Saturday, May 21, 2016

This and That

Just a few tidbits this morning as I am preparing for a wedding shower this afternoon. I think I have all my ducks in a row and since my sweet friend, Deborah, is opening her home all I have to do is show up and help set up. My other sweet friend, Sharon is doing the fruit and veggie trays and she found the cutest idea on line so I look forward to seeing her design. Hopefully pix will be on the blog on Monday. I am still figuring out some aspects of my new laptop in the iphoto section.

We are using baby's breath in our flower arrangements and I thought I would have no problem finding some yesterday but hey....  Several of the florists I checked with were completely out of baby's breath due to weddings they were doing.  I did find a big bundle finally and thanks to Deborah's rose bushes we will have nice flowers for the food table.  I have to say I have had fun putting this shower together. The internet is such a game changer in party giving. I am not good at coming up with unique ideas but I am brilliant at copying!!

Last night I attended a Lularoe open house at the home of my friend Jamey. She is one of my MOPs moms and she always looks so cute. She has a side job playing Princess Anna at birthday parties so you know she is darling. ( And if you do not know, Princess Anna is from Frozen!). She gifted me with an Irma top from the Lularoe collection and I wanted to go to her open house and check out the rest of the  collection. Lularoe was started by a Nana and  Lularoe is a combination of the names of her three granddaughters.  Lularoe is known for its colorful leggings and those are very popular with the young moms. However, Lularoe also has pretty dresses, skirts and tops.   I like the Irma top as I can wear it over my Jeggings( a little more of a Nana style) and it covers my backside. I picked up a pretty royal blue one last night that I will wear with my white jeggings for summer.  I also picked up one of Lularoe's new shirts, the Perfect tee. And it really is as it has a peplum effect at the waist and it is very flattering.  The tops are $30 and the leggings and dresses are priced well too.  My only issue with Lularoe is their sizing. I went to the Open House so I could try some things on for size. I am a medium in the Irma, a large in the Nicole dress and a small in the perfect tee.  I told Jamey I would turn the perfect tee inside out and place it where anyone looking in my closet could see that size.:) So if you hear of Lularoe where you live, check them out.

Well I need to get busy gathering all my things together to take to Deborah's house. It is a beautiful day here with blue skies, perfect for a party.


Cranberry Morning said...

It sounds like a lovely day ahead, Arlene! I hope everyone there has a wonderful time! (Even if you're a John Denver fan. LOL ;-))

Mari said...

Hope the shower went well! I need to lose weight so I can wear things like Lularoe. :)
PS - I like John Denver too.

Bright on a Budget said...

Ok, on navigating iphoto: go to your documents, find "Photo Library", right click and select Show Master Contents (or something with similar wording to that). Then click through the folders. It's based on Month, Date, and Time. This allows you to open them like a normal file would open. If you have any issues,just message me on Facebook. Hope the shower went well! And yay for Lularoe. I love their Cassie skirts!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

We had a wonderful shower, thanks for all the good wishes. Tif, thank you. I am slowly figuring it out and while I love my new 13 inch mac air book, I think I like the old iPhoto better for blogging. When you have an older brain, it is harder to adjust to changes in technology as we did not grow up with it like you youngsters did!! I probably should go and take a workshop at the Apple store. I am sure I am not using all the new features. And yes, Lularoe is a great company! I love my new things. Judy, I guess I am a die hard JD fan...I still love to listen to his songs. Mari, I fight the battle of the bulge constantly. I recently upped my steps to 10,000 a day on my fitbit hoping to see some improvement. I know I will never be as skinny as I was when I was younger but I would like to get some more pounds off for health.