Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June Giveaway

Well it is June 1st believe it or not and this month's give away is a trio of Young Living Essential Oil products that I love in the summertime.

Lava Derm is in the purple spray bottle. It is great to spray on after a day in the sun. Marvin is always looking for the Lavaderm when we are at the beach. It is also very refreshing on any day!

Lemon Sandalwood soap is in the yellow box. This gentle soap is great for those with sensitive skin.
And it lasts a long time as well which is another perk.

And last, a tube of grapefruit lip balm. This is just so yummy and in the summer sun, lips tend to get parched. That will not be a problem with this little treasure in your purse.

So leave a comment and I will draw the winner on Friday morning! Good Luck...sorry but it is only open to readers in the continental US.

Monday, May 30, 2016

North Murray Graduation

I thought I would post this evening since the grands will be here bright and early in the morning. And I have missed blogging! Even a day or two away and I miss visiting with all my friends.

When I grew up in Murray County, there was only one high school, Murray County High. As our home town has grown, the need for a second high school became obvious and so one was built in the North end of the county, my stomping grounds.  It is a beautiful campus and the building has every amenity.  Our family headed out for dinner at the Village Cafeteria before the ceremony. Where else can you treat 7 people for under $50 A nice small town perk!! Then we joined everyone else in North Murray for the graduation. To say it was crowded would be an understatement. I am glad we got there early so we found good seats.

We took time to get a few pics before the ceremony.

It is nice to have your Grandma at your graduation.

The proud parents.

The coveted diploma in hand.

One with our cousin Scott who owns Scott Kuhn Photography and makes our great family pictures. He was there capturing some senior moments.

Scott took this one....not sure I was THAT excited about graduating from high school!

Laura plans to go to the local college for two years to get her core curriculum and hopes to transfer to the University of Tennessee to major in an area of agriculture.

While we were in Chatsworth we also met with our contractor and hopefully we will be able to get started on our little house soon. I think both Marvin and I are getting excited about this project. It will be nice to have a quiet getaway.

And now school is out so Nana will be busy with grands and all that entails. I remind myself to cherish the moment. Time is flying by!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Holiday Weekend

Well today is the big day for my niece, Laura. She will graduate from high school and in all her school days she had nothing but As. That is pretty amazing! And she took AP classes too so she did not go the easy route.  I was the salutatorian of my class, along with my friend, Paulette. We had been friends since we were babies at church!  But I have to admit to one or two Bs in my school days. Since it was graduation time in my home town, someone posted on Facebook asking us to share our senior I did.

It is hanging on the back stairs at my home, along iwth Marvin's so pardon the shadows!! 1973 was a very good year for me as I ended high school and started nursing school.

And it will be a big weekend here in NoAla as Decatur hosts its annual Balloon Fest.  It is always amazing to me to look up in the air and see those beautiful balloons floating by. I will put my balloon door hanger out for Memorial Day.

Yesterday I was in Hartselle, Alabama and the town had goine all out for Memorial Day.

I love seeing out flag waving proudly! It always brings a tear to my eye!

And as we celebrate with hotdogs and hamburgers this weekend, let's remember that we can celebrate this weekend in Freedom because some gave ALL. That also brings a tear to my eye. I am so thankful for the sacrifice of others for me.

I am going to take a blog break until Tuedsay to enjoy the long weekend with family and friends. See you then.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A New Cozy

One of my favorite things is a cozy mystery to curl up with on a rainy afternoon. I came across this book, Murder on the Hour at our library. Set in the Welsh village of Llanelen, these mysteries feature Penny Brannigan, co owner of the local spa.  In this particular cozy, the Welsh version of Antiques Roadshow comes to the village. Of course everyone hopes they have a hidden fortune in their belongings.  And there are some very treasured antiques found in the homes of the most modest people. But on the afternoon of the road show, Catrin Bellis is killed in her front room. Why? The quilt that she took to be evaluated had just a modest value. But since the quilt is missing, one has to wonder if it was more valuable than 300 euros.

Of course after I had been reading for a while, I began to think there were other books in this series. And I am reading number seven! But I will track down those earlier books and I will also be looking forward to future books in this series.

School Days

School Days are coming to an end for the older grands. Yesterday was awards day at Priceville Elementary and Kendall and Landon both received certificates for having all As all year!! Kendall was one of the few in 4th grade to maintain an A average.

Mommy was proud to be there for Kendall's honor.

Landon got all A's as well as receiving the Mento award in his class. His teacher gave out Candy awards to all of her students. Landon has been a mentor in his class room this year, encouraging and helping others! So proud of my big guy! And pardon that hair do....Nana would have combed and parted it on the side.  Apparently it is the style right now, to Mommy and Nana's dismay.

At Mommy's house, Landon is a super hero!

And a serious ball player on the field.

And lastly, here is a pic of sweet Audrey...

Her day care provider, Miss Veronica, is so good to take pictures of Audrey's activities during the day.  She is rocking that hat!!

I will have to get Katy to send me some photos of the Hoova Grimmilins.  I am sure she is busy with end of the year activities as well.

Have a good day Blog Friends!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Cross Wall

I thought I would share an updated photo of my Cross Wall in my kitchen hall way. I have added three crosses to the wall in the last week or so.

Each cross is special to me as I remember the person who gave it to me. And a few I have purchased over the years too.

Ben and Katy gave me this one for Mother's Day.

My high school friend, Sharon, sent this one to me for my birthday. A nice reminder as we get older that just as Jesus loved us as little ones, He loves us as we face these aging years!

And here is the one from our Ladies Conference.

When I went to my mailbox yesterday I found this..
My blog friend, Gina, made this beautiful birthday card for me. She does such exquisite work!!  I am still working on "learning" my new computer. Another blog friend, Tif at Bright on a Budget, was so sweet to message me on Facebook to tell me how to use some of the features of Iphoto.  Technology is challenging especially the older I get it seems.  Once I get used to using technology in a certain way, I do not want to change! I told my husband I do not like updates as I like my phone, laptop etc as it is.  But as a nurse, I know that learning new things is good for my brain...we all need some challenges in the thinking department as we age. I think I have just about figured everything out with my new laptop and what I do not know I just Google It!!

Today is a cleaning day here at Nanaland! I spent the morning at the dentist yesterday. My young dentist is excellent. He asked what I was doing in the afternoon and I told him I had a massage scheduled. He told me that a visit with him was rather like a massage! I informed him that he was nice but not massage nice! And with what I was paying him, I could get a lot of massages! I have to brag on Tiffany, my massage therapist. I slept so well last night and I think it is because she worked on some areas that were tight and relieved some stress I was not even aware of!  So today, I get busy cleaning and tightening back up those muscles!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Going to the Chapel

Saturday was the perfect day to celebrate Katie's upcoming wedding.   I have known Katie since she was a preschooler. She is the daughter of our Sunday School teacher and the ladies of our class were so excited to honor the bride before her June wedding. My friend, Deborah, opened her lovely country home for our party. Guests were welcomed with this blackboard on the front porch.

We put a banner up over the fireplace to note the gift area. The heart says, Soon to Be Mrs G.

 Our table in the dining room...

Petit fours and some pretty flowers from Deborah's rose garden.

Sharon's vegetable tray! Isn't it just perfection?
Sharon's fruit skewers and dipping sauce.

We used the wedding invitation as decoration. We found the lace burlap at Walmart and used it on the table and on the mason jars.

A simple but beautiful centerpiece. I found the wooden G's in the gift wrap department at Target.

Blushing Bride punch was served along with Sunny Future( water with lemons). Coffee was also on the menu!

Katie, on the right is the blushing bride. She is pictured with her mom, Robin, and her sister, Allie.

Some of Katie's small group friends from church.
Some of our Sunday School ladies...

Deborah and me with Allie. She was in our small group for young women several years ago and we love her bunches. It is hard to believe she just finished her first year in college.

Deborah and Amy...

Our other hostess, Sharon, with Shelley, another guest.  Everything was so pretty and we all had such a good time together. I am thankful for Sharon and Deborah and their willingness to help me with the shower.  Katie is a lovely young lady who will start work here in Decatur in July while her fiancee, Jeremy, will be one of the youth ministers at our church! It was fun to hear her telling us about their new home and the choices she had made for colors etc.  I can still remember how exciting it was to set up our first apartment 40 years ago!

I am posting my blog now as I have an 8 am dental appointment in Huntsville. Being the royal person I am, I will be getting a crown.  Fortunately I have a massage scheduled for the afternoon so I can look forward to that while reclining in the nerve wracking dental chair!!  Have a blessed day Blog Friends.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

This and That

Just a few tidbits this morning as I am preparing for a wedding shower this afternoon. I think I have all my ducks in a row and since my sweet friend, Deborah, is opening her home all I have to do is show up and help set up. My other sweet friend, Sharon is doing the fruit and veggie trays and she found the cutest idea on line so I look forward to seeing her design. Hopefully pix will be on the blog on Monday. I am still figuring out some aspects of my new laptop in the iphoto section.

We are using baby's breath in our flower arrangements and I thought I would have no problem finding some yesterday but hey....  Several of the florists I checked with were completely out of baby's breath due to weddings they were doing.  I did find a big bundle finally and thanks to Deborah's rose bushes we will have nice flowers for the food table.  I have to say I have had fun putting this shower together. The internet is such a game changer in party giving. I am not good at coming up with unique ideas but I am brilliant at copying!!

Last night I attended a Lularoe open house at the home of my friend Jamey. She is one of my MOPs moms and she always looks so cute. She has a side job playing Princess Anna at birthday parties so you know she is darling. ( And if you do not know, Princess Anna is from Frozen!). She gifted me with an Irma top from the Lularoe collection and I wanted to go to her open house and check out the rest of the  collection. Lularoe was started by a Nana and  Lularoe is a combination of the names of her three granddaughters.  Lularoe is known for its colorful leggings and those are very popular with the young moms. However, Lularoe also has pretty dresses, skirts and tops.   I like the Irma top as I can wear it over my Jeggings( a little more of a Nana style) and it covers my backside. I picked up a pretty royal blue one last night that I will wear with my white jeggings for summer.  I also picked up one of Lularoe's new shirts, the Perfect tee. And it really is as it has a peplum effect at the waist and it is very flattering.  The tops are $30 and the leggings and dresses are priced well too.  My only issue with Lularoe is their sizing. I went to the Open House so I could try some things on for size. I am a medium in the Irma, a large in the Nicole dress and a small in the perfect tee.  I told Jamey I would turn the perfect tee inside out and place it where anyone looking in my closet could see that size.:) So if you hear of Lularoe where you live, check them out.

Well I need to get busy gathering all my things together to take to Deborah's house. It is a beautiful day here with blue skies, perfect for a party.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Yesterday I took some time to purchase teacher gifts for the grands and a special graduation gift.  We are fortunate to have a great gift shop downtown that always has just what I need for special occasions and they deliver graduation gifts to the young person's home. How is that for service?

Sixteen years ago I was working as an assistant at Central Weekday School. Sara was a super sweet little girl in my class and I really liked her mom, Susan.  One of the other assistants told me that this family was looking for someone to take care of Sara's baby brother so Susan could have a day off. Well that was just up my alley as I could use an extra part time job and I loved this family.  I started Nannying for Drew when he was six months old. And I was with the family until he started school. After that, I would babysit for Sara and Drew as needed.  My youngest son, Charles, often called Drew, Precious, because he knew how much I loved that boy! I think he might have been a bit jealous.:)  Well that young man is all grown up, graduating from high school and will head off for Auburn University this fall.

What a joy it was to be a part of his life and I wish only the best for Drew and for his sister, Sara, as she just graduated from Auburn.  But it is another reminder that time flies by and we need to take advantage of each day!

As for the teacher gifts. I found some cute waterproof bags that can be used for many things but they are designed to hold phones and electronics at the pool or at the beach. I always try to get the teachers something that I would want myself!  And so another school year draws to a close. Nana will have to get busy planning some GRAND activities for the summer!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Amelia Wins!

Amelia and I had another Mother Daughter  painting night and I say Amelia won as her painting turned out cuter than mine. She was tickled when I told her that as she says she is not crafty.

Pardon the poor quality of the picture as the lighting was not the best.   I did a hot air balloon and Amelia did sunglasses for her pool area.  I had my turtle from last month hanging on my back door for a month so I took it down and put up my balloon. I had the turtle sitting on the back steps to go to my storage area upstairs.  Marvin comments on coming down stairs, "Did yall paint turtles tonight?" I informed him he opened the door with the turtle on it every day for a month!! Obviously it did not make an impact on him! Which can be a good thing as I can decorate how I wish with no comments from the peanut gallery! Next month we will be painting some summertime door hangers. I am doing a pitcher of sweet tea and Amelia is doing a bikini.  We really enjoy our mother daughter time together.

Here is another crafty project I worked on this week..

Some friends and I are hosting a wedding shower this weekend and these are the favors for the guests to take as they leave the party. I found this idea on pinterest but it looks so cute that even I am impressed with myself. I found the bags at Hobby Lobby on sale along with the clothes pins and miniature doilies.  Each bag holds a nice big bite candy from Russell Stover!  You will see pictures of the party next week.

I have to say I love this feature of my mac air...all my instagram photos go directly to my laptop without my downloading them. For this girl of the 60s, this feature is like magic to me! What will they think of next?

Off to do some shopping for teacher gifts. School will be out one week from today! How can that be possible?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Stream

Well this has been a hectic week so today we will take a dip in the stream of consciousness of a 61 year old Nana!

1. Big Birthday celebrations for me and for Audrey this week. My sweet husband gave me a mac air book for my birthday and mothers day. I am loving my new toy!  I had so many birthday greetings on Facebook and that warms my heart!!  We were in Chatsworth so my Mother made my favorite chocolate cake for my birthday and wouldn't you know I forgot to bring some home! Oh well I did not need it anyway but it was so good. She makes an old fashioned chocolate cake with icing that is just like fudge. I received lovely gifts from family and friends. Now I need to get busy on thank you notes.

2. We took a trip to Chatsworth for a zoning meeting to make one acre of our land residential instead of agricultural. We had to do this to be able to place our little house closer to the property line. It was a mere formality thank goodness and the land commission granted their approval.  We will meet with our contractor next Friday when we are in town for niece Laura's graduation.

3. Sister Leta gave me another Mary Engelbreit coloring book!! I had one that I found at Walmart but this one is completely different. I am going to be very busy.:)

4. I finally found a book I enjoyed, The Chronicles of Pemberley, by Rebecca Ann Collins. It did not get great reviews on Good Reads but it was just what I needed. I have been so distressed by many things that are going on in the lives of my friends that I needed to visit a place where everything is lovely and the people have such wonderful manners.  Ms Collins takes up the story of Jane and Elizabeth Bennett after their marriages to Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy and it was just lovely. There were sad aspects to this book as well but the people of Ms Austen's time dealt with things in a straightforward manner that is refreshing.  Now I am reading the second book in the series. The Women of Pemberley.

5. I had a time to chat with my sister who is retiring from the school system and I was so sad to hear of the things modern day teachers have to put up with! I can see why retirement looked so inviting. When I was in school, the teachers taught us what we needed to know with no excessive amounts of testing.  They accepted the fact that some children could not do as well as others and it was not a big deal. The modern day thought that everyone has to excel is troubling to me. There is no room for individuality and talent. And discipline is very lacking at home and that comes into play in the classroom.   Please pray for our teachers...they do such a service to our country!

6. We are having a restful day at home as Marvin took the day off. It is a little taste of what retirement will be like. I think I will enjoy it once we become accustomed to a new everyday schedule. I think the man cave upstairs was a brilliant idea by the way!:) We all need our own little space every now and then.

Well I am off to the mall to get some steps in as Marvin is taking me out to one of my favorite  restaurants for dinner this evening. Have a blessed day friends.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Space Cadet

When Kendall graduated from Space Camp, Grandpa made the bad joke that now we have a space cadet in our family.

Last week, Kendall had the opportunity to attend Space Camp in Huntsville. She had a blast as we thought she would. This girlie loves science and she knew right away she wanted to be the pilot on the shuttle!  She was the pilot only to find out the commander is the big boss.:)

The graduation was very organized, which speaks well for Space Camp! Marvin was able to drive over from work and he was very impressed with the smoothness of parking, etc.

With her space camp counselor.

With Mommy.

And with her proud  Grandpa. By the way they are standing in front of the decontamination station!  Kendall was quick to let Grandpa know that! She likes to inform Grandpa of things she knows that he may not. And BTW, Grandpa knows a lot about science.

It is fun to see the grands grow and develop interests that may lead to a future occupation.

Audrey's Birthday Party

Nancy did a great job decorating for Audrey's Birthday party on Saturday. Everything looked so cute.

Including the birthday girl in her pink tutu dress.

The happy family!

With the grandparents...
And the Chatsworth guests....Great Grandma Margie is holding Audrey.

Quick change to her Korean outfit for a special game.

All the guests filled out this card. You had to choose if Audrey would pick, a microphone, a book, money, stethoscope, mouse or golf balls.  Microphone means she will be an entertainer, book means scholar, money means business person, stethoscope means doctor, mouse means techie and balls means athlete.

We also got to write down a message for Audrey that she will receive at her 16th birthday.

Here she is crawling straight for the Hello Kitty golf balls!! So she will be an athlete when she grows up! I thought it was a cute game and would be fun for any one year old birthday party.

She had a beautiful cake, topped with sparklers! And the rice cakes are in front of the birthday cake. You must eat some of those so Audrey will have good luck!  I have to say that I let Grandpa eat those for Audrey. I am not much of an Asian food lover.:)

We had such a fun time celebrating with Audrey and  on the way home on Sunday we stopped at the Apple store in Huntsville to pick up my birthday gift from Marvin. A new Mac Air Book. What a difference a new computer makes!! It is like I have  a new toy. This along with my new Mary Engelbreit Adult coloring book will keep me busy!!