Friday, January 6, 2017

A Special Gift

My sister, Leta, gave me a new cross for my cross wall.

It depicts the life of Christ from Birth to the Empty Tomb.  It was one of my favorite gifts!

I was glad to add it to my cross wall in the kitchen hallway.  So many of these crosses were gifts and I remember each person who gave me a cross.

No snow yet but the kids are happy as school was cancelled for today. I think the Snowpocolypse in this area several years ago has made the administrators leary of having to get children home on buses in a snow event. Better safe than sorry is how I feel about it. I have some chores to do here at home and I picked up the material for my Smoky Mountain Christmas cross stitch. I will share it with you tomorrow. It is a beautiful piece of material. And I have to admit that it cost more than I normally spend on my hobby so there is no turning back!!:)

Happy Snow Day Everyone.


Sandy said...

Can't wait to see the cross stitch piece. I have been working on my books of the Bible sampler. I still have a ways to go on it.
Stay snow, but still chilly.

Anonymous said...

Don't turn back, Arlene! Go Go Go!

What a beautiful cross! The very intricate design makes it look very old.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

What a beautiful cross. Your cross wall is so pretty and I bet you know where and who you got every cross from. Enjoy your weekend, Arlene!

Tina said...

Your new cross is beautiful and so is your wall! My Grandmother had many crosses on the wall outside of her kitchen too so you brought back good memories of her! Enjoy your winter weather, it is only 6 degrees in my neck of the woods today! Have a great weekend!

doodles n daydreams said...

That cross is beautiful Arlene. Your cross wall is very impressive as well :)
I hope you are well stocked up and everyone is keeping warm. Better safe than sorry is a good motto.