Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Old and New

When I pull out my Christmas Decor, there are old favorites that make me smile and then there are new things I purchased that I had forgotten all about and I am happy to see a new trinket or two. I know I need to STOP buying Christmas things but I cannot help myself.

This is a bell pretending to be a little girl.  I received her in 1977. I was working at Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. One of the nurses I worked with named Rosella, gave this to me.  I believe Hallmark made this sweet girl.  She has a rather 70s look doesn't she?

This little house was part of the Hallmark Sarah Plain and Tall series. I am not sure of the year but I wanted to collect them and only got one.It just occurred to me that I could look on EBAY...or as a friend calls it The Bay of Evil because it is so tempting.:)

I did get one new ornament this year.

One of my MOPS moms made this one. She is selling them to pay for her new Cricut that she purchased.  I just love it and I like helping out the young moms who have home businesses so they can stay home with their little ones.

Thanks for your prayers for Gatlinburg. I was watching a news broadcast this morning and the reporter was interviewing a local resident. She asked what they needed( I am sure she meant in the way of supplies etc). The man looked straight at the camera with tears in his eyes and said, Prayer!! So keep those prayers going up. Downtown Gatlinburg is intact but several hotels and many cabins in the area were lost. We are getting a good soaking rain and I pray that east Tennessee and North Carolina get it too.  Along with  the rain we had some tornadoes but hey, we are all okay. There are some trees down and power lines on the ground but we are used to dealing with that here in Tornado Alley.

Off to do some Christmas errands today. And tomorrow I will announce the winner of my December Giveaway. I decided to take the names of all 11 winners and put them in a drawing for the December Giveaway. I have so enjoyed doing these giveaways this year. It has been a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Cross Stitch

In addition to putting up my Christmas Tree and adding a lot of sparkle to my house for the holiday season, I hung some of my Christmas needlework.

These pieces are hanging in the little foyer near my guest bedroom.  I am working on another piece to add next year!!

And in the bedroom...

Prairie Schooler's Christmas Tree Farm looks so cute next to the plate I found at Target.  I am just a nut for Prairie Schooler designs.

And another plea for prayers for Gatlinburg, Tennessee this morning.  The wildfires in North Carolina made their way into east Tennessee due to high winds. Last night, Gatlinburg was evacuated and many have lost homes in the area. Downtown Gatlinburg was still in tact this morning according to the news but the surrounding areas have not fared as well.  East Tennessee depends on tourism for their economy so this will be a big hit for them here at Christmas.   My mother and daddy went to Gatlinburg for their honeymoon and most people in the South, love to travel to the Smokey Mountains for rest and relaxation.  Pray for those brave fire fighters as they work to stop the blaze.

A quiet day here at home, hoping to get some gifts wrapped and some crafts finished.  Have a blessed day bloggie friends.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Fun

We had a nice Thanksgiving week here in Nanaland.  And looking at my calendar I can see that December is going to be a very busy month with parties and festivities.

Wednesday was a school holiday for Kendall and Landon so they were here with Nana and Grandpa. Landon was a good sport and helped Nana get out a few Christmas decorations. I am still on restriction for lifting so my big boy was glad to tote boxes.

 I am thankful for this young man!

He also helped me set up my Willowcreek nativity.

When my Daddy passed away, he left instructions with my mother to give each of us girls a little monetary gift to buy something we wanted! Daddies are always looking after their girls. I had wanted one of these nativities so I purchased it in memory of my Daddy.  This year it is on the tea cart in the dining room.

Thursday we had a nice Thanksgiving lunch with our friends, Barry and Sharon.

Sharon's table was lovely! We shared the cooking so it was easy peasy. I am thankful for good friends who live just up the street.

I wore my new shirt and pants that sis in love, Lanier, sent to me.  I am thankful for my sister from another mother.

I managed to put this gum drop tree up all by myself. My sis in love, Amy, gave this to me. She said she never used it and it reminds me of sweet Mama G. She always had a gumdrop tree at her house. And the gumdrops kept disappearing as the grands and one cousin, named Carter B, ate the candies.  Believe me you do not want one of these gumdrops...I think they had been in the store for ages as they were rather hard and had no flavor but they work for this project.

With the help of my elf named Marvin, I got the tree decorated. I went for a pre lit tree that changes light colors. They can be colored or clear. Amazing. And Sandy I am hoping it does not give up the ghost on Christmas Eve. My friend, Sandy, at I Majored in Home Economics experienced that disaster with a prelit tree so she has a LIVE tree this year. I will be sharing some more of my decorations here on the blog over the next week or so.   And my Elf was very happy that Georgia Tech BEAT Georgia!!!  Nana was happy that Bama rolled over Auburn. On to Atlanta for the SEC playoffs.

I love this picture of Audrey playing with her Fisher Price nativity that Nana and Grandpa gave her for Christmas last year.  It is never too early to tell the little ones about Jesus.

We also went to Chatsworth to purchase some appliances for the little farm house.  We got GREAT deals at Lowes on Black Saturday.  I got to see my new flooring in person and I love it. We also got KEYS to our house. Our contractor estimates it will be done in three weeks.To say we are excited is an understatement. It is our Christmas gift this year.   We have dreamed of it so long, it is hard to believe that it is close to completion.   While in Chatsworth, I went to visit my Uncle Robert, who lost his wife of 70 years two weeks ago. Please remember him in your prayers. He is almost 90 and in poor health. He has outlived all his younger siblings and he is ready for Heaven. So glad I got to tell him I love him one more time.

Off to the eye doctor this morning for my yearly check up, then errands to do and our prayers for rain should be answered this week. Two to three inches is in the forecast. Thank you God for sending showers of blessing!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I am going to take a blogging break over the long weekend to enjoy the time with friends and family. See you on Monday!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Stream

1.  I went for my two week check up yesterday and Dr S says all is looking good. I cannot walk my 10,000 steps daily for two more weeks. I was disappointed to hear that but I am going to follow orders. Apparently take it easy means take it easy.

2. Do you remember where you were on Nov 22 1963?  I was in the third grade...outside for our last recess of the day when children began saying that President Kennedy had been shot in the head. One boy in our class had heard the principal tell our teacher.  We all accused him of fibbing.( If anyone in the class was going to start a rumor, it would be this particular boy, not known for truth and honor! He probably heard this info while sitting in the principal's office)  It was the second big shock of my childhood...the Cuban missile crisis being the first.  There were no safe rooms back then. You depended on your teachers and your parents for assurance and you got it too!

3. Target has all their toys 20% off this week. I stopped in there after the drs appointment to pick up some things for the grands.  Whitney Pendell who blogs at Come Home for Comfort, noted that even the Dollar Spot at the front of the store had some cute toys for $3.  I did put a dent in my shopping and now I need to place my Amazon order to complete the list for all the grands.  Amazon is also having some good sales pre black Friday.

4. I did put up a few Christmas things yesterday and I was waiting for Marvin to make a comment about it but I was sneaky and they are discreet so I think I got away with it.  I will depend on him to help with the bigger items.

5. I am re reading some old cozy mysteries with a holiday theme. We Wish You a Merry Murder by Valerie Wolzien. Featuring Susan Henshaw, upscale suburban housewife and quasi sleuth.  I always enjoy reading about the upper crust in Connecticut.  Even though I know who the murderer is, I still enjoy the story. Here is one all my South of the Mason Dixon line readers will enjoy, Hark the Herald Angel Screamed by Mignon Ballard. And yes the lady in the choir procession really screamed.LOL  I will probably read Red Bird Christmas by Fannie Flagg as well. If you have never read that short book, I recommend it. I do think it is my favorite of Fannie Flagg's writings. It will put you in the Christmas spirit.

6. Does anyone else have Christmas china/ironstone that they use during the holidays? I have a set of Ironstone that my inlaws gifted to us over the years and it will be washed and readied for the holiday season this week.  I also picked up four more of the acrylic glasses with Christmas trees at Target yesterday.  Target really has some pretty Christmas things this year. I was also on the search for the plates with the truck and the Christmas tree that I had seen on Mrs Erica's you tube channel. She had purchased four to use as salad plates. I could only find one at my local Target.  I wanted to have some on hand for sandwiches etc. They were a bargain at $1.99.

7. One of my floss tube friends says that Instagram is an enabler for stitchers. You see something someone is working on and you want that pattern too! I think the blog world is similar. When I see posts about Target finds etc, it makes me want to go hunting for the same thing! But today I am off to my needlework shop to get some material for new projects. Let's see how strong my resolve is there today. I am sure I will come home with more than two pieces of fabric and floss!!

Have a good day y'all!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nana's Darlins.

Here are some of the photos from Saturday at Amelia's home. I always start out with the best intentions to get lots of pictures and after I get some of the grands, I put the camera down and that is that.

I did get this one of Todd and Amelia in the kitchen.  Todd just remodeled the kitchen, doing all the work himself. The glass back splash really makes this room.

Elliott talks about Audrey all the time. He will walk around the house, looking for her pictures but when they met in person on Saturday, both were being shy.

Landon, Husdon, Kendall, Margaret and Elliott are ready to eat!!

Hampton  and Baylor are in this picture...both are a bit camera shy.

Elliott is warming up to Audrey.

My two babies...

Audrey seems to like Margaret her a high five.

We all laughed at this one...Amelia titled it Thug Life. They do look rather GRIMM. We have always called Elliott "the Judge" because he can give you some really hard stares as if evaluating if he wishes to have anything to do with you!!

My adult children say I never take any pictures of them, just the kids.:) Oh well.

I am sitting in my cozy chair this morning, listening to Christmas carols on our local easy listening station. I happened upon it the other day. In the past they wait until the day after Thanksgiving to air Christmas carols.  I have to admit I am itching to put out some of my Christmas things.  We will not be having a big Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday so I may begin putting out my nativities etc.

I go back to my doctor today for a re check. I am feeling much better today...every day is an improvement in the soreness. And I must say the surgery has done just as promised and I feel like I have a pre baby bladder!! ( Sorry if that is TMI). If you are on the fence about having this type of surgery I will give you a thumbs up for it. Of course, you need to come to Alabama and have my wonderful doctor do it for you!!

Since I have some good energy this morning, I am going to do a few chores! Laying around the house had its advantages but I love being active and with Christmas coming, I have lots to do!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today is our family Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am thankful that Amelia is opening her home to our family. She and Todd have a lovely home and some nice acreage for the kiddos to run wild on today. You can be sure I am charging up my camera battery for some pictures to share next week.

Marvin and I had a busy day yesterday. We started off at the Christmas Bazaar. I am just going to say that I was a bit disappointed in the Bazaar this year. There were lots of baked goods and casseroles, which were going like hot cakes but low on the crafts this year. I had gone in search of a Stackable nativity that had been posted on their  web page and when I got there at 9:20 they were all GONE! But thankfully my sweet long time friend, Susan Bedsole, called me up to say that the young lady who made them was taking orders for more. Put my name on that list!!  Marvin asked me if I really needed any more nativities. Silly man!! ( And ladies that is why you do not take men shopping with you!!)

After our stop at the church, we went to Lowes where the Christmas trees were on sale. I am giving my old prelit tree to Ben and Katy. I decided I wanted one that offers both white lights and colored can change at a whim.  Now that is TECHNOLOGY! Marvin loaded it up for me and it is in the garage waiting to be assembled later in the week.

On to Publix for grocery shopping and fighting over who is going to push the buggy! I can see that retirement is going to be an adjustment if Marvin wants to go to the grocery store with me.

We made it home, unloaded the car and had a bite to eat before going to Kayleigh's funeral. It was a real tribute to that little lady and her family.

Back home and I decided I just might have done too much so I laid down for a nap. Well it was then everyone I know started texting me. So I gave up on that and did some quiet stitching.

Dinner was at Alphonso's pizza with our dear friends, the Gosnells.  We always have a good time with them, laughing and talking.

And finally late last night, we got RAIN! It was not much but we are so grateful for it! I have to share a story that my cousin told on Facebook. He works at a local restaurant in Chatsworth and the fire fighters have been coming in to eat. He said that he has yet to see a fire fighter pay for his/her meal. The local community is so grateful to them they are glad to pay their bill. Now people, that almost made me tear up.  People are still grateful and appreciative of those who put their lives on the line to stop these forest fires.

On a sad note, my Aunt Edith passed away yesterday. But on a happy note, she was a believer, in her 90s and in poor health so we rejoice in knowing she has a new body today!  One of the sweetest memories I have of Aunt Edith took place on the day my Granddad Henderson was killed in an automobile accident. Aunt Edith and Aunt Jannelle came over to stay with me and my sisters while my parents went to attend to all the business that a sudden death causes in a  family.  I remember many hugs and assurances that everything would be alright and my teen age self took great comfort in that.

So hold your family a little closer today, enjoy each other, let bygones be bygones and remember that God put you in your own family for a reason!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Alabama Firecrackers

Daughter, Amelia, is hosting our family Thanksgiving tomorrow at her lovely home on Indian Hills Road.  She asked me to make the Dressing  as well as the Dilled Oyster Crackers that are her favorite appetizer. In addition to the Dilled Crackers I thought I would try a new recipe.

Alabama Firecrackers call for Saltine Crackers but I decided to swap out with Oyster Crackers and see how it went.  They are yummy but have a cumulative HOTNESS that requires them to be eaten with a big glass of Iced Sweet Tea or a CoCola.

Here is the recipe if you want to try something new for your appetizer table on Thursday.

Alabama Firecrackers

2 bags of oyster crackers.( I find the cheap store brand soaks up the flavor better than the Nabisco brand.) If you choose to use 16 oz box.
1 1/2 cups canola oil
2 T crushed Red Peppers
1 pkg Ranch dressing mix
1 T chili powder

Place crackers in two gallon ziplock bags. Pour half of the oil mixture in each bag. Seal and flip the bag every five minutes for about thirty minutes. Or if you are like me, when you think about it.

Remove from bag to large cookie sheet and allow to air dry. Store in Air Tight Container.

I think you could decrease the amount of oil....Next time I will do 1 1/4 cup.  I also put my crackers in a 250 degree oven and stirred them every 15 minutes for an hour instead of air drying.  Can you tell I am not a patient person?

One thing I like about this appetizer is that you cannot eat a lot of them at one time. Unless you have an asbestos mouth that is. I have never been a big fan of really hot things and some of you might not even find these very hot as hotness goes but for me they are the perfect hot/flavor ratio.

I am off to the Christmas Market at Central Methodist Church today. I look forward to seeing what all the lovely ladies have crafted this year. Marvin is my chauffeur today as he has taken the day off to help me prepare for company this weekend. We will also be attending Kayleigh's funeral this afternoon.  So a busy day here at Nanaland. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Purple for Kayleigh

 Our friends, Bill and Beth, will say good bye to their precious 7 year old granddaughter Kayleigh, tomorrow.   Kayleigh's church, Central Baptist, lit up the cross and the fountain in purple for her visitation today and her funeral tomorrow.

If you are wondering why a church has this big fountain, the building used to house a large insurance company before the building was a church.  It made me smile to see this on Facebook last night. Many businesses in the area have displayed purple ribbons for Kayleigh during her cancer fight. It has really been a community effort to pray for and encourage Kayleigh and her family.

For those of you who have read Caroow's posts about their cancer journey, you will be happy to hear that Carrow wants to continue to write at that site, helping others who are in similar situations.  Carrow is a lovely lady and her faith has been amazing to read about at Prayers for Kayleigh.

Here at Nanaland, I find I feel better each day.  I actually slept in my bed for the first time last night and it was so wonderful.  I received two lovely packages in the mail yesterday. Lanier sent me a copy of the Magnolia magazine put out by Chip and Joanna Gaines and in addition to that she is sending me a Matilda Jane outfit to wear while I am in recovery mode. Their clothes are so comfy that you feel you are wearing pjs.  And my sweet blog friend and secret sister, Sandy, sent me a beautiful set of monogrammed napkins. You can find Sandy's blog on my blog roll. ....I Majored in Home Economics.  And while she taught math and science for many years, she has lost none of her skills in the home making arena.  I told her they were the perfect color of green as they will match my Desert Rose everyday china.   Both these ladies are such a blessing!

I am going to Friend Day. Susan is driving me to lunch today. We are celebrating Susan's birthday at BB Perrins here in Decatur. Benny Perrin is an old BAMA football player who now serves us some mean BBQ as well as tasty chicken fingers.  Marvin told me to bring him a cup of their gumbo for dinner this evening.

Have a blessed day friends.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I am Thankful For....


These people are the family that you choose for yourself.

Here is a picture of my hutch with all the cards. It overwhelms me every time I look at it and I admit to taking random cards and reading them over again.

My friend, Donna, made this nativity for me. Last year I wanted to purchase one at their church bazaar and another lady got the last one. So this year Donna called me up to give me first pick!!  Donna and husband, Mike,  have a house at the beach in Jacksonville, FL. She and her husband enjoy picking up pieces of wood that wash up on shore. They use them to make various crafts. Donna molds the people in the manger scene from clay! Didn't she do a great job? Even the little lamb is so sweet.  And the church bazaar is this Friday! Marvin is taking the day off so he will drive Miss Arlene to the bazaar and to the store.:) I have been calling him Hoke. ( If you like the movie Driving Miss Daisy, you will get my drift.) Well He is my best friend...just like Miss Daisy assured Hoke.

There is a 70% chance for rain in north Georgia on Saturday according to one of my Facebook Friends. Lets all pray for that rain to come and help with those fires.  The Rough Ridge Fire is the one that is near my hometown. It has burned 20,000 acres and is still just minimally contained. This is in the Cohutta Wilderness and thankfully no homes have been threatened at this point. As far as I know there have been no deaths or injuries among the fire fighters.

 Our little friend , Kayleigh met her Savior  yesterday after a six month struggle with DIPG brain tumor.  Her funeral will be Friday afternoon. Please pray for this family as they grieve their loss but celebrate Kayleigh's healing in heaven.  Kayleigh's story has reached many people and I am sure her funeral will be standing room only.

I am taking it easy again today. I am feeling much better but I am not going to let that make me go crazy doing all the things I think I can do. Slow and Easy wins the race.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving Vignette

I put together this Thanksgiving Vignette on my breakfast bar before I had surgery.  And I am glad I did as it is my cheery spot in the kitchen, dining room.

I moved my MOPs pumpkins in here for the rest of the season of thanks.

Prairie Schooler sampler.

My tea cart got some thanksgiving touches as well. The little cloth pumpkins were made at MOPs last year. And see the little silver hedgehog? Susan found three of them at Big Lots in the Christmas decor aisle and she brought one to me and one to Deborah so all of us besties have a little hedgehog.  The sampler on the tea cart is an old one, I believe it is from a Leisure Arts book. Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good. One of my favorite Bible verses!

And I want to take a moment to thank all of you for the love and concern showered on me as I recover from my "maintainance" surgery. :) My kitchen hutch is FULL of cards from friends here in Decatur and out in Blogdom.  The Blogging community is such an encouragement to its members. So thanks for your sweet comments, your cards and your prayers.

Monday, November 14, 2016

This and That

Sorry to be late posting this morning but some sweet friends came to have coffee with me since I am still on driving restrictions.

I had mentioned the fires in North Georgia. Here are some of Kristi's pictures of the smoke in our valley.

The sun looks muted through the smoky haze.

The air quality is causing many to have respiratory issues. I have also heard that those who have migraine headaches are suffering as well.  If you would join with the people of North Georgia in praying at nine am and nine pm. We pray for rain as well as the safety of the men who are fighting these fires.  Special prayer services are popping up in the community  as well. Many are taking supplies to the fire fighters.  Wet wipes, hard candies, granola bars and chap stick were the top needs. While this is devastating to my home town, the people are pulling together in prayer and in action.

From something sad to something fun...

Audrey went to see Santa Claus. And she did not cry!  I am seeing more of her daddy in this picture.  Every now and then we see a few Tankersley/ Grimm genes pop up!  Charles, Nancy and Audrey will be coming this weekend for an early Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see this little bug.

Well I am going to just sit on the sofa and stitch for a while. Its a hard job but I am up to it!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Best Medicine

Katy sent me this picture yesterday! Elliott found an old pair of Margaret's glasses and decided that they were just the right fashion accessory.   It did make me laugh which is the best medicine for recovery.

Please continue to pray for Rain. My sister sent me some pictures of the farm and the smoke from the fires that are nearby is alarming. Brave firefighters need supernatural help.  My own sweet daddy was a US Forest Service employee and he fought many a forest fire in his day. I can remember listening to his stories fighting those big fires. It is a very dangerous job and I am praying for the families of the men who are trying to stop this devastation.  I remember laying awake at night waiting to hear my Daddy's truck coming up the driveway. I was always glad when he made it home after being at a fire.

Marvin is driving me to the store today to get a few groceries. It will be good to get out of the house for a bit.  Have a good weekend Ladies.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Picture Stream

Another Stream of Consciousness with photos!  I am beginning to feel like the March Girls in Little Women when Marmee made them take a week off from doing anything just to teach them not to complain!!  While I can stitch and do quiet things, I am getting bored of relaxing. My friend, Deborah, gave me a new coloring book. Maybe I will enjoy it today.

1. Happy Veterans Day. Here is my young daddy, serving in Japan during the Korean Conflict. He was an Army Sea Horse. He was a member of the crew of the ships that took the troops from Japan to Korea. Stationed at Camp McGill he made life long friends with his Army buddies.

2. Target has their Christmas items on display. I picked up these glasses before my surgery.

I put the white paper towel in the glass so you can better see the design. I have a set of Christmas dishes that  needed some glasses. These are the perfect size for the grands to use and they are acrylic.

3. And speaking of are some of the projects I have been working on.

Charles had asked me to do this ornament for Audrey. I had done one for him and for Nancy so now Miss A has her special ornament as well. The little Gingerbread house is from Country Cottage Needleworks. I thought it turned out well and I finished it myself so I can display it with my Cracker Barrel Gingerbread house that comes out every December.

4.  Here is the stitching I am working on while recuperating from surgery.  I have not stitched on Aida fabric in quite a while, preferring linen or even weave but I love the pretty spring colors on this stitch, Daffodils by Prairie Schooler.

5. And a little house update...the floors are in!  Painting will be done next and our contractor tells us it should be completed in three weeks! Merry Christmas to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings this morning. And they are ramblings as my mind is still rather wonky from all the meds! Day by Day I am needing less pain management and I am so thankful for that!  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Am Back

Snuggled in my cozy chair with my Matilda Jane blanket, my phone and my laptop. I am sore but I can already see improvement in my physical well being from having this surgery done. I have a wonderful doctor, Mitch Schuster. He has been my GYN doctor for 15 years and I have come to rely on his judgment in all situations. He diagnosed me with hypothyroidism several years ago. He is a kind and caring doctor. On the bonus side, he is a Believer. we attend the same church and  I like knowing he has prayed for his time in the OR before he enters that particular sacred spot. Several years ago he contracted encephalitis and almost died. We all prayed God would spare Dr Schuster and we praised God for his recovery.   My surgery was at 7 am and I was in the recovery room until 11:30 because there were no available rooms. Finally situated in my room, Marvin and I chose to leave the tv off as we could not bear to listen to more election news. Frankly, this election has been one that has bothered me more than any in the past.  Marvin left for home at seven and I read my book and dozed on and off. About two am central time, I heard a cheer at the nurses station. My first thought was that Hillary had won as predicted. But when the nurse came in to take my vitals she told me that Trump had won. While I was not a big Trump fan, I voted for his policies and I really liked Mike Pence.  My husband works in National Defense and if he had done the things Ms Clinton had done in the email area, he would be sitting in jail right now.  He cannot even take his cell phone into his office every day because the defense industry takes security VERY seriously.  In fact if he goes to lunch with his buddies, they cannot even discuss their work as we know there are spies here in our area, on the alert to get whatever info they can pick up.  So I take our national security very seriously.

I think this election showed us clearly how the media tries to control our country. I have to admit to turning on CNN yesterday just to watch them squirm a bit.:) I am glad I live in a country where I can cast my vote and have my say.  The people have spoken and I think we do want a change here in America. I hope part of that change will be a turn back toward God.  I do think Our Hope is Bulit on Nothing Less than Jesus Blood and Righteousness. My hope is not in the government or the elected officials but on God Alone.  So that is my take on the election and I waited until it was over to speak my piece.  So let's move Forward and pray for God's Blessing on our country.

And forgive me if some of your comments were not added to my blog the other day.  I was on drugs and I looked at them all but I think I neglected to publish some of them. But thanks to each of you who prayed for me. I appreciate each and every one of you sweet ladies.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Birthday Boys

We had a fun time celebrating Hudson and Landon on Saturday.  We missed Katy but she was celebrating her birthday with her sisters.  Here are some photos from the day.



Landon had red velvet cake and Hudson chose chocolate.

Two Toothless Cousins.

The Girlies...they are besties despite their age difference.

Elliott was not amused...

Baylor and Daddy

Todd and Hampton.

Amelia and Kendall.

And Roll Tide as Bama kept up their winning record.

I will be away from the blog for a little while. I am going to have some surgery tomorrow and as all my readers are ladies I will tell you that I am having my bladder tacked up. After three children and losing some weight it had wandered into places it should not be! So my terrific GYN doctor, will be addressing that for me tomorrow morning at seven am. I would appreciate prayers as I do get very anxious over medical procedures.  I should be home Wednesday morning if all goes well. My doc actually teaches this procedure at the UAB med school so I am in good hands. I will feel better knowing all my friends are praying for me.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Little House and Little Girl

My sister, Kristi, sent me some pictures of progress this week along with some photos she took last weekend.

Siding is on all the way around. And though this picture does not show it, the railing and steps are in!( No more climbing the ladder and hoping for the best!!) I hate ladders. Some of my worst nightmares include the climbing of high ladders.

The side view!! The leaves are so pretty.

While we wish those were rain clouds in the distance, it is smoke from a forest fire. We need rain so badly!  When I was a little girl, older people would say that if we needed rain, we were not paying our preachers enough! Raise his pay and get some rain.:)

Now some from last weekend...

Father and son committee meeting...

Charles is washing down the beam we hope to use for our fireplace.  The ends will be cut off to fit. We are not sure how old this piece of wood is but it  was in an old house in the area and my Daddy reclaimed it.

I love this picture of me and my Audrey.

That face....oh my. I could cover it with kisses.

Today I get to see all my other grands as they are coming here for Landon and Hudson's birthday. We were going to Amelia's house but they are having some work done in the kitchen and it was easier to move the party here.  Maybe Todd will take us for hayrides at Thanksgiving!!