Wednesday, May 25, 2016

School Days

School Days are coming to an end for the older grands. Yesterday was awards day at Priceville Elementary and Kendall and Landon both received certificates for having all As all year!! Kendall was one of the few in 4th grade to maintain an A average.

Mommy was proud to be there for Kendall's honor.

Landon got all A's as well as receiving the Mento award in his class. His teacher gave out Candy awards to all of her students. Landon has been a mentor in his class room this year, encouraging and helping others! So proud of my big guy! And pardon that hair do....Nana would have combed and parted it on the side.  Apparently it is the style right now, to Mommy and Nana's dismay.

At Mommy's house, Landon is a super hero!

And a serious ball player on the field.

And lastly, here is a pic of sweet Audrey...

Her day care provider, Miss Veronica, is so good to take pictures of Audrey's activities during the day.  She is rocking that hat!!

I will have to get Katy to send me some photos of the Hoova Grimmilins.  I am sure she is busy with end of the year activities as well.

Have a good day Blog Friends!!


Sandy said...

Proud Nana you should be. They are all giving you reason to be proud.

Anonymous said...

I know the children are anxious for summer vacation to begin! Congrats on their good grades. I love Audrey's little hat.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your fine Honor Students! And little Audrey looks so cute in her flower hat!

Mari said...

Hooray for your award winning grands. Audrey gets one for cutest hat wearer!