Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year

After a week at Grimmwood, where there is no internet, it is good to be back on the grid!!  We had a lovely Christmas. It was just me and Marvin but we were busy all day. Church in the morning, then we took in a Christmas buffet at Doubletree by the River. It was a delicious lunch and no tempting left overs. After lunch we took off to see the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One.  Even though we were off the grid, we did hear of Carrie Fisher's death as well as her mother, Debbie Reynolds.  Carrie Fisher will always be Princess Leia to me.  Rogue One was a different sort of Star Wars film but one that made you think. Doing the right thing can be costly.

Monday morning we headed off to our little house. We were loaded down with all the things we had forgotten to take along last week. But we had all week to "fluff" our house so I do have pictures.

Our coffee bar....and all my samplers in the background.

Blessed certainly describes our feelings about Grimmwood.

We do have some lovely mountains around our property.

Our living room. Unfortunately the tv stand we purchased at the local antique store, did not work with our tv. So we were off to Walmart to get a replacement. We had to put it together but we managed to get it done with a minimum of fussing.:)

Holds our coffee filled Yeti cups perfectly.

It was very foggy one morning.

Marvin relaxing on the love seat.

Bathroom pictures and the nice mirror I found at Kirklands. I am still looking for a shower curtain.

Twin bed in the guest room.

Smokey Bear book in memory of my daddy.

Our bed with custom headboard.

My bedside table with a nice gift from my dear friend, Linda. She also brought me a pretty throw for my blanket basket.

Marvin's brother, William, and his wife, Barbara, came to visit us. Barbara brought me several Longaberger baskets she no longer wanted. ( thank you thank you thank you). She was a dealer back in the 90s.

Trying out the swing....

Nephew, Douglas, took this pretty picture from the porch at sunset.

I am so glad to be back to blogging and visiting with all my friends. It will take me a day or two to catch up with everyone but I will be reading all weekend.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Brunch

Happy Christmas Eve! We enjoyed a nice brunch with Amelia and her family.

The hit of the brunch.

Me and my girlies.

The grands.

A gift for the little house!!


Roll Tide!

Kendall's new Kavu.

Yetis for Todd and Amelia...

I will be taking a blogging break this week. I plan to be back next Saturday! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2016


When we were young, it seemed as if retirement was eons away. But it arrived at our house yesterday.
Marvin had his last day at work. At the end of the day, he had to turn in all his badges etc and was escorted from the property.( I told you we take security seriously here in NoAla.)

We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner to celebrate.

He wore this t shirt to work...What part of ( some equation that I have no idea what it is..maybe Sandy would know!) Don't You Understand? Science guys can be quite humorous. Another guy who was retiring on Wednesday wore a t shirt that proclaimed, Never Underestimate the Power of An Old Man with a Physics Degree!

When I asked my sweet husband how he felt about retirement, he replied, "Excited and Scared at the same time."  That about sums it up for me as well. We hope we have made all the right decisions and that we will enjoy this season of life. However, we are wading into the waters instead of jumping right in. Marvin will work part time for another contractor but on the same project he has been working on for years now.    For now we will enjoy our two weeks off!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Miss Buncle's Book

I am posting this evening as I am off bright and early in the am to play Nana at Amelia's house. She has an early morning doctor's appointment with her podiatrist.  I am thinking all the kids will be sleeping in so I am taking a book and some cross stitch.

I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble, titled Miss Buncle's Book. I admit, someone had left it sitting out on a shelf, and the picture drew me in!  This is a reissue of a book that was written in the 1930s by D E Stevenson. Dorothy Stevenson is a descendent of Robert Louis Stevenson and was a prolific author from the 1930s to the 1970s. Now I want to read some of Ms Stevenson's other works.

Miss Buncle's Book takes place in a small English village. ( This is all you have to say to me to make me want to read a book.)  Miss Buncle has lived quite comfortably on monies from her investments but as the economic woes of the 1930s grip England, her  investments have dried up. Following the advice of all English teachers, "Write what you know.", Miss Buncle pens a book titled Disturber of the Peace.  Written under the pen name, John Smith, Miss Buncle hopes to remain anonymous. However, while most of Great Britain loves the book, the locals are up in arms as they recognize themselves in the book. Very upset, the villagers determine to find out what upstart wrote this atrocious book.

I think this was the perfect book to read during this busy Christmas season. I looked forward to curling up with the residents of Silverstream each evening. An easy and amusing read, I want to read the sequel to this book that chronicles Ms Buncle's life as she makes great strides in finding happiness and fulfillment.

I seldom give a book five stars but this one is a solid 4 in my opinion. Give it a try.

Grimmwood Visitors

One of the best times of the weekend was sharing the little house with our children. Each of the kids received a key to Grimmwood as part of their Christmas gift. Ben is not in the pictures below as he came later in the afternoon while I kept an eye on Baylor for him.  We hope they will use this little house to keep in touch with their north Georgia roots.

The porch swing was a big hit. Margaret said that the house was boring as I had no snacks and we do not have a tv yet.

Hudson and Landon.

These two are still best friends. ( And they could be twins with their matching colors.)

Audrey had to watch from inside.

One day I will be a big kid too!

Hampton came to visit too.

Nancy, Todd and Marvin working on a coffee pot malfunction.

Amelia is recovering from bunion surgery so she was looking for a comfortable chair.

Audrey likes the rocking chair too.

Audrey and Aunt Mimi....the babies could not say Aunt Amelia so she got a nick name that lasts to this day.

Just swinging.

Audrey's Christmas outfit is on point!! Love those boots.

I did get one curtain up!  Thanks to my blog friend, Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics, for telling me about Piper Classics. I got some great Cyber Monday deals on curtains for the living room and kitchen.

I hope I will have more photos to show you when we return from our next visit. I hope to get things sorted out and in place with several days to work on decorating.

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends...hope everyone is ready for Christmas because it will be here soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

C is for Chatsworth, Christmas and Cows

One of the things my grands look forward to most in Chatsworth is seeing the cows. Uncle Bruce calls them all up to the barn and some of the cows will let the children pet them.  Baylor LOVES the cows and always has since he was a tiny boy.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Baylor, taken by my sister, Kristi.

Aunt Mimi was helping him get up on the gate to see the cows.  Love the smiles on both these faces.

Hampton was too cool to climb on the fence like these sillies.

 Country Girls at heart.


The whole crew.

Looks like Landon is working on those front teeth...maybe not in time for Christmas!

Kristi got a few pictures of Grandpa and me with a few of the grands.

Me and my girlies.

Grandpa gets some loving too.  The boys are not much for posing and poor Elliott was home with Katy as he had 101 degree fever.  We sure did miss them.

My pretty niece, Laura, with Audrey.

We had a good time visiting and we were sad we did not get a family picture this year but it would not be a family picture without Katy and Elliott.

I hope to get a picture of me and Marvin at the little house next week that we can send out as a New Year's card. I might even type up a Christmas letter!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Tale of Two Books

I am giving you a break from Little House and Christmas pictures today to tell you a story of two books and two blog giveaways.

My sweet blog friend, Mari, had a giveaway on her blog not long ago and I won this beautiful book. I thought I would put it in my Nana Book Box and share it with my grands but God had other plans for this little book. I mentioned that I had a party for some ladies who are getting back on their feet after making poor decisions.  Well one of these young ladies is doing so well that she will be allowed to take custody of her two year old son. She mentioned to me that she wanted to be a better mother and to teach her little one about Jesus.  I felt God nudge me to give her the book I had just won and I have learned not to argue with God. :) I told her I had won this book in a give away and I wanted her to have it as it tells the story of Jesus' birth in such a sweet and childlike manner.  This young mom was so happy to take the book home with her to share with her son.  I contacted Mari to tell her what I had done and she was as happy as I was at this turn of events. We just never know how we can be used of God unless we put our trust in Him and obey His direction.

Just the other day I looked at my email and I had an email from Rhoda of Southern Hospitality fame! I was so excited. She was emailing to tell me I had won the book, All the Pretty Things, from her recent giveaway.  Apparently one of the original winners did not get back in touch with Rhoda so I was second runner up. This just makes me think that I am supposed to read this book which is written by Edie Wadsworth..   You may remember Rhoda's post about Edie. Several Christmases ago her newly built house burned to the ground and only a few things were recovered.  I look forward to reading her book about All the pretty things that we get focused on and sometimes we forget the most important things are NOT things. I am guilty of this...I had to give myself a talking to about my little house. That it does not have to be decorated right away, it can evolve but I struggle with wanting it all done NOW.  I will do a book review on this book and when I am finished with it, I may pass it on in a giveaway.

These two stories remind me of  the far reaching effects of the blogging world. Reaching out over the internet we never know whose lives we may influence. I am so thankful for all my blog friends and how you encourage me each day with your comments, love and prayers.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Little House in the Sorta Big Woods

We had a great weekend. Our trip to Georgia went so smoothly. I think we had some prayer support! If you said a prayer for us, thank you very much. We headed out at 8 am, Marvin in the Uhaul and I in my Minivan! We arrived in Chatsworth at 12:30 to find our contractor finishing work on the driveway. We had more gravel put down on the road to repair all the damage done by big trucks in and out.  We did some errands in town and when we returned we were given the all clear to bring the moving truck over.

Here is a picture of the little house, taken from my Mother's side yard.

Marvin had to get a picture of me playing Granny from the Beverley Hillbillies. 

Our contractor, Mont. He did a great job and we are so pleased with the final product. He was leaving our house to go get in a deer stand to do some hunting.

Here is our fireplace with the reclaimed wood from the barn. The old beam came from an old house in the neighborhood.

This was a big old beam!!

It's a Marvin sized mantle.

Our queen sized custom head board.  

Grimmwood at Foothills Farm. Thanks to my young friend, Lida, for the sign.

My kitchen...or at least part of it.

We will be swinging this spring and summer.

Our first visitor, my mother. 

So that is the first post in the Little House update. I have some more to share that I will save for other days. Marvin and I both feel very blessed to have this little piece of paradise to enjoy. Thanks for all you kind words and warm wishes as you have gone on this journey with us!