Monday, January 23, 2017

The Stream

Come for a dip in my stream of consciousness this morning.   Be careful, the water is shallow!

1. I finished reading the book, Kick, about Kathleen Kennedy.  It was very interesting. I had forgotten that she died in a plane crash while going off for a weekend with her married lover.  The pilot warned the couple that there was a storm in the area where they were going and asked them to wait but they would not wait.  It seems to me that many of the deaths of young Kennedys were due to poor choices. JFK jr tried to pilot beyond his learning, the young Kennedy who perished on the ski slope playing around after he had been warned by the ski patrol just to name a few.  A cautionary tale for others I suppose.

2. We had a good time in Hoover with the Grimmlins.  They are growing up so fast. Time slow down! Grandpa got brownie points for going outside with Elliott to play "trucks", A lot of dirt was involved by the look of Elliotts clothes and hands.  Margaret and I played with some of her craft things. Baylor enjoyed swinging outside and playing GO. Go involves lots of tickling!!

3. I kitted up three new cross stitch projects on Friday afternoon. I am really enjoying my stitching and as I have said before, it keeps me sane and keeps me from slapping

4. I am off to coffee with my friend, Maggie, this morning. We worked together at the Weekday School for many years. Working in a preschool is rather like being in the army, it bonds you for life.

5.This will be a busy week for us. Lee and Lanier arrive on Thursday evening then we will motor to Grimmwood for the weekend. In the old days of my little hometown newspaper, we might have been written up as weekend visitors in the ladies section. I rather miss those days of gentle gossip in the newspaper. Our Decatur paper has a column called Chatterbox in the Sunday paper and it relates some of that type of news here in the River City.  This weeks Chatterbox featured the preparations for Mardi Gras. Several Crewes are meeting to make plans for the celebration.

As I said the stream is shallow this morning. Have a blessed day dear blog friends.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love this idea of sharing! And I'm so influenced by my blog YOU! I DID go to Dollar tree and buy a few Valentine pretties and did some decorating with one of my dollies. It's so cute! Thanks for sharing my friend. Enjoy your coffee! Hugs!

Terri D said...

Well, it might have been shallow, but I sure enjoyed wading around in it! So glad you had such a good time with the grands and have even more fun coming up with another weekend at Grimmwood. Awesome! Arlene, I remember when articles like that were in the newspaper too. Graduation announcements, wedding announcements, birth announcements, visitors from out-of-town, etc. Now we have social media I guess. Not quite the same as seeing your name in the newspaper though! Good memories!

Sandy said...

The Hoover grands are adorable. I know the parents enjoyed a moment to themselves. I remember those little light gossip columns. In ours, the wedding entries listed all of the out of town guests. Once my daughter was looking at that and thought that was quite humorous.
These days with the news you might need to stitch to make sure you don't slap someone senseless!!! I truly was out and about on Saturday, so I missed all the action. Glad I did.

Linda said...

Arlene, my goodness, I just watched a video 5 minutes about about John F Kennedy Jr's death and plane crash...and here you are mentioning it in your post! Wow! And even if the water is shallow I enjoy being in and around water! Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your day!

Mari said...

I enjoyed your shallow water today! I didn't know that about Kick Kennedy - another plane crash. I think your thoughts on that are true.
Glad you had fun with those Grimmlins!
I like that old homey type newspaper too, none like that around here...

Linda said...

I still marvel at how FAST your do your needle works!!! I am sooooooooooo