Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Giveaway

As my little visitors are busy watching Peppa Pig, I have a few moments to  post my April Giveaway.  On the first day of each month of 2016, I will be giving away something that I enjoy! And for April it is....

An adult coloring book. I have to admit that I have become addicted to this past time. And I would not give you a coloring book without giving you some markers too.

So leave a comment and on Monday morning, I will announce the winner. Sorry but it is open only to readers in the continental USA.

And something funny that my daughter posted on her Facebook page about adult coloring books....

Let's don't get too distracted now friends!:)

I have to admit that coloring is still fun at 60!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Darling South

My blog friend, Tif, at Bright on a Budget introduced me to this cute new business, Darling South.  This company offers some cute "southern" shirts at a very reasonable price.  I ordered two shirts to wear this summer.  And being the classy person that I am, I took pictures of them in my bathroom! I need to get one of those old sewing forms to use for my blog! But until then, here you go!

You all know I pride myself on my homemade biscuits so I had to get this one. It is a slouchy oversize tee. I ordered a medium and it was fine for me. However, it is cut rather low in the front so I am wearing a tank under it.  I will be wearing this tomorrow morning when I head to Bham to pick up my Margaret and Elliott. It is Margaret's spring break so she and Ell will be coming to stay with Nana and Grandpa until Friday.

This tee is a bit longer and more fitted. It is a pretty cherry red with no orangey tones which is my definition of a perfect red.  I have my eye on a cute baseball shirt that says, But first Sweet Tea. Maybe next month. :)

Thanks Tif for sharing this neat online shop!!

And don't forget that April 1st is my give away! Come back on Friday to leave a comment and enter the fun giveaway. I will announce the winner on Monday.

God Bless Mothers

I have one more post today about Baylor. But really it is a post about Katy, his mama. She shared this post on Facebook on Baylor's birthday and I took a screen shot of it on my phone so I could share it here.

I know that in our family we think Autism is just about the worst thing that could have happened to us. But in reality there are families I know who have a child struggling with cancer and chronic diseases. When a new baby is born into a family, you have no idea what road you may take with that sweet little one. But one thing I have learned, God will be with you and the love you have for that child will prevail no matter the circumstance. Katy writes so beautifully in her post of her love for her boy. Her days are hard. She is up early, she must be super vigilant all day long and she does not get a day off. Therapy, school and the needs of her other two children take up much of her time. So here is to the moms ( and dads) who walk a long and lonely road. I am so proud of Katy and Ben and all they do for our Baylor Man.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Birthday Boy

We enjoyed celebrating Baylor's fifth birthday with him on Saturday. Lots of noise can be disconcerting for him so Katy decided on a low key birthday with just the grandparents this year. It was  a warm morning so we had lunch and played in the yard.

I had a hard time getting a picture this year. Baylor outsmarted me.  I love this photo of Baylor holding Ben's hand.

Baylor enjoyed his new chair from Granny Pat. We got him some new shorts, a ball and a stuffed lion.

Margaret and Elliott like Baylor's chair too.

Playing outside is Baylor's favorite thing to do.

Elliott spilled his bubbles ...why can't the bubble companies come up with a solution to spilling the contents? Maybe I need to come up with an invention along those lines and make lots of money?:)

Margaret was more interested in the Disney princesses that Granny Pat brought for her.

And on Sunday Marvin and I enjoyed an Easter Dinner for just two.

Audrey is ready for Easter.

Kendall and Landon are all dressed up as well. Kendall got a haircut on Saturday, going back to a shoulder length bob.

Well that is it for our weekend. Today I begin putting away all the Easter decor and trying to think of some spring/summer touches to add to my home.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

Here in the corner of my kitchen, I have a pretty Easter display. I loved all the cards I received this year. And the tulips that I purchased at Publix on Saturday are still looking pretty good! I just love pink tulips. I may have to go by there today to get some new ones.  The big Easter Egg is filled with mini Cadbury eggs per Kendall's request. I was late in buying the candy this year and Kendall reminded me that it is an Easter Tradition to have candy in the EGG.

Last night, Marvin and I attended the Maundy Thursday service at our church, First Bible of Decatur. As Marvin and I finished preparing the communion, ( He is the deacon in charge of Communion so I always help him out.) I stood in the sanctuary and snapped this photograph with my phone. I love the big window as a background for the cross. And a portion of Isaiah 53 was displayed on the screen at that moment.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend. I will not be posting until Monday allowing for time to reflect on this holiday. We will be traveling to Birmingham tomorrow to celebrate Baylor's 5th birthday.  You will be seeing Pictures on Monday! Sunday it will just be me and Marvin for Easter dinner but I am planning a nice meal to be enjoyed after our Easter service at church.  And as we say at our church on Easter Sunday, He is RISEN...He is RISEN INDEED!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In Search of a Maid Rite Sandwich

Six years ago Marvin and I had the chance to spend an afternoon in Hannibal, Missouri. We were on our way to a Grimm Family Reunion in Waconia, Minnesota.

We saw the River.

Marvin got to get his photograph made at Tom's fence.

I enjoyed wandering the streets of Hannibal. And if you like pottery, I highly recommend shopping at Ayers Pottery.

After all our shopping and sight seeing, we were ready for lunch.

Where else would we eat but at the Mark Twain Dinette?

Marvin had some of their home made Root Beer and we both took the waitress's suggestion and tried a Maid Rite Sandwich.  It was rather like a Krystal but made with loose meat and quite tasty.  I had been looking for a recipe and Christy Jordan at Southern Plate posted this recipe.

So for supper this evening I made up a batch and they were quite good. Were they as good as the ones at the Mark Twain Diner? I am not sure. I think when you are on vacation, every new dish you try tastes good!  And to be honest, I would rather have a Krystal Burger or as my sweet husband terms it, a Greasetal.:)  I was in a hurry when I made the meat and if I were doing it again, I might make it in the crockpot and see if the flavors meld better when they cook all day. And who knows maybe they will taste better tomorrow as do most flavorful dishes.   Also, I am not a fan of Hawaiian Rolls as they are too sweet for me so I purchased a package of Sara Lee Slider Buns. They were just right in my opinion. Thanks Christy Jordan for finding this recipe for me!!

I Don't Call it Nanaland for Nuthin!!

This morning I will be a braggy Nana and post some pictures of my grands. It is hard to believe that Kendall will be ten in April.  She is growing in every way. I love her enthusiasm for life, her love of learning and her compassion for others.

These two can be pretty silly. And Kendall can really move a hula hoop too.

Landon and Margaret spending the night at Nana's. These two have been best friends all their lives. Only a year apart in age, they see life from the same viewpoint. Right before I snapped this picture, Margaret had her arm around Landon's shoulders...and he let her keep it there.

Baylor found a soft place to rest with Aunt Mimi.( Amelia's nick name since Margaret could not say Amelia when she was little) This big boy will be five tomorrow.  While we did not invite Autism into our lives, it paid us a call. And if I could wave a magic wand and make it go away, I surely would. I have to say that Baylor's autism has changed our family. It has made us more patient, loving and empathetic to others on the spectrum.  I thank God for this brave little boy who struggles each day to live in a world that is louder, brighter and scarier than it is for my other grands.

Only at Nana's can you find a little ice cream cone that fits little hands. God sent us Elliott because he brings laughter with him wherever he goes.

 I had to share this one of Audrey and my mother. It is so precious.  Audrey loves her Grandma!!

Not a grand, but my only niece on my side of the family...Laura is special to me. Sorry it is a bit blurry but I had to snap it on the spur of the moment!!

I am thankful to be a Nana...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An Afternoon at the Farm

On Saturday, Marvin, Kendall, Audrey and I made a trip to visit the Haynie Farm.

Here are some of their goats.

And here is sweet Shadow, who takes care of the goats. Who could not love that sweet face.

Deborah and her husband, Don, have a pretty place out in the country. They invited Audrey to come and see the goats. She also sat on the patient pony, Bubblegum.
Looks like she liked Bubblegum!

It was a nice sunny day but there was a breeze so we bundled up.

Baby Girl meets Baby Goat.

Grandpa and his girlies. We were missing Margaret.

Don drove us around in the mule so we did not have to lug Audrey everywhere. It was much appreciated.

Miss Deborah got some time to hold Audrey. But Grandpa had a good idea too...

I have a picture of Uncle Ben sitting on Grandpa's shoulders at about that same age!  I think Audrey had a good time with us and her parents said she settled right back to her routine at Day Care yesterday. As for me, I feel much refreshed today and ready to tackle some house cleaning!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sleeping In

Well it is quiet here in Grimmland this morning. I am thankful for a hardworking husband who takes such good care of me that I was still in the bed asleep when he left for work this morning. I admit it, I was exhausted. It seemed the minute I handed Audrey off to her parents, I was slammed with an upset tummy and aches and pains. I think my body was just telling me, you need to let me rest a bit!! So I gave in to it!  And  I awoke feeling much better.

Of course, I have to tell you about a quip my grandson, Landon, threw at me on Friday evening. We took Landon and Audrey to Cracker Barrel for dinner. As we were leaving, Marvin was teasing Landon, telling him that we would just leave him at Cracker Barrel. "Can you wash dishes?" Grandpa asked.  "Sure" replied Landon, " I could make some money!"  Nana sees a teachable moment and chimes in, " Landon, that is a great attitude. Lots of people now days do not want to work hard." Without skipping a beat, Landon responds, "Is that why you don't have a job, Nana?"  Marvin and I just died laughing and Landon said, "Did I say something funny?"  Grandpa really enjoyed that one, so much so that he posted it on his Facebook page.

And now it is Holy Week. I have to admit that I have not kept my Lent without failure this year. And that reminds me that I am frail and weak and in need of a Savior who is NOT.  We will be having  a Maundy Thursday service at our church this week. Then Easter Sunday, which is always a glorious service.   Nature is putting on a show for us here in NoAla. The flowers and trees are beautiful, the dogwoods are just opening up and it all reminds me of New Life, the perfect message for Holy Week.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Well I totally forgot to post anything last night. I think this week of babysitting is catching up with Nana.  So this morning I will post some pictures of our sweet baby doll. She is really an excellent baby.

Ready for bed, sitting with Grandpa.

Taking a picture for Mommy and Daddy.

And though she does not look too happy about it, she does have some Irish blood running in her veins. We had to dress up for lunch at Steak and Shake with the BFFs on Thursday.

Today we will be doing laundry and packing all the things that came to Nana's house with Audrey.  Have a good weekend friends.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Bunny Trail

This little bunny was hopping by my house last Friday.  It is hard to believe that Easter is almost here!!

Miss Audrey is ready for an Easter Egg Hunt. Nana and Grandpa purchase the grands first Easter Basket.  Thanks to Pottery Barn for offering some cute options.

Tonight will be a short post. Nana is ready for a good book and her bed!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Our MOPs group had a good time Friday, checking out all the neat businesses our Moms run out of their homes while mothering their little ones.

First I have to show you a picture of my new outfit I wore for MOPs. These girls have really "smartened" up my fashion choices.

I am enjoying little cardigans!! And I found this pretty top at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite places to shop.

And here is Creations by Michie. Michie is our other Nana mentor. Michie( pronounced Mi shay) worked many years for Martha Pullen and now designs her own patterns and sells them online. Martha Pullen is from Huntsville and was THE smocking/french handsewing expert in the US. In addition to running this business with her daughter and daughter in law, Michie cares for her husband who suffers from a degenerative disease similar to Alzheimers.  Such a sweet and gracious lady, she is an example to us all.

This is a portion of the Lularoe table. If you are looking for tights with crazy designs, look for Jamie. Lularoe also produces cute shirts and modest dresses.

Who knows toys better than a toddler mom?

Hairbows anyone? And cute dresses too.

Alabama Pediatric Dental, one of our sponsors, graciously shared some give aways.

Another mom is an author!

My YLEO upline Mom, Jenn, shared the Young Living products.

Nicole makes yummy jams, jellies and bread.

For the chef in the family.

Jamberry Nails.

Simply Delicious products...which I have tried and they are delicious.

We are about half way through Audrey's visit and she is still doing well. I am feeling those prayers!!  Kendall and Landon came to play with her today and they had such a good time. It warms a Nana's heart to see her grands loving on each other.

And the Biggest and Best News...Ben and Katy closed on their townhome at 5:30 pm. Thank you Thank you for the prayers you prayed over this matter.