Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Yes snow is in the forecast for, don't walk, to the store now and get that milk and bread. It happens every time a Southerner hears they might be snowed in for one or two days.  Of course we need the milk to make snow cream and bread...well sandwiches are an easy fix if the power goes out. I am sure all of you who live north of the Mason Dixon line are LOLing right now.  But here in the south, snow is a novelty and we all enjoy a good snow day.  Because we have NO snow removal, the place pretty much shuts down until the warmer temps melt the snow.  And yes, we hear the comments that Southeners do not know how to drive on the snow.  When we are watching a snow event up north on the tv news, I always tell Marvin, "Look, those touristy southerners are off the road because they do not know how to drive on snow."  And for everyone's sake, it is better to stay home if you do not have to be out.  When I was a nurse, if we could not get to the hospital, they would send an ambulance for us to ride in on. The few times it happened to me, Marvin was able to get me there. Must be those Minnesota genes he has thanks to his daddy.

While Snow is not my favorite weather event, I do like to decorate with cute snow men.

I changed up the decor on the breakfast bar.

Prairie Schooler sampler...

I believe I got this snowman at Target years ago.

A gift from a sweet work friend when I was a preschool teacher. It holds a tea light and looks so homey in the late afternoon.

I also have a winter vignette in the guest bathroom. I will show it tomorrow.   I have lots of candles around the house too. They just seem to make these winter days much more cozy!

And last but not least, I enjoyed reading all your "soap" comments.  It appears that many of us had a love for Dark Shadows!! Those were the days.


Sandy said...

That sampler is adorable. I am not a fan of snow...I know the kids are excited at the thought. In fact the thought of being a teacher today and tomorrow makes me kind of shudder. It is very hard to do anything but think of snow, so teachers have to tie any thought of learning to snow!

Anonymous said...

I do love your winter sampler and the snowmen. Candles make a home warm and cozy don't they? Hoping we don't get sleet/ice for sure!

Cranberry Morning said...

Your needlework is beautiful, as always. I like snowmen, but snow itself is not my favorite thing since we have to live with it about half the year. Cuddl Duds are part of my winter uniform, so to speak. And about snow days, I remember even when we lived in southern Pennsylvania, the staple items would disappear from grocery stores as soon as an impending snowstorm was forecast. Then everything shut down until it all melted again. :-)

Aritha said...

Oh, I hope you make snow pictures, Arlene!
I love your beautiful snowmen. When I was a teenager I knitted a cool snowman (used beautiful white wool with glitter in it) Thank you so much for your comments on "Frozen Moments".

Anonymous said...

Arlene, we are due for snow too. The first report said 4-7 inches but now it looks like 1 inch or less. I hope it clears up by Monday morning. I'm going to visit the grandchildren for the week.

Love your snowmen!

Terri D said...

Well, I was born and raised and learned to drive in Ohio, so I have lots of experience driving in the snow and ice. BUT, I've been in Florida for 28 years and shudder to think of trying to drive in that nasty stuff ever again! I do enjoy your snowmen decorations, though! That's the best way to enjoy "snow"!!

Linda said...

I'm always amazed at your beautiful needleworks!! I love snow but Texas doesn't get much an dwe don't know what to do with it when we DO get it!!

Carol said...

Love this sampler so much! I stitched just the top portion for an ornament in 2015... need to do the entire thing one of these days :)