Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More Finishes

I have three more finishes in my Stitching rotation.  I always enjoy putting the last stitch in a piece but I enjoy it even more when I can fully finish the piece and put it on display or put it away for a later date.

I finished March just in time!!  I only put out my big bunny and my lamb to adorn this piece of cross stitch.  I am not going to get out all my Easter Things until later in the month.

I also fully finished two Christmas pieces. One will be an ornament and the other will be displayed on an easel at Grimmwood.  Oh, the green ribbon around the Christmas lady from Stacy Nash Primitives is a ruched lace that I learned to make thanks to Vonna Pfieffer's tutorials on Floss Tube. I love the way it looks on this Christmas piece.

I put both of them on easels for the pictures.

And lastly, I had ordered a measuring square  from Blue Ribbon Designs on ETSY. I received my order in a timely manner and along with the order was a free cross stitch pattern, designed by the owner.

I call that real Customer Service. The measuring square allows you to measure the correct border on your cross stitch piece if you want to start at the top instead of the middle of the design.  I love the cute little case that holds it as well. Thanks Belinda!

Several things to do I better get started. Have a good day blog friends.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Elliott's Craft Day at Nanaland

Our little house guest is back in Birmingham. While he was here we did this craft project. Of course, Nana added his name but he did the painting in the background.

I saw this idea on Facebook last week and knew it was the perfect craft for a three year old. You can use a canvas, a piece of tagboard or in this case, I had a piece of wood in my craft stash.

Allow the child to choose three colors of acrylic paint. Elliott chose Green, Purple and Blue.  The adult places blobs of these three colors over the surface to be painted. Then you tear off a piece of Saran Wrap and lay it over the area.  The child then can smash and blur the paints as he wishes.  After the child has done all the mixing...take off the saran wrap and let it dry.  I have to say, I really liked the effect we got and when you lift off the wrap, you get a pretty swirled effect.

I know Elliott was glad to get back home to his family. While we were there, Katy told us that Baylor is really making progress in using his words. His teachers and therapists are very pleased with this burst of  speech.  Katy said one of his therapists was moved to tears when Katy related to her how Baylor had used several words to ask his mom for something. Small steps but we will take them.

We have a busy week ahead here in Nanaland. Missions Conference is coming up this weekend at our church and that is always something to look forward to! Cleaning is on my to do list this week. Spring Cleaning that is...I have a list and I hope to get some major cleaning and decluttering done.

Friday, February 24, 2017

String Art Finishes

Here are some of the finishes...we have a talented bunch of girls.  Be sure and scroll down and see the part one of this post.

We are heading to Birmingham  early in the morning. Our house will be a little quieter, cleaner and more organized!  We sure have enjoyed his sweet hugs, kisses and love of all things cars and trucks.

MOPs String Art

Our steering team has outdone themselves this year with all our great crafts.  We worked on String Art at this meeting. I had never done any string art before but it was fun.

My other Mentor Grandmother, Michie, was busy hammering in those nails.

The floor seemed to be the place for pounding nails.

Here I am carefully placing all my nails.

Angela's pretty heart.

The beginning of the unicorn that Jamey drew.

Lindsey was very ambitious with her art.

One of my favorites...

This sweet lady is an artist...can you tell???

Here is my finished project on my cross wall. I think I am a bit too OCD to really enjoy this I kept wanting to move my strings.  I will do another post of the finishes the ladies posted on FB. Be sure and look for them.

Flying Around the Neighborhood

Cousin Scott had his drone flying on Tuesday and he shared this picture with me.  You can see our pond in the  upper middle right of the picture The trees have hidden our house.  The sky is so beautiful...thank you God for creating so many things that we take for granted!

Off to MOPs today. We are doing a craft so hopefully I will have something to share with y'all tomorrow.  Grandpa has babysitting duty while I am gone. As Elliott will tell you, Grandpa is more fun than Nana. Grandpa lets Elliott play in the dirt for as long as he wants to do so. Of course, Nana gets to do the bath to clean up that scamp. Elliott is not a fan of baths..."I'm not dirty." he tells me.:)

Have a good day Bloggy Friends. If you are looking for some new You Tube VLOGS...check out Dixie Delights. I have read Amanda's blog for years so I was glad to see she posted some videos last week. Be sure and check out the tour of her mother's home in Savannah, all decorated for Christmas. I got several ideas for Christmas 2017 here at Nanaland.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lenten Thoughts

As Lent approaches I have been thinking of ways to make this time in the liturgical year most effective in my life. Not all Protestants embrace Lent but I have found that some discipline and self sacrifice has been meaningful for me in my Christian Walk.

I have decided to give up Bread for Lent this year. I am one of those people who truly could eat bread as my only food. I love it that much!! So it will take some real effort on my part to decline it for 40 days.  And while giving up one thing, I am going to also do something positive. I will write out a note or card each day and mail them to friends and family to encourage them.  One of my Catholic cousins told me that their priest asked them to not only give up something put to use the Lenten Season to make a difference in some way. The choice was up to them as to how to put this in practice.  My cousin and his wife made the decision to attend early Mass and pray for others each day of Lent.  Now they live in the Chicago area so getting up in the extreme cold and getting to church at 6 am every morning took a lot of self discipline as well.  I find it very interesting how God speaks to all His children in different ways. I do think all these things build our spiritual muscles. I don't know about you but I need this...i can get pretty flabby.

I saw this cute photo on FB...

I could also use some discipline in my craft room as well.  Right now on one of my cross stitch FB groups, some ladies are Stitching from Stash this year.  They can only purchase something when they have completed a project that has been in progress.  Because I do stick to a budget in my crafting, I do not tend to have a big stash of fabric or floss but those patterns call my name.

Off to have lunch with the Besties at Panera today.( Gotta get that bread while I can!!) Grandpa is babysitting Elliott. I hope those boys behave while I am gone!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Rolling Store

My cousin came across this old picture of her mama that was in our hometown newspaper many years ago.

My Aunt Joyce was trading eggs for groceries at The Rolling Store in 1952. When I was a little girl, I remember how excited I would get when The Rolling Store stopped at my grandparents house.  It was a big truck, the back enclosed and filled with all sorts of wonderful things.  Of course all I can remember is the candy!! Grandmother let me get a package of those miniature soda bottles filled with some kind of sweet liquid. You drank the liquid and they you could eat the bottle. Does anyone else remember this candy?  I do remember the man would lower down steps and you climbed up inside the truck. As a small child, it seemed quite the endeavor but it was worth it for a treat.

Someone commented on Facebook that The Rolling Store became the Red Food Stores once Rolling Stores were no longer necessary. The Rolling Store serviced country families that did not have the means to get to the grocery store on a regular basis and you could barter for your goods if you chose to do so. Cash was gladly accepted as well.  It is another way of country life that is now just a memory.

And on the home front.. Little Boys are noisy and messy. How did I forget that? Elliott had a good night's sleep and was up at the crack of dawn which is a good thing since we have to take Kendall and Landon to school this morning.  I am hoping the dreary wet weather leaves soon so we can go to the park and get rid of some energy. No not mine, my energy is already on the wane!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Night on the Town

No not a night on the town for the hubs and me but for Ben and Katy.

While we were in Chatsworth, Katy's mom came to babysit so the young Grimms could attend a charity event held at The Club in Birmingham. Ben's company gave him tickets to attend a benefit for the Glenwood School.  Glenwood is a school for special needs children.  This picture is a framer for sure.  If you have read any of the late  Anne George books about Birmingham( Murder on a Girl's Night Out, Murder on a Bad Hair Day etc), you will have heard of The Club.   I have no illusions to getting to attend an event there but so glad my children had the opportunity.

It is still hard for me to believe that Ben is out networking. This boy was one of the shyest children ever.Although he was shy, he was strong willed and I just about wore out a copy of James Dobson's book, The Strong Willed Child!!  I use Ben as an example at my MOPs group, that you will survive a strong willed child and that character trait stands them in good stead if channeled properly.  I am so proud of Ben and the man he has become.

Speaking of Strong Willed Children, I better see if I can find a copy of that book for this week. Ben's youngest son, Elliott, is coming to spend the week with us. Daddy is out of town on a business trip so Katy asked if I could take Elliott to make it a bit easier on her this week. As she put it in her text to me yesterday, Gird your Loins. My parents always used the phrase, " You are paying for your raising."  Well Ben is paying for his as he got a child that is very similar to him as a child.  Don't get me wrong, Elliott can be the sweetest of children as long as things are going his way! And it is easier to let them go his way, believe me. I did learn a lesson about picking my battles with his daddy so I will try to remember that this week as well.  Prayers appreciated!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Back Home

We sure did enjoy our five days at Grimmwood.  I appreciated the family time as Mother had not been feeling well. She is much better but now my Uncle Robert is in need of prayer. He is 90 years old, fell and broke his hip yesterday. He also has blood clots in his lungs so no surgery for his hip until he is more stable. I am praying God will be merciful to my sweet Uncle Robert. He is a believer and ready for heaven. He lost his wife of many years in November and it was very hard for him. Please lift him up in prayer today.  Again, I am so thankful for the many prayer warriors out there.

I believe this will be the last piece of furniture for the little  house.  I am using it for books and games. Sister , Leta, let me go through her boxes of books that she used in her class room before retirement. I was able to get some great books for the grands to read when they visit.  The rocking chair that Lee and Lanier gave us looks great by the credenza . The Cathedral Windows quilt was made by Mama G.  It is more of a lap quilt and perfect to hang over the chair to use on cold days.

I found this little table at Ross for $18. I needed something to hold a drink or a book without taking up too much room.

No internet means lots of stitching time at Grimmwood. This pattern is from Stacy Nash Primitives. It is a pattern for a pin keep( pin cushion) but I decided to make two Christmas ornaments.  Now to fully finish them. Marvin spent a lot of time, cleaning up around the house. Brush and limbs were piled up and burned. I have to say, the area around the house looks much better. We hope to get a landscaping plan soon so we can carry out more projects as we can afford them.

Charles and Nancy came up for the day....Nancy took these pictures.

This one melts my heart. All the grands loved laying on Grandpa's big strong shoulder.

Yesterday we cleaned up the house and left for Alabama.  I have to admit this country place has brought me so much happiness. I am glad Marvin had the vision for this property and carried it through.  I am counting the days until we return.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Valentines

Landon and Kendall stopped by after school to pick up their Valentines from Nana and Grandpa.  The other grands got cards with some money enclosed for candy or treats.

I am so glad these grands live near by!!

Amelia snapped this picture of Landon dancing with his "princess" at the Valentine Day Ball at school.  He could have dressed as a Prince or a King but chose not to do so. He had on a cute red shirt for the occasion.

Landon can remind me of his grandpa at times. Recently Landon had  a tube put in one ear to relieve the fluid that seems to gather there. While he was having a snack yesterday I asked if he could hear better now that his tube was in place. He looked right at me and said, "WHAT?"  Amelia and I both started laughing because his wit and timing were perfect.  I told  him that Grandpa would be proud of him. And Marvin got a big laugh when I relayed it to him. "Good for him!" was his exact response. Yes all I need is another male in the family to give me the business!!

I will be taking a little blog break. I love these long weekends that retirement has brought to our house.  See you Sunday!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!! I was so happy to receive some pretty cards this week.

This one is from my husband...

Isn't it pretty and it contained a very nice sentiment as well.

This pretty post card Valentine is being used as my bookmark.  I am reading a Miss Silver mystery by Patricia Wentworth. I recently found this old series at the library.  They are definitely cozy mysteries and I love to read them at the end of the day. Miss Silver is a former governess who turned private detective.

Off to do some errands today. Thank you all for the prayers for my mother. She is back home with orders to take her antibiotic and to DRINK DRINK DRINK! Water that is!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

100 Years

This weekend in my hometown, the city celebrated the 100th birthday of our beautiful courthouse which sits on the hill in the middle of town.

Thanks again to Cousin Scott Kuhn for sharing his pictures on Facebook.

Chairs set up in preparation for the commemoration.   Mountains in the background make for a pretty picture.

inside the courthouse there is this pretty print of the Chief Vann House and its owner, Chief Joseph Vann.  We are very proud of our Cherokee connections.

When I was growing up, the courthouse was the center of activity. Taxes were paid there, drivers licenses were issued along with marriage licenses. I got my drivers license and my marriage license there. 4 H competitions were also held at the Courthouse so most children in town were familiar with this big edifice. I also remember playing on the steps of the courthouse while my parents got their drivers licenses renewed or paid taxes. I think those things really give a child a sense of place and belonging to a community.  So Happy 100th Murray County Courthouse. You are looking good.

I want to share this portion of the weekend stitching. One of my bears is coming to life in Smoky Mountain Christmas.  One of the joys of needlework is seeing the picture come to life.  I can only work on this piece for a day or so because it is a challenging piece of counted cross stitch.

I am also asking for prayers for my mother this morning. She was admitted to the hospital with vertigo and a UTI yesterday. She was feeling a bit better when I spoke to her in the afternoon. I am so thankful for my sisters who live there and take care of Mother. Marvin and I had planned a trip this week so we will be heading that way on Wednesday.

Have a good day friends. Do not forget to get your Valentines ready for tomorrow!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Time Hop

One of my favorite features on Facebook is the Time Hop moments. Facebook randomly posts photos from the past that you can share on Facebook. Well look what showed up on my feed today.

Five years ago two year old Landon was having lunch at Nana's house.

Then last night, Tara posted this picture.

Eight year old Landon having fro yo with his Tara at ZenBeri.  It is a reminder to me of how quickly time passes.

And speaking of last night...that Snow Moon was just spectacular. Here is a picture my cousin, Scott, posted. He is a professional photographer and has all the fancy lens to take beautiful photographs of nature.

The moon coming up over the mountain in NoGa.   And here is another one.

What a wonderful world God has given us to enjoy. So often we forget that!!

Have a good weekend Friends.

Friday, February 10, 2017


I could not resist sharing my granddaughter, the Preschooler on  MOPS day.  This will be my last year as a GOP (Grandmother of Preschoolers) for our local MOPs group. Now that we have the little house in Georgia and we travel there a good deal, I felt it was time to give up my position to someone who could be at the meetings regularly.  After 7 years as a GOP, I feel that I am ready to hand the duties over to another lady who will  mentor  my girls.

Audrey will be two in May and she is such a cutie pie She loves her baby dolls and she is talking more these days. She has a deep little voice that is so precious. I get to see her next weekend and I cannot wait to get me some sugar as we say here in the south.

Off to MOPs ....our speaker is talking about love today. Very appropriate as Valentine's Day approaches!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Christmas Ornament number two

This year I have committed to stitching a Christmas ornament a month to use at Grimmwood come Christmas 2017.  Yesterday I finished number two.

 I found this cute gingham ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

 The back is a piece of cardboard wrapped with scrap book paper.  The song on the paper is the 12 Days of Christmas.

A pretty good start I am hoping I can keep it up.  I have my pattern for my March ornament. It is a primitive pattern. I want to keep things rather rustic at our country house.

Off for lunch with the besties today. We are trying our a new restaurant in Hartselle. Then we might just hit up some of the antique stores that line the streets of this small NoAla town. Also, I finished The Orphan's Tale and it was so good!! I will be looking for other books by Pam Jenoff.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Stream

It is a warm morning here in NoAla, so let's paddle along in the stream before starting our day.

1. I am reading a good book.

My friend, Susan, shared this one with me. I am about half way through it and I am finding it hard to put down.( Don't you love books like that?) Set during the second World War, it is the story of two women who become friends in strange circumstances.  Give it a try!

2. I am working along on my Smoky Mountain Christmas SAL...stitch a long. A group of us are in a Facebook group dedicated to stitching this piece of needlework.

I stitch on it every weekend. It takes a lot of concentration and two days is my limit on stitching before my eyes cross and my head aches.  It is fun seeing everyone's progress. So far no on has completed it.

3. One of the things I am looking forward to is a visit from my Georgia Baptist Besties at the end of March.  They will be coming to Grimmwood for a fun weekend. We were all great friends in Nursing School and let me tell you, that shared experience bonds you for life. I was looking for a little Welcome gift to have for them when they arrive and Prep Obsessed helped me make up my mind!

Isn't this the cutest Tervis Glass. It says Suck it up Buttercup!!  I am going to have a friend of mine add everyone's initials to the back of the glass.  I will fill it up with some candy and a cute straw!

4. The first weekend in March is Missions Conference at our church.

The flags of the nations are up! Missions conference is a big deal at First Bible Church of Decatur. I look forward to meeting new missionaries and reconnecting with ones I have known for years. Our speaker this year is a professor from Dallas Theological Seminary.

5.Today is early dismissal for Kendall and Landon. By the time I take them to school, come home and do a few chores it is time to pick them up!!  It seems to me that kids have many more Days off and early dismissal than I ever had. Of course I went to school when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

6. Many of you asked if I had seen the series, The Crown. We do not have net flicks so I have not been able to watch this series. Friend, Deborah, assures me it would be right up my alley.  I will be looking for it when it comes out on DVD.  I saw that William and Harry have commissioned a statue of their mom, Diana,   It is nice to know these boys are still thinking of their mother and want her to be recognized.   Being an anglophile, I have enjoyed the show about Henry VIII's six wives that aired after Victoria on our PBS station.  I have always found them fascinating and this show brought new insights. Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Lived!  And while we are talking about the English Royalty, I read that Philippa Gregory is doing a new book on Lady Jane Grey.  If you do not know who she is, her family tried to get her on the throne after the death of Henry VIII's only son, Edward. It did not end well for her. She ruled a few days and was beheaded.  The Tudor Court was not a very safe place to live in those times.

Well time to drink some coffee and get busy!! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I have always admired this wonderful lady and I was remiss in not sharing her Sapphire Anniversary yesterday. February 6th marked 65 years as monarch for Queen Elizabeth.  As a young woman she stepped into history on the death of her father.  She has served so faithfully all these years.  I hope her country will pull out all the stops for her as they celebrate this milestone.

And as I was walking yesterday, I had to take a picture of this...

Four houses in a row were flying their flags.  It was a bright spot on a dreary NoAla day.  And while I love Queen Elizabeth, I am thankful for my country.  As the Star Spangled Banner says,  O'er the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave!

Have a good day friends!!