Monday, February 13, 2017

100 Years

This weekend in my hometown, the city celebrated the 100th birthday of our beautiful courthouse which sits on the hill in the middle of town.

Thanks again to Cousin Scott Kuhn for sharing his pictures on Facebook.

Chairs set up in preparation for the commemoration.   Mountains in the background make for a pretty picture.

inside the courthouse there is this pretty print of the Chief Vann House and its owner, Chief Joseph Vann.  We are very proud of our Cherokee connections.

When I was growing up, the courthouse was the center of activity. Taxes were paid there, drivers licenses were issued along with marriage licenses. I got my drivers license and my marriage license there. 4 H competitions were also held at the Courthouse so most children in town were familiar with this big edifice. I also remember playing on the steps of the courthouse while my parents got their drivers licenses renewed or paid taxes. I think those things really give a child a sense of place and belonging to a community.  So Happy 100th Murray County Courthouse. You are looking good.

I want to share this portion of the weekend stitching. One of my bears is coming to life in Smoky Mountain Christmas.  One of the joys of needlework is seeing the picture come to life.  I can only work on this piece for a day or so because it is a challenging piece of counted cross stitch.

I am also asking for prayers for my mother this morning. She was admitted to the hospital with vertigo and a UTI yesterday. She was feeling a bit better when I spoke to her in the afternoon. I am so thankful for my sisters who live there and take care of Mother. Marvin and I had planned a trip this week so we will be heading that way on Wednesday.

Have a good day friends. Do not forget to get your Valentines ready for tomorrow!!


Karen said...

I enjoyed reading about the celebration. I remember visiting that area as a child. I love the mountains in the background.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

So sorry about your mother. Prayers for her recovery.

I don't know why we don't build beautiful public buildings like this anymore! We put up weird looking things that get leaks in the roof the first year they're open. So glad the community values this 100 year old treasure!

Sandy said...

I loved the view behind that building. Amazing.
So sad to hear your mom is not feeling well. Mom is doing much better.
The bear is great. That is going to be a true treasure.

Terri D said...

The old courthouses are sure beautiful and our country is blessed with many! Adding your mom to my prayer list!! Please keep us posted.

Mrs.T said...

Will certainly pray for your mother, Arlene. Keep us posted!

The courthouse is beautiful for its age. What wonderful memories you have!

And the bear from Smoky Mountain Christmas!!! That is absolutely gorgeous. What a treasure the piece will be when completed.

I must tell you that yesterday I picked up a cross-stitch ornament kit (with a cardinal theme) that I'd purchased some months ago. It was cold and snowing and church was canceled, so I had some downtime. I'd been resisting starting a new cross stitch project because of that "Snow Angels" UFO. And yet, seeing your projects as well as Sandy's, I just felt such a yearning to do some cross stitch so I picked up the ornament kit and began work on it. Oh ... how blissful. Not feeling a bit of guilt about "Snow Angels"! Thanks for inspiring me.

sharon said...

Sending prayers for your mom🙏

Anonymous said...

Praying your mother will improve soon.

Beautiful photos of your hometown and I love the mountains.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.