Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September Give Away

Can you believe that we are welcoming the month of September? With September comes my 9th giveaway. As you know I am giving away something I love on the first day of each month of 2016. And the giveaway this month is...

This pretty garden flag. It is perfect for September, fall like but not full out Halloween or Thanksgiving.  So leave a comment below and I will post the winner on Saturday!! Good Luck.

Here  is the Garden flag I put out for September...

Again, I liked it because it was autumnal and the black and white polka dots drew me in!! I spent the morning getting out my Fall Boxes and going through all my decorations. I will put them out this weekend.  I have to share this cute pumpkin that I found at Kirklands...

Every year I tell myself I am not purchasing any more fall decor and then I see something that is just so cute I have to buy it!!

It is Cracker Barrel day with my friends....I will have to look away from all their pretty fall things. Leave a comment to enter the giveaway and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!( for all you Hunger game fans!).

Pictures that Speak to Me

I thought about doing a Stream this morning but I had some pictures to share so it will be a picture stream!

Blocks are up at the Little House in the Sorta Big Woods.:) Thanks to Sister, Kristi, for texting these to me.  Our dream is becoming a reality.

All the Mops Moms and Mentors received this pretty reminder at our meeting. I put mine on my bulletin board so I see it each time I come in or go out my back door.  With our theme being Starry Eyed this year, it is very appropriate. I believe these were donated by an online womens ministry but I cannot recall which one at this moment. We all loved them.

Katy sent me this picture Sunday. Ben is helping Elliott ride the scooter.  And while we are talking about the Hoover Grimmlins, pray for Margaret. She has pneumonia. She spent all morning at the doctors office and received two shots and two oral antibiotics.

This is a quote I loved from Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.

I will be painting a pumpkin at our September painting class at Hartselle Rec. When I saw these advertised at Old Time Pottery, I knew that this is my plan for paint night!! Amelia is doing a football.

Well that is about all that I have for you today. I hope to get some work done in my craft room as well as stitching on a new project. Girls stay away from Floss Tube because now I have been introduced to TWO Facebook pages that are all about cross stitch works in progress and finishes!! I may need an intervention!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When I Am Not Stitching, I am Reading!

Ok, I admit, I have been a bit of a slug over the weekend!!  Isn't that what weekends are for?

Because of a lawsuit brought against Ebooks, I had a little credit in my Amazon account.  So I ordered two books I had been wanting to read.  One was

I was surprised at what  big book this was...Susan's previous books have been smaller but she went all out on this one.  She tells the story of her running away from California and a failed marriage to a place where there was seasons. Well she got seasons and a whole lot more on the island she called home. In this book, we see Susan begin her journey as an artist and author. As usual we see lovely illustrations and there are some nice recipes included as well.  My favorite part of the book is at the end when the dastardly Cliff comes to woe Susan back and she tells him off! In a nice way of course.

The other book was...

My blog friend, Ginny at Small Things, recommended this book. It is a small book with a powerful message. All my life I have been a worrier. I am a Believer. I know God is in control but I let anxiety have its way with me and I am not proud of that.  This little book is one of the best I have read about refusing to listen to that little voice in my head that says, What IF????

After my drought of good books, I really enjoyed both of these.

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Stitchy Weekend

I made a trip to the Cross Stitch Peddler Saturday morning and enjoyed shopping for some patterns I had seen on Floss Tube! I also chatted with store owner, Marlene, who is a wealth of knowledge on all things cross stitch.

When I got home I sorted my stash and put it all in my Matilda Jane Bag so I can pull them out when ready to stitch.

On Floss tube I learned about needle minders so I ordered this cute one on Etsy. It is a quote from Harry Potter.

No more losing my needle in the sofa!! Or on the floor for the grands to find it. I finished up my Winter by Prairie Schooler and started this piece.

It is a Lizzie Kate pattern that will work up quickly.

Nothing to relax me like a weekend stitching away. I also received in the mail, Susan Branch's books Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams. I read about half of it last night. It is so good. I lover her illustrations and she is moving on with her life which makes me happy as I know she will find her prince charming and success in her business. I like happy endings.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A New Year at MOPs!

Yesterday we kicked off a new MOPs year. What a joy it was to see all the board members decked out in their pretty purple shirts.

Lauren even got leggings with stars on them because our theme this year is...

This pretty reminder greeted the ladies as they signed in.

We all sat at one LONG table yesterday. Next time we will divide up into groups.

My table will be Luminous!

Others are...

and finally...

We also had some good eats...

Two delicious breakfast casseroles.

Krispy Kremes in abundance!

These are the tarts I made for the morning...I experimented with a new recipe.

And for a cute quick craft we decorated paper clips.

The Gold paper clips can be found at Staples. We used two strands of ribbon and slip knotted them onto the paper clip.  So many of the young moms use planners nowadays and they like these pretty paper clips to mark a special event. I am going to make some of these for my friends. Heaven knows I have enough scrap ribbon from various projects that this will be an inexpensive "happy'. I think these would go well with a notepad and could even make them in seasonal or school colors. Our Board members are so creative.

I know this is going to be a great year at MOPs!  As this will be my last year it is bittersweet but I have been there for about five or six years now and its time for some new ladies to take over  I have enjoyed my season as a  mentor for this wonderful organization.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Growing Up

Kendall is super excited about school today. After school there will be a dance from three to six in the gym. She has talked about what she is wearing and how much fun it will be.  Actually there will be games and a dj so it is more like a party than a dance but I am still scratching my head at how we got here so quickly. I thought I had a few more years until the parties, dances and romances started!! Kendall is 10 1/2 years old and started fifth grade at the middle school this year. So far the girl drama that comes with the territory has not been a problem. I am so glad that Amelia is the one who will have to deal with this stage of life and I get to be the nana.

Go Your Own Way....I hope that Kendall can stand strong in the waters of middle school.

She is a smart girl and loves math and science. I have often said she is her grandpa's mini me in this department.

Here she is in her new can find her on her iPad or reading a book in her free time.

When this girl was born we had no idea of the joy she would bring us. As I looked at the picture of Barbara holding Ella, it brought back many memories of those early days of being a grandparent. There is nothing like it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Nanaland

Well our new grand niece arrived on Monday evening...

Welcome to the world Ella Marie. Here she is with her Grammy, my sis in law, Barbara.  Nothing like those new babies!! Congrats to Brittany and Caleb as they set out on the journey of parenthood. Lots of joy but some tears will be shed and they will not all be Ella's!

And progress on the Little House...

This hard working man dug the holes for the footings. ( He has a big machine but sometimes you need a shovel to finish it up.

Footings are poured and awaiting blocks that should go in next week. Georgia Power will also be working on supplying our electricity.

And here at Nana's house, I changed out the grandchildren's book box.I got rather nostalgic looking at all the Fall books.

I had to stop and read this one. Room on the Broom is one of my new favorites. All of my grands, old and young love this story of friendship.

It is friend day and we are off to Francescos, a local Italian restaurant that is better than Olive Garden in my opinion. I think I am having an appetizer for lunch. Bruschetta is one of my favorites! I will be making a stop at the library and I am shopping for my September giveaway! One week from today is September!! And four months from today is Christmas as one of my cousins reminded me on Facebook this morning!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On the Porch

I had some pictures texted to me this week from my Aunt Joyce. We both enjoy decorating for the holidays and she wins for getting her fall decor up before me! She is a busy lady so when she had a free weekend and a grandson who was available to help her get some things from storage, she went for it.   I asked if I could share some of her decorating on my blog and she sweetly gave her permission.

This year she did a Fall Tree on the enclosed porch.  She got the idea for this at Hobby Lobby.  I love that little owl peeking out from the middle of the tree.

My cousin, Holly, made the scarecrow. ( She cleverly makes these so there is a snowman on one side and a scarecrow on the other!)   I think he is very cute.

More porch decor...

Aunt Joyce also decorated inside while she was at it!

I love this corner of her kitchen!

She liked my white pumpkin so she decided to get one for her house this year. It looks so cute sitting on the leaves.

I may steal this idea of filling a bowl with some pumpkins!!

And her mantle is pretty with the lanterns and pumpkins.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my Aunt Joyce's house. I will ask her to send me some of  her Christmas decor. She goes all out for Christmas. ( And you wondered where I got it from???)  Thankful for an aunt who is just nine years older than me. She was more like a big sister than an aunt and I love her very much.

And I have to tell you that Leta and Bruce heard a racket out on their carport last night...A bear came to call! That might be a good name for a children's book....maybe I will write one!  Bruce said it was as tall as Leta's Toyota Rav.  So far they have just been visiting on the look out for food. With winter coming they are trying to get their tummies full before a long nap.

Have a blessed day friends.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Arrowheads and Artifacts

My maternal grandfather, Earl Henderson, spent most of his adult life building a collection of arrowheads and other Cherokee artifacts. He lived near Spring Place, one of the big centers of Cherokee life in north Georgia. Any time a field was plowed, Granddad would walk up and down the rows looking for arrowheads.  And over many years he amassed quite the collection.  When my grandparents passed away, my mother inherited the collection. She recently donated them to the Chief Vann House, which is located in Spring Place.

 Once home to the influential Cherokee Vann family, it is a museum which showcases a way of life that disappeared with the Trail of Tears.   Our family wanted to see Granddad's legacy live on and we also wanted others to see his collection in its entirety.  This weekend Granddad's collection made its debut at Spring Place Days.

We were all pretty proud of this display!

My mother and her younger sister, Rachel, were on hand to view it. Other members of our family were there through out the day. I know this honor would have made my Granddad very happy.

As a little girl I can remember walking along with him, looking for "rocks" as he called them.  Of course most of the time all we found were pieces of quartz that were pretty common in our area.  He had a keen eye for arrowheads and I think he passed his interest on to my Daddy, his son in law. Daddy also had a collection of arrowheads that he found in many places.  A law passed in 1979 made it illegal to collect arrowheads as they are considered an archeological find. You must have a permit issued by the government.  I am glad our family has allowed others to see these great pieces of the past.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I spent some time Saturday "finishing" a cross stitch piece on my own.  I have so many framed pieces and really how many do I really need? ( We won't go there...)  After watching Vonna on The Twisted Sister on Flosstube, I got the courage to attempt a finish on my own. Mine will never be up to Vonna's standards but I will keep trying.  Vonna makes a cute finish called a trifold but I knew I could not do that so I modified it a bit.

Here is my finished piece of cross stitch...

It is Four Seasons by Prairie Schooler. I wanted to be able to display it for a short while so I decided it did not need framing.  I have admired Sandy( I Majored in Home Economics) as she finished her Little House cottages and came up with a nifty display each month. So taking tips from Vonna and Sandy I got busy in my craft room.

I started with one of these "boxed" pieces that you can readily find at Ross or TJ Maxx. I paid $6 for this one. I spread Tacky Glue over it and brushed it out to make it smooth.

Then I added pieces of scrapbook paper. Two things I careful how you cut your paper. I meant for my chevrons to go the other way. OOPs. And I should have centered the paper with the polka dots. Trying to keep a straight edge on my paper cutter was easy but it would have looked better with dots that were intact!!  Then I folded the cross stitch and glued it to the top. I know I know that is cheating but hey it worked for me. I did not get it folded as neatly as I would like so next time I am going to do a running stitch around it to help with the folding. Then i can clip it and remove it when I am finished.  The things you learn by trial and error!

Here it is with a perky black and white ribbon as an accent.  I purchased it at Hobby Lobby and it is wired so it will hold its shape. Once I am finished with this season I will store it in a box so it stays dust free until next year.   I got the black and white ribbon idea from perusing a lot of Mackenzie Childs designs.  I am working on my Winter piece right now and I plan to display it like this too.

So now I am going to be looking for those clearance 'art boxes" so I can keep them for future projects. They come in all sizes and are perfect for a small project.

I hope you like it warts and of the things I like about bloggers is that they are ready to share their ideas and their "happy accidents".  Don't let your OCD keep you from having fun with crafting. I could easily go down that road but I am learning to lighten up in my old age.  And yes, I could not put it away so it is on my breakfast bar BECAUSE...
And we might even have some cooler temps this week here in NoAla so I am declaring it is Fall.