Friday, September 30, 2016

The Trusses Have Arrived

Yesterday the trusses for the roof of our little house arrived.  My sister, Leta, called to tell me she was in Eton getting her hair done and the truck with our trusses was pulled to the side of the road. The driver had seen a sign limiting the weight on the road to our building site and he was not going to break the law. Fortunately my first cousin, Brent, is the chief of police in Eton so he assured the driver that he could drive down the road as it was for construction purposes and he would not be repeatedly taking that weight up and down the road. Problem solved.

And the driver had to back his truck 1100 feet....

Ladies, backing up my van is a problem for me so my hat is off to this driver!!

The trusses are just waiting for the crane to arrive today to put the trusses in place. Since we decided to have a cathedral ceiling in the living area, we had to use trusses instead of built in place rafters.  Sister Kristi is off work today so she will be there with her camera catching the pictures of the trusses going into place.  I am saving all these pictures and when the house is done I will do a photo book of the building of our little house.

And I have a picture of my coffee cup for National Coffee Day, which was yesterday.

Amelia gifted me with this pretty green cup with a big A on it. Green and white were my high schools colors by the way and my birthstone is emerald so I like green!  I wonder how many donuts and cups of coffee Krispy Kreme served yesterday in their giveaway? I managed to avoid KK and I did enjoy my yummy salad from Panera for lunch.

Today is Grocery Day and this afternoon I have an appointment to get the oil changed in my van. I plan to take my stitching along as Toyota has a beautiful service area where I can wait while the work is done.

I am so enjoying this cooler weather...yesterday was just glorious here in NoAla. All my friends who live further south, hang in there, fall is on the way.  And don't forget that tomorrow is my October Giveaway!! Come and see what tricks and treats I  have in mind.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Coffee Day

Today is national coffee day and I am sitting here with my Big Beautiful A mug that daughter, Amelia gifted me.  While I love coffee none of my children drink it....I guess I failed somewhere along the way!  My mother gave us milk coffee for breakfast from the time we were little. Mostly milk but it gave me a taste for the delicious brew.  I can remember going to my Grandmother Tankersley's house and she always had evaporated milk for cream and what  a treat that was!! If I run out of Half and Half I always have a can in the pantry for emergencies. Right now my coffee of choice is McDonalds McCafe Premium Roast.  It is also 30 Something Day. 29 years ago the television show, Thirtysomethibng, made its debut. Marvin and I were 30 something back then and we watched that show every week. While the characters were much more liberal than we were, we understood many of the plots relating to marriage and childrearing.  The character, Nancy Westin, was my favorite. Patricia Wetting is a great actress and played that character as no one else could. Nancy was married to Elliott and it is funny to me that I have a DIL named Nancy and a grandson named Elliott!!

Moving on...

I worked in my garden yesterday and pulled up all the impatiens. We have turned off the sprinklers so I thought it was time for them to go. Pink just doesn't go with a fall wreath and a wooden pumpkin by the front door.

I am also a fan of Peterboro baskets from Peterboro NH.  I got an email yesterday that their Halloween basket is being released and they offered a 20% off coupon so of course I had to order one.  I opted for the one with the Jackolantern face.  It may go to the little house in Georgia .

And one last photo...

Landon has lost both his upper front teeth so he had to act like his apple would be a good substitute. It is so funny to hear him speak with no teeth. Maybe he will get his two front teeth for Christmas.:) We thought he ws never going to lose them. He will be 8 in October so most of his friends already have their big boy teeth.  He reminds me so much of Marvin's childhood pictures...sweet.

It is friend day but Deb is just returning home today from vacation so Susan and I are going to be good and have a Kale Ceasar Salad at Panera. Really we LOVE that salad.  I am going to check out Target since I am going to be nearby. Then I plan to come home and work on some finishes for two cross stitch pieces.  It will be a busy day! Hope all of you have a good one as well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


No not potpourri as in rose petals and lovely smells but rather potpourri  as on Jeopardy where one category is a bunch of leftovers! Being newly home from a week away, my brain is still adjusting and I cannot think of one topic to focus on!

Here is Miss Audrey wearing her I Drink Until I Pass Out shirt that her parents picked up for her in Gulf Shores this summer.   I am biased but isn't she a cutie? We have not seen her since June and this Nana is surely missing her Audrey Katherine.

My kitchen hutch with its pretty cards and Halloween decor.  My childhood friend, Linda, sent me the card with the dragon fly and I am thinking of cutting out the dragon fly and using it for a bookmark. It is so pretty!!

Here is the garden flag that will go out this weekend. I love jolly Jack O Lanterns. One of my new readers stated that she liked my happy Halloween decorations. I am not a fan of all the "dark" Halloween decor that features blood, ghouls etc.  I love happy things just like the candy corn eyes this jack is sporting.  Amelia and I were set to go paint next Thursday but she will be in she will not be joining me. Can you imagine that? I will pick up her cut out and she can do it at home. I am going to be painting a candy corn...not sure how I am going to decorate it yet.

I mentioned I was going to the Cross Stitch Peddler yesterday. I picked up the materials to do the Prairie Schooler Nativity. Marlene helped me to pick out a darker color. I wanted the scene to appear to be at night.  And of course I could not leave with just one project.

I picked up the original Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks as well as the Starry Night by P Schooler. Marlene, the owner of Cross Stitch Peddler, had worked up several of the starry night pieces and had them finished as Christmas ornaments.   The three Kings is my favorite.  I also picked up two needle minders. After debating about whether I liked them or not, I am finding them very helpful in keeping my needle from wandering to the sofa cushions or onto the floor.

So today I will do some stitching. I am also going to look for some pumpkins and mums for the front porch. Impatiens will be pulled up and fresh mulch put down so that my front entry will be looking more fall like! And today it will be cooler so I am a happy camper!! Have a blessed day Friends.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Stream

I am adding a few pictures to the stream today....jump on in while the water's warm.

1. We were eating Ice Cream at Matt's Homemade Ice Cream in Gulf Shores and as we were leaving we came across this sign...

Old Guys Rule...the older I get the better I was is written in small print!  If you are wondering what flavors of Ice Cream we enjoyed...Creole Praline was voted the best by both of us. We visited Matt's two times and also tried Toffee, Glazed Donut and Chocolate.  Now we know where to go for the best ice cream  at the beach.

2. I got in some stitching at the beach and since this photo was made I have finished about 3/4 of the project.

I just love Prairie Schooler. I managed to find a very old P S sampler of the nativity. I had been looking everywhere for it but finally found it at 123 Cross Stitch. I am going to Cross Stitch Peddler today to get the fabric and threads for it! I doubt it will be finished by this Christmas but I live in hope. I am also working on some baby bibs as a gift for my sis in law, Lanier. She has three baby grands and she wanted some personalized bibs for them to use at her house.  And lastly I am working on an ornament for Audrey.  So I am trying to get a lot of stitching time in. If only I could stitch and walk at the same time I would get in my 10,000 steps and finish my projects.

3  Progress on the little house is slow as we wait for trusses to be delivered this week. We are having a cathedral ceiling in the living area and that required trusses. However we did get the power lines in last week.

4. One of the things I love about coming home from vacation is sorting through all my mail. I got several magazines, some catalogs and two sweet thank you notes. One was from Linda at Linda's Life Journal and the other was from Whitney at Come Home for Comfort. I love getting snail mail!!

5. We attended Landon's last soccer game last night. They came in 3rd in their league. Landon has really improved his game and is looking forward to next season.

6. I did not watch the so called debate as people do not know how to debate any longer. I blame much of it on CNN and Fox News.  Talking over each other and screaming seems to be the order of the day in all discussions.  Like many people in America, I wish I had a third choice but I will vote for the lesser of two evils and leave it at that.   I will pray for this country that means so much to me.

7. Several errands to do today. One of my diffusers quit working so I will head to Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon to get a new one.  Then to the cross stitch store for my supplies and on to Ross to see if I can find some more of those little art boxes to finish up two projects.   Along with that I am having a sweet friend over for coffee this morning.  It is going to be a good day here in NoAla and I hope it is a good day in your part of the world too!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Bag Lady

We are back home and while vacation is pleasant, home is best!  We took the time to unload all our luggage etc on Saturday afternoon. Marvin and I make it a point not to sit down until everything is put away.  We work pretty well as a team after 40 years together.

We were back in church yesterday and enjoyed seeing our friends, worshipping and studying the book of Ephesians. After  lunch with our friends, the Gosnells, we came home and crashed!!

Marvin is off to work this morning while I have a Raindrop massage and do errands.  A raindrop massage is an essential oil massage that  gets you ready for the cold and flu season.  I am hoping to build up my immunity! Flu has already been reported here in NoAla. So in spite of the summer like temps the flu bug is making the rounds.

I thought I would share some bags with you this morning. They were painted by my friend, Bess, who is an artist.  I could not resist getting one for myself and one for Amelia.

Amelia  loves ALL things flamingo so when I saw that Bess was painting these bags and selling them I had to get one for my girl. Amelia really liked it and who doesn't like a Happy gift?

Here is mine...complete with monogram. I plan to use it as my library bag.  I could not help but think of my blog friend, Linda, as I know she loves Sunflowers. She is an artist as well. If you check out Linda's Life Journal on my blog roll, you can see the pretty sunflower canvases she is doing right now.

I am glad to be back to blogging each day now. It is a big part of my life and when I do not blog for several days I truly miss it. Have a blessed day dear friends and like you, I am looking forward to some cooler temps this week. Maybe fall is here after all!

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Goal Met

One of my goals for this year was to meet a blog friend in person.  Knowing I would be in the vicinity of Sandy's hometown, we made plans to meet up in Pensacola. You can find Sandy on my blog roll, I Majored in Home Economics.  We both enjoy cross stitch and purses along with some other things. I often read Sandy's blog and think, she must be my secret sister!!

Marvin was a good sport and drove me over to Pensacola where we met Sandy at The Tin Cow.

What a neat restaurant in the old part of Pensacola. As we walked up the sidewalk, I spotted Sandy immediately.

We are both Silver Foxes...rocking our silver locks. We were laughing about the newest trend among young people as they want silver hair too. We both agreed that they need to enjoy their youth and not rush the silver!

We had a wonderful time talking and sharing. Marvin found out that Sandy knows a work colleague of his who went to school with Sandy. It is a small world. Sandy and I talked about our current cross stitch projects and how we have to limit our Floss tube watching! We also agreed that we are more project cross stitchers in that we like to finish a piece at a time.  Many of the floss tubers have about 8 or more projects going at one time. That would make me anxious and cross stitching is what I use to calm myself down!!

Purses were discussed and I had to show Sandy my new hot pink Vera Bradley I found at the outlet in Foley. She was carrying a pretty Spartina bag in Auburn colors.

Sandy was just as sweet and genuine as she is on her blog!  We were laughing at some of our family members who are a bit skeptical of meeting someone you know only online.  The ladies who I count as blog friends are not a scary bunch at all.  I have promised Whitney at Come Home for Comfort that I will meet up with her the next time we visit family in Brevard. Terri D at Your Friend From Florida has offered to drive up to visit  some time when I am in Gulf Shores.  And that would be quite a drive for her so I appreciate that. Leslie Anne Tarabella wants to meet in Fairhope next year as well.  I long to go back to New England and the next time I do I want to meet Mrs T at Across My Kitchen Table who has been a long time blog friend.  Once our little house is done, I am determined to meet Mildred  at Mildred's Blog, who is another sweet blog friend and prayer warrior for my family. She lives in driving distance to our little house.  So maybe I can just cross off several names on my list next year. Do you think my friend, Martha Stewart would like a visit?:) Somehow I do not think she would be as welcoming as these other ladies!!

Well it is our last day in Gulf Shores and we plan to get in some beach time before we pack up the car and head back to NoAla. It has been a wonderful relaxing week.  This yearly trip  always gets me ready for the busy fall season!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Boys

I said I would not post much this week but I am up early and I have some pictures to share.  It seems I am always posting pictures of the girl grands so today is Boys Day. Thanks to Amelia and Katy for sending me these pictures.

Landon and his friend at the Soccer Tournament.  Landon is turning into quite the sportsman.

Katy sent me this early morning picture of Baylor...having his biscuit and sausage before school. He also has his little soft toy that he enjoys.

And here is Elliott asleep in his big boy bed. He has only fallen out one time!!  This bed has an interesting history, it was once in the officers quarters at Redstone Arsenal.  I love furniture with a story.

Marvin and I went to see the movie, Sully, last night. I highly recommend it to all of you. I had tears in my eyes as I watched several scenes.  I told Marvin, it makes you proud to be an American. Not only did Captain Sullenberger do an amazing job at landing that plane in the water, the boats on the Hudson River that came to help were incredible. They had the passengers from the plane wings and rafts in 24 minutes. That is the difference between life and death in the frigid temperature of that January day.   Tom Hanks was terrific as usual and Aaron Eckhart as his co pilot really did a nice job of acting as well.  Laura Linney plays Mrs Sullenberger. I kept wondering who that actress was...she was familiar but I could not place her. I looked her up online the minute I got home. When Marvin asked who she was, I told him, "She's the woman who used to say, This is Masterpiece Theater." I knew he would not know any of the movies she had acted in on the big screen.

Well time to head to the beach....then dinner at Cosmo's our favorite place in Orange Beach.  Have a good day Friends.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Beautiful View

We are having a good week. It was raining when we arrived on Saturday but since then the weather has been very nice.  We have spent most of every day on the beach, reading, watching the dolphins and taking the occasional walk.  The dolphins were putting on a show yesterday as there were about six of them playing together. And of course, everyone on the beach was pointing and laughing with delight. It is nice that such a simple thing can bring joy to all sorts of people.

I have been working on a new Prairie Schooler, Let it Snow.  And I have enjoyed watching a bit of floss tube as well as checking out some cross stitch Facebook pages. I love seeing all the different pieces that are being done. The most interesting one is a cross stitched picture of Jim Morrison.

Hope all of you are having a good week. And while the beach is wonderful, I concur with Dorothy that there is no place like home.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

R and R

My posting will be short and sporadic this week as Marvin and I enjoy some beach time to celebrate 40 years of marriage! This morning it is a bit overcast but we are having breakfast on the balcony enjoying the sound of the waves. Reading, cross stitching, sitting on the beach and eating lots of seafood is our plan for the days ahead!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Oily Fall

As an Oily Nana, I like to keep something diffusing in my house every day. My friend and Oily Mama, Myra, shared this graphic on our oily page the other day and I saved it so I could mix up some of these fall scents.  Young Living Essential Oils smell great but they are beneficial for better living as well.

I look forward to trying some of these blends. Right now I am looking at Spiced Cider and I've Baked All Day.  I have the ingredients for Autumn Afternoon as well. Hmmmm where to start?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pictures from Nanaland

I have a few random pictures to share today.  So this will be a bit of a stream post.  And can I ask why my computer wants to change Nanaland to Nagaland every time I type that word?  That is just aggravating.

Thanks to Amelia, Kendall and Landon my toes are beach ready! I had a lovely gift card to Kama Salon that I received for Mothers Day and my Birthday.( they are just one week a part.) I had damaged BOTH of my big toes last fall and they have just now grown back in and look presentable.  I lost one nail due to a fall while running from wasps. ( Now that is a sight I am sure you would like to see!)  And about one month later I dropped a pitcher on my other big toe. So I lost both nails and it takes about six months for a nail to grow back in case you are interested.  I chose this pretty nude color from OPI for my beach trip.  And I must say, pedicures rank right up there with massages in my book.

I have been making snacks to take to the beach ....cheese straws are a favorite of ours to nibble on as we sit on our beach chairs, reading a good book and sipping iced tea. I also make my Autumn mix of equal amounts of fall M&Ms, Candy Corn and Peanuts.  And my final snack was home made Chex mix. I always jazz mine up a bit by adding  to the amounts of seasoning. I looked up the original recipe online last Christmas and it was just so bland when it was done. I knew I had to adjust the amounts...expecially the Worcestershire Sauce.   I also packed a few sweet treats and we are ready for a fun week.

I ordered a needle minder to use in my cross stitching and it was driving me crazy positioned on my material. I came up with the idea to just stick it on my magnifier. Now it is PERFECT. I can find my needles and the needle minder is not in my way. Best of all no needles in the floor, on the sofa or lost beyond discovery.  I am almost done with this Prairie Schooler  KNOCK KNOCK. Then I will work on a Christmas Prairie Schooler.  I have found a new website to drool over...123 Cross Stitch. This online store allows you to make a wish list and mine is a mile long!!

And it is sheathed in!! Now we have to wait for the roof trusses which have been ordered but we are pleased with how it is coming along.

Off to have lunch with Susan today. Deborah had an appointment she could not cancel so it will just be the two of us at a local eatery for lunch.  Then tonight is painting with Amelia at the Hartselle Rec Center as my countdown to Beach Time continues.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MOPS craft

Friday at MOPs we made a cute bag out of a Tee Shirt.  This would be a great VBS craft or something to do with a young daughter or granddaughter. I am using my bag to keep my WIPs in...Works in Progress for those of you who do not watch Floss Tube.  I am thinking of making up several so I can switch out the things I am stitching on.

Here are some of my ladies at work. Take the tee shirt, cut out the sleeves leaving the seams intact. Taking a piece of chalk, draw a deep scoop on the neckline. When you are satisfied that it is even, cut that out.

You can see April cut her neck pretty big. she decided it was a little too big so next time she will do a scoop neck.

Then draw a line across the bottom of the tee shirt leaving about five inches below the line. Draw approximately one inch lines along the bottom of the shirt, stopping at your straight line. Cut the one inch pieces into fringe. Then tie the strips together.

Here is Mika with her finished shirt/bag. I think this would be one way to use children's tees that are out grown. They would make perfect diaper bags for the dollies.  My bag is a sapphire blue and it holds one cross stitch perfectly. I can put it away and then get it out when I am in the mood to stitch.  Our MOPs leaders come up with so many creative ideas. Lori says she purchased many of the tees at the Dollar Tree! And who doesn't have an old tee laying around the house that could be recycled? Being a crafter, my mind started buzzing with all the ways the shirts could be embellished! And if you do not like fringe, just cut the fringe short and turn the bag inside out. Easy Peasy!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Decor

I finally got out my fall decor this week. I did dial it back a bit from previous years and I left my Thanksgiving things upstairs so I can switch them out on November 1st.

On my coffee table tray.  I found little teeth marks on one of the pumpkins and remembered that last year Baylor took a bite of one. :) If you love eye candy, Southern Lady magazine is for you. It is my favorite magazine right now with HGTV magazine coming in second.

And this piece found a home in the bathroom.

Sorry for the tilt but I was having a hard time getting a picture without a lot of glare. This hangs in the hallway with my Christmas village. I keep them up all year.

A little basket in the guest room.

My tea cart decorated for fall.  The lace is a piece from France, a gift from my sweet friend, Susan.

I found this for $5 at Kirklands. And if I get tired of it I can put scrapbook paper over the front and add a cross stitch piece.

A cross stitch I did years ago but it is still a favorite.

These little fabric pumpkins were a MOPs project last year. All you need is a circle of fabric, stuffing, a stick and some crinkle fill.  I got to teach some of the MOPs how to do a running stitch and then pull it tight. I may make some more of these.

The dining room table. That yard sale turquoise stand comes in handy. It looks nice with the harvest colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match. And the polka dot paper was a left over from the wedding shower we did in May.

The breakfast bar...Another old Prairie Schooler sampler, When Witches Go Riding.

Sis, Leta, gave me this cute dish towel for the stove.

These jolly jacks brighten my kitchen counter.

And my tiny punkin sits by pictures of my favorite people.

I love happy jacks! This fella has been in my collection for years. After Halloween, I simply turn him around!!

My hutch....My JOLLY JACK cross stitch is displayed here.  I love blue and green but orange goes well with those colors too.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Little Tour

We are back in NoAla after our trip to the Little House. It is always exciting to see how it is progressing. We met with our contractor on Saturday morning and we picked out a pretty blue green color for our metal roof. We also changed a few things up inside to give us a bit more room. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Here is Marvin inspecting the progress. He is so excited about this project.

And here is Brother Bruce, who has been a tremendous help to us in this project. He told us that he comes home from work each day eager to see what has been done!

I took this picture as we were leaving the site Friday evening. It is a very peaceful place.

We were back Saturday morning to meet with Mont and to just enjoy some time there.

On the porch...pond is visible in the background.

We are planning to do a rustic mantle and surround.

This is my dream. I found it in a magazine.

We plan to use this old Beam for the mantle. My Daddy reclaimed it from an old house in the area. You can see the ax marks where it was hewn.

Bruce is saving us some old wood from the barn.

Sister Kristi took this picture yesterday.

The sky is a beautiful blue.

Hopefully the roof will go on this week! After slow progress for over a year, it is exciting to see this dream taking shape.