk loved horses and wagons and mules so I guess he was a cowboy at heart. He was a member of the Murray County Saddle Club and participated in many of their events. Every summer the Saddle Club hosts a Wagon Train. After a week of horse shows, street dances etc, people from everywhere get ready for the Wagon Train on Saturday. Some ride horses while others load their families up in wagons and over the mountain they go to Ellijay, Georgia.  It is quite the sight.

When my children were little, Daddy would ask Perk to bring his wagon over to take the grands on a ride. And off they went down the road. I have several photos of my children riding with Perk and Daddy. I remember asking them how they liked riding in the wagon and one replied, "it sure is bumpy!"

As death drew near, Perk had one request. He wanted his mules to carry him  on his final journery to the cemetery.  And the people in our county made that happen.

A view from Mount Carmel Church Road.  Thanks to my sister, Kristi, for these photos.

I am sure other motorists were wondering what was going on.

Perk loved his mules and they were faithful friends to him to the end.

They made it to the cemetery. This picture brings tears to my eyes just remembering what a good friend Perk was to our family. I know he and Daddy had a happy reunion. What a blessed hope to know that this world is not our home.

It is good to know that there are still people in this world who care about a dying man's wish and honoring it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nana's Wall

For several years the Nana Wall has looked like this...

The Canvas of Baylor did not really match the other photos of the Grands and Elliott and Audrey are no where in sight.

Charles and Nancy gave me a nice framed photo of two pictures of Audrey so that motivated me to get some new pictures of Baylor and Elliott.  I got busy on my Iphoto and found two photos that I had printed in 8 by 10 size. Then while shopping at Ross I found the perfect frames on sale.

Now my wall looks like this!

Now I can remember all my grands as babies! I like the mix of different styles and poses in this gallery. And a note to grandmothers...when Kendall was born we went a bit overboard on the formal pictures. Remember you will have other grandchildren so dial back just a bit or your younger grands will think Nana liked Number One the best!lol.  When Kendall was born I had this portrait framed and it hung in my dining room at my former home.

This is my first project of 2016. Now I am gathering frames for the family pictures we had made at the farm at Christmas.  I am still considering where I will hang those.  The pictures of the children in the okra patch will be hung in Nana's room so she can see them every day.  Kendall will be ten years old in April. Cherish the moments Nanas....they pass too quickly.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Silver Anniversary

My baby sister, Leta, and her husband, Bruce, celebrated 25 years of marriage on December 29th, 2015.  They had a small ceremony at my sister, Kristi's home and later held a reception at our home church in January.  With that in mind, January seemed a good time to celebrate their silver anniversary, so we celebrated on Saturday.

By the time I arrived there, Kristi, Laura and Leta had done most of the work in decorating and food preparation. Leta has taught for almost 30 years in Whitfield and Murray County while Bruce has been a sheriff's deputy in Whitfield County so they both have lots of friends in both counties. The reception was held at their church, Free Hope Baptist. And I have to say they should know they are much loved because the church fellowship hall was full all afternoon.

The sign in table held pictures from their wedding as well as their engagement announcement and a Precious Moments cross stitch. I did not do this one, I think sister, Kristi may have stitched the sampler.

Leta is an avid scrapbooker so she decided to have the quests sign in on scrap book paper that could be added to her album.

I thought the Thank You For Coming cards were perfect. And guests could help themselves to silver hugs and kisses.

They will be eating cake for days to come!! Leta said she would take the left overs to her school today.

Still smiling after all these years.

Laura said that Mom and Dad have been married 25 years and all they have to show for it is me.  Laura is their miracle baby...they struggled with infertility.  Leta had given up all the shots etc and told God, If you want me to have a baby, I will trust YOU to give me one or I will learn to be happy in my circumstances.  Leta was four or five months pregnant before she realized it!!  We are all thankful for the blessing that is Laura.

Laura photobombed Aunt Kristi's picture.

I had to share this picture of the oldest member of our family holding the youngest member, Liam. This lovely lady is my great aunt, Kathryn. She was my grandmother's baby sister. In her 90s she is still doing well and I aspire to be like her if I make it to 90. Not many babies have a great great great aunt. Liam is a blessed baby boy.  Liam is the grandson of my late cousin, Pam, who passed away in 2014. He is a sweetie pie and was loved on by everyone. I told his mom, Misty, that I had left lipstick marks on him. She said that reminded her of her mom who wore dark lipstick too and she knew if Mama had been living, Liam would have lipstick all over him.  It is nice to remember those who have gone on with smiles instead of tears.

It was a good trip house wise for me and Marvin. We think we finally have a house plan that will work on the site and we have approval for our septic system placement. Maybe in a month or so we will have the beginnings of a little cabin in the sorta big woods.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Thank You Marvin

Well my husband the physicist has solved my problem. I am so thankful I married a Nerd! It comes in handy every now and then. Will be back to posting tomorrow.

Technical Difficulties

I am having some technical difficulties so it may be a few days before I have a new blog post. I am hoping my husband can help me figure things out! I will be reading all your blogs as I work on mine.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Saturday Thought

I have a busy Saturday so I thought I would leave this thought with you today!! I am a Biscuits and Gravy Girl and I have been one since I was a toddler. My mother had biscuits and gravy on the table every morning!  I realize it is a Southern Delicacy that many do not truly appreciate. My own husband who was reared in Savannah, Georgia had never eaten biscuits and gravy until he met me. He is a convert!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Marvin and I will be attending an open house in honor of the 25th wedding anniversary of my sister, Leta, and brother in law, Bruce.  That is a MILESTONE these days!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

They're BACK

I am posting late tonight because I am meeting my friend, Diane, very early in the morning for breakfast before she heads off to her job.  ( This is the Diane I went to Cullman with at Christmas.) She is such a dear friend and because she works full time we have to take the time to visit when we can. Guess where we are going? Don't hate me....Cracker Barrel. Decatur is one of those fortunate towns that has a Cracker Barrel in town as opposed to the Interstate Exit locations. We will be right by that roaring fire!

Now back to my title....have you seen the new Pantone colors of the year? Rose Quartz and Serenity. Well ladies, it is the pink and blue of the 1980s. And if you want proof, gaze on this....

I have had this old sampler in my closet for years. I could not toss it out even though the colors were dated. Well, just hold on to things as they come back around. Gee I wish I had my crocheted poncho from the 70s because it would fit right in today!! Although there is a little more of me for that poncho to cover these days. As I look at this sampler,  I have to say that cross stitch patterns have come a long way since the 80s as well. Now they are much more intricate and less country looking!!When I did this sampler there were not many wedding samplers to choose from. And Marvin teases me that he has not seen any angels around our house. Maybe he needs to look harder!

In the new issue of House Beautiful there is an article titled, Reuse, Revamp and Repurpose.  So I have reused my sampler. It is now on an easel on the dresser in my bedroom.  My room is Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore but it is really a pretty watercolor blue.  So I think the pink and blue sampler will work there quite nicely.

I am trying to revamp a few things around my house this January so hopefully I will have some projects to share with you in this New Year.


No I am not rushing the seasons but if you plan to have a craft ready for Easter, you should be working on it now. Easter is in March this year so I am busy working on a piece I hope to turn into a cushion.

Here is the pattern. While this one is worked on ecru, I am using an aqua blue piece of linen that I had in my stash. Using the blue background has required that I change some of the DMC colors. But being me, I do not necessarily stick to the cross stitch charts but change things up regularly.

In Cross Stitch you work from the middle of the piece outward so I am finishing up the end of Easter here.  Centering a chart is rather like centering your page in typing, for those of you who took typing in high school.

I am not sure what I am going to work on when I finish this piece as I have done so much cross stitch lately. I guess I will head to The Cross Stitch Peddler and see what is new in the cross stitch world.

I was talking with my 85 year old mother the other day and she was working on a pair of pillowcases. She confided in me that it was driving her crazy as it was stamped cross stitch and not the usual embroidery that she loves doing. I told her to put it up and get out something that made her happy. In fact I told her that I would bring it home with me and work on it as I like cross stitch.  Life is too short to spend your leisure time doing things that aggravate you!  I have been known to just toss a piece of cross stitch that has turned out to be a disappointment.  This view of life goes along with my reading rule. Once I turned 50 I decided that if the book did not pull me in in the first 50 pages, toss it and find another one.  Time is precious!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Margaret and Kendall in Matilda Jane

Margaret wore this Matilda Jane dress to church on Sunday and Katy took a photo for Aunt Lanny. You may remember that my sis in law, Lanier, is a Matilda Jane trunk keeper and she GENEROUSLY gave all three of my grand girls some of her sample dresses.  As Lanier said when she saw this picture...a personality dress for a little girl with a Big personality.

And here is Kendall in her MJ outfit.

Really Matilda Jane has clothes for all ages and right now there is a Big Sale in the GLT....Good Luck Trunk.  They are clearing their inventory for spring and this Nana bought several pieces for her own wardrobe. I purchased two pretty sleeveless dresses that I can add a shrug or a jacket to the dress and wear this spring and summer. And they were only $20 each.  So if you have some grand girls to buy for or if you are like me and need some new clothes, check it out at Matilda Jane online.  Unless you know a trunk keeper personally, Lanier would love to be your trunk keeper and her number is 1034. This sale ends on Friday and the GLT will close until the next sale. And if you are not interested in the outlet, the spring release will be online February 1st.

I have to say that I was on the fence when I first saw some of the Matilda Jane styles but I am on board now that I see how cute my grandgirls look in the MJ clothes. And they are so soft and comfy! I also have to say that I have about ten MJ pieces in my own closet now as well!!  I will be wearing a MJ ensemble to my sister's 25th wedding anniversary party this weekend.

Ok, commercial over! I do not want to become one of those bloggers who is always pushing some product. But I know several of my readers might be interested in Matilda Jane. Lanier says her best customers are grandmothers.:) If you purchase from the GLT be sure and read the terms of purchase as it is an outlet.

I am looking forward to a nice day here at home. Thanks for all the sweet comments on my handiwork. I will post another picture when we add the lime green to the wreath. Tomorrow will be my errand day! I will be off to purchase some Bama National Champion tshirts!! We are still celebrating here in Alabama.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Roll Tide and a Christmas Wreath

Well that is quite the title for a blog post...but we are celebrating here in Alabama this morning!

It was a nail biter but Alabama defeated Clemson. I am going to have to get out and purchase a championship tee shirt for number one son, Ben.  And I am glad to do it.

Now on to the Christmas wreath I re purposed for my BFF, Susan. First I will say, I am not a professional but I enjoy being creative and helping out my friends.  Susan had used the previous wreath for quite a few years and it was still looking pretty good but Susan was ready for a change. She is my Purple Friend....whenever I see anything purple, I think of Susan. The front door of her townhouse is a lovely aubergine.   But the door has a lot of glass so a purple wreath does not disappear into the purple door.

Here is the blue wreath. It took quite a while to get all the bling off the greenery. I had wired some and I had also glue gunned some things. It is easy to take a pair of scissors to a wreath and cut out the left over glue. You can also use wire cutters to trim the wreath. As Susan's wreath had been well used, I did have to even up some spots.

Here is a close up of some of the wired ornaments. I must apologize for the picture quality as my craft room has NO natural light and taking photographs in there is tricky.

Here is the finished purple wreath. I am going to show some close ups so you can see what I used.

Susan had been collecting purple ornaments for over a year so I had lots to work with. In fact we had enought leftovers to do another wreath.

I wired these together and glued the small purple ornament on top. My favorite ornaments were the purple blingy ornaments on clear glass. They are filled with feathers. So pretty when you see them in person.

This pretty purple poinsettia was perfect for the botton of the wreath along with some silver eucalyptus picks.

The ribbon and all the bling at the top that is hard to see in the big photo.  We are going to look for a few lime green pieces to tuck into the wreath come October when Hobby Lobby begins to put out their Christmas decorations. It need s a little pop of color for contrast.

Here are some things I have learned....

Scale is important in working with wreaths. The big purple poinsettia was great for this bigger wreath. Wiring ornaments together will always make an impact.

Don't be afraid to shape artificial wreaths. Take a wire cutter and snip off those limbs that are bothering you!

Know when to stop. Believe me, when Susan gave me a big shopping bag full of items, I wanted to use every one!!lol

Take pictures of your project along the way and look at it. That really helps you to see where you need to add or take away.

I find that using three colors is a good way to go. We used purple and silver but plan to add the lime green. I think it will look great when we get it totally finished.

So that is my unprofessional advice!  Try your hand at making your own wreath. You will save some money and learn a new skill.