Monday, October 31, 2016

Little House Update

This was our view as we drove up to the house. Siding is going on!!

Marvin says Hey!( We always like to laugh at the expression on Andy Griffith, "Goober says hey".

Looking from the kitchen to the living room.

Doors to the Bedrooms on the left.

View from the side door.

View from the living room window.

Sitting on the porch! It will be nicer when we have rocking chairs and a swing.

The sun shining through the leaves Friday afternoon.

And I had to share this picture of Audrey meeting her cousin, Liam. Liam is the grandson of my late cousin, Pam. How I wish we could have shared this moment together.

Don't forget that my November Giveaway is tomorrow. Come by and leave a comment. I will draw the winner on Thursday.

We had a good trip. We got the wood cleaned for the fireplace. Hopefully  I will have a picture of it to share soon.  The drywall will be mudded and sanded this week. Flooring will be next...then the finishing touches.  We are really looking forward to having our little house completed.

Happy Halloween. I am off to buy some candy for this evening. I am hoping I am not tempted to eat it myself!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lunch in the Country

Yesterday we motored to Lacey Springs, Alabama to have lunch at Graves Grocery Store. Susan had seen a write up about it and thought we would enjoy venturing further afield.  It was a beautiful October day just perfect for a ride in the country. We saw many pretty fields and home places along Upper River Road and Highway 36.  We did note that it seems much farmland is being bought up by developers and that is troubling. We need those farms!!

Just as we thought we had missed our destination we saw it appear on the horizon!!

Once known as Dave's Grocery it is now a purveyor of breakfast and lunch along with some groceries and various antiques and collectibles. Pam Graves who owns the grocery was so gracious as she waited on us and told us  about the lunch special. The store seems to be popular in this small community on the outskirts of Huntsville.

I love the cotton wreaths on the double doors. This old store reminds me of Goswick's Store in my home county.  I guess a lot of old country stores were much alike.

The menu  on the wall included breakfast and lunch features. If you like Souse you can get it here. If you don't know what souse is, look it up. I will pass on the souse meat but many old timers love it.

Some of the pottery and art work for sale. Most of the proceeds went to mission work.

We all had something different for lunch. Deborah tried the special...meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans with a piece of cornbread.  It looked yummy. I sorta wish I had chosen that!! I had a roast beef sandwich while Susan tried the salad plate.( chicken salad and pimento cheese I believe). We enjoyed our lunch and passed on the desserts though they look good. They came from the Mennonite Grocery store where I love to shop.

Last night we attended a Pampered Chef party at Susan's house. I am not a gadget person but I love the Pampered Chef products. I had a pizza stone that I know I purchased back in the early 90s and it fell out of the cabinet and broke into 100 pieces. At least it seemed like that many when I swept it up.! I was so upset but Susan told me not to worry she was thinking of having a party. Of course I will have to season my new one and it will take at least a year to get a patina on it. I used my stone to heat up leftovers in the oven. It did a great job at crisping up leftover food.  I also enjoy my brownie pan which is rather like a muffin pan but has rectangular cups. No more brownies that tear apart when you cut them!!

I caught up with several ladies who I had not seen in a while. Glenda told me that she enjoyed reading  my blog and that made my day.  I am thankful for all you readers who enjoy keeping up with my adventures in NoAla.

I am off to MOPs today. It is can that fail to be a fun meeting with chocolate as the theme.  And this afternoon Marvin and I will head to Chatsworth to check on the progress of the little house. Here is a sneak peek...Dry Wall is up!!! See you Monday!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Landon

Today this boy is 8 years old and having his favorite white donuts for breakfast.  Eight years ago he was born at Huntsville Hospital and we were all thrilled to hold this bundle of joy. Landon is our first grandson and from the time he was born, he has had hold of Nana's heart.  We laughed at him as a baby because he was too lazy to hold his own bottle and the formula had to be warmed to just the right temperature. As a little guy he was quite shy but he grew out of that. Going to Preschool really helped his social skills. Now he is everyone's friend...a polite, sweet fellow. Of course Kendall would tell you he can be very annoying but that is the job of a brother isn't it? I did not have any so I am not sure.:)

We took him out to dinner for his birthday and when asked where he wanted to go, he chose McDonalds. ( We got off cheap!!)  He will be celebrating his birthday with a party the first Saturday in November. He and his bonus brother, Hudson, share a birthday party every year.  This year both boys are getting cash because Nana does not really have a clue what 8 year old boys want for gifts.

Today is friend day and we are headed to Graves Grocery in Lacey Springs Alabama. It is about 40 minutes away because you go over the river and through the woods to get there. I am hoping to have some pictures to share with you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Once A Nurse

When my son, Charles was very sick about 10 years ago, I had to use all my nursing knowledge in dealing with the doctors caring for him. My husband casually told the doctor I had not worked in many years but sweet Dr K put him in his place when he said, "Once a nurse, always a Nurse!"

I am thankful for the knowledge I received at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing. Now days Diploma Nurses are a thing of the past.  For three years we worked hard to become RNs and we graduated knowing how to do anything that was required of us. I have heard that new nurses these days have a preceptor with them for at least six months to train them due to the lack of clinical experience.

Georgia Baptist is now a part of Mercer University in Atlanta and the school recently held Alumna Day.  A friend of mine shared some pictures which she graciously allowed me to use here on my blog.

Ok, I do miss seeing nurses in their caps that signified which school of nursing they attended.  And it made it easy to know who was the nurse.

Miss Edna Earl Teale who was a graduate of Georgia Baptist was also a missionary nurse to China.

Georgia Baptist Nurses did their part during WW2.

This was the uniform for the students from the 50s to the 80s. The only time I wore my cloak was at capping and for photographs.

I love this picture of our caps. As freshman we were not allowed to wear our caps. When we were juniors we got our caps with a blue stripe and as seniors we got our black band at a special dinner. On graduation we wore a plain white cap.

Whenever we were at the hospital  looking at the charts of our patients to prepare for the next days care, we wore the little yellow smock.   We also had a tunnel that connected our dorm to the hospital for safety. Georgia Baptist was not in the best neighborhood.

The tables at the luncheon were decorated with old caps!

My suite mate, Terrie, is on the left and Laurel, who took some of these photos is on the right. Terrie has worked at GBH( Now Atlanta Medical Center) since she graduated from nursing school.

Terrie with Mrs Susan Gunby. Mrs Gunby was one of our favorite instructors and now she is the director of the school. I believe she is Dr Gunby now as she got her PhD in nursing.

Another instructor from my GBH days...

And Mrs Rawlings....both of these instructors were young and just out of school when they taught us.

When the Class of 1976 celebrates their 50 year anniversary we will be guests of honor at the luncheon. 10 more years!!

As I have said before, I learned so much during my three years at school there.  I attended First Baptist Church where Dr Charles Stanley taught. I learned a lot about friendship and I am so thankful for the life long friends I made at GBH.  I learned a lot about life and death while walking those hall at the hospital. I met my husband at Georgia Tech, which was a huge  bonus and blessing! And I remember so much of what I learned because of teachers who expected a lot out of young women. I can run the category in Physiology on Jeopardy because of Miss Mary Kate Tribble, who taught us about the workings of the body.  The three years I spent at GBH School of Nursing were truly some of the best of my life. Thanks to this wonderful school for continuing its teaching and nursing ministry.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mail and MUM

I have received several pieces of snail mail this week.

I always look forward to receiving a handmade card from Gina, a blog buddy. She outdid herself this year!! I love the spider that is peeking out from behind the web!  He swings on a piece of string! Gina blogs at By Lantern Light. She is listed on my blog roll.

Another one from my high school friend, Sharon. Isn't it nice to know that someone is thinking of you and sending up prayers for you?

A little thank you from Tina who won the October giveaway. I have the November give away ready for next Tuesday! Be sure and stop by and comment.

A sweet card from an old friend.

It is seldom that I have four cards at once...Thanks to all you sweet ladies who took time to mail them to me.

And MUM....
I was watching Mrs Erica and she mentioned that Mrs Meyers came out with a limited edition cleaner called MUM. I was in Target yesterday and picked up a bottle.  It does smell lovely! I clean more when it is an enjoyable experience!:)

Off to take the kiddos to school! Have a grand day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

An Illustrated Stream

We had a lovely weekend. It was nice to be at home, puttering around, watching Bama Roll over Texas A and M and visiting the Madison campus of First Bible Church for Sunday Service.   Wade out into the stream with me this morning...

Ben and Katy had a much deserved date night as their church( Shades Mountain Baptist in Bham) held a Parents Night Out for parents of Special Needs children. What a ministry this church has in this area.  And Katy texted me that last night Baylor said his first sentence. They were at the dinner table and he said, "I eat!". Now I know that seems rather simple but for Baylor it was an accomplishment that was met with cheers all round the table.  His new therapist along with the Gemini speech therapy seems to be breaking through! Thanks again for all of you who pray for Baylor...keep those prayers going up.

This little doll was out and about Friday evening with her parents. Unfortunately she ended up at the doctor's office on Saturday morning with croup.  It is that croupy time of year. 

I spent Saturday working on this little Gingerbread cottage by Little House Needleworks. The roof called for french knots. Well I decided that I would re work the pattern and just do cross stitch adornment and I like it so much better. French knots are too unpredictable for me.

We found a farm table for the little house. We purchased this five foot table but left the chairs at the store. The man who made the table works at Trinity Mountain Antiques and he is going to make two matching benches for me. They will slide under the table when not in use so that is a space saver for sure.  We will be looking for two chairs for the end of the table that can do double duty as extra seating. I love the red color of the base of the table. The top is poplar. It is in my garage, waiting to go to its new home.

The same craftsman made this piece that might work as a coffee bar/storage.  He told me that if this piece is too big, he can make a smaller one!! 

And finally a picture of our sweet and nerdy girl. Kendall, dressed for a costume party.

She decided to go as Rae from the last Star Wars movie.  Landon will be Luke Skywalker this Halloween.  One week from today and the spooks will be upon us. Better get some candy to serve them!

Well that is all I have for today. I hope everyone is enjoying some of the  beautiful fall weather that is finally here in NoAla. Have a blessed day bloggie friends.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall at the Little House

Sister, Kristi, texted me to tell me that the leaves were just beautiful behind our little house. She graciously took her camera and captured the scene for me.

On the hill behind the house.  Love all those red leaves.

I loved this shot of the pond and a peek of the house.

Another pretty shot of the pond and the reflection of the trees.

Our contractor called us to say all the inspections are done so the siding will go up on Tuesday and the drywall will be installed too.  Looks like it just might be done by Thanksgiving.

Marvin and I are off antiquing again this weekend. We are trying to find the things we need for the house at a bargain price.  The sofa and mattresses will be purchased in Chatsworth to make it easier on delivery but the smaller things we can handle with our van.

It is a chilly fall morning here in NoAla and we are looking forward to seeing Alabama play Texas A and M. Gameday is being broadcast from Bama, which is always fun!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitchen Angel

I know it is still quite a while until Christmas but if you plan to make some of your own gifts, it is time to get started.  I was watching Mrs Erica on You Tube the other day and she had made a stop at Priesters on the outskirts of Montgomery. While shopping at this neat store she picked up a Christmas gift for a family member. It was a Kitchen Angel.  I thought, how cute and I think I can make one of those on my own.  I have two sweet aunts that I try to get some little something for at Christmas and I knew this would be perfect for them.  At their ages they do not need or want more things so something useful is perfect.

You will need...

Two kitchen towels per angel.  You want them to coordinate. I found these at TJ Maxx for $4.99.

Two sturdy Wooden Spoons. I found these at TJ Maxx as well. $2.49

Rubberbands($1.49) and a spool of ribbon. Ribbon is 40% off this week at Hobby Lobby so you might want to purchase some for your Christmas crafts.

Mrs Erica's Christmas Angel used a potholder for the wings. I could not find any that matched my towels so I just folded up the plain dish towel for wings.

Here is what it looks like all folded up. Now you need a sturdy rubber band.

Set aside.

Lay the other towel open over your spoon and use the rubber band to hold it in place. You need to make it tight.

Here is how it will look.

Attach the wings to the back by slipping the rubber band holding the bow to the spoon. This can be difficult. You must hold your tongue right!!:)  You can also use another rubber band if  that is easier for you. I used the ribbon to cover the rubbersbands.

And here they are all finished.

I did add a tag to the finished angel...since my aunts do not read my blog I can add it here...

This gift took me about 20 minutes to put together and the total cost was about $10.  If you look for potholders and towels on sale you can probably make them for  less.   And really this would make a cute hostess gift to take at Thanksgiving or Christmas if you are traveling to visit relatives soon.