Monday, February 20, 2017

Back Home

We sure did enjoy our five days at Grimmwood.  I appreciated the family time as Mother had not been feeling well. She is much better but now my Uncle Robert is in need of prayer. He is 90 years old, fell and broke his hip yesterday. He also has blood clots in his lungs so no surgery for his hip until he is more stable. I am praying God will be merciful to my sweet Uncle Robert. He is a believer and ready for heaven. He lost his wife of many years in November and it was very hard for him. Please lift him up in prayer today.  Again, I am so thankful for the many prayer warriors out there.

I believe this will be the last piece of furniture for the little  house.  I am using it for books and games. Sister , Leta, let me go through her boxes of books that she used in her class room before retirement. I was able to get some great books for the grands to read when they visit.  The rocking chair that Lee and Lanier gave us looks great by the credenza . The Cathedral Windows quilt was made by Mama G.  It is more of a lap quilt and perfect to hang over the chair to use on cold days.

I found this little table at Ross for $18. I needed something to hold a drink or a book without taking up too much room.

No internet means lots of stitching time at Grimmwood. This pattern is from Stacy Nash Primitives. It is a pattern for a pin keep( pin cushion) but I decided to make two Christmas ornaments.  Now to fully finish them. Marvin spent a lot of time, cleaning up around the house. Brush and limbs were piled up and burned. I have to say, the area around the house looks much better. We hope to get a landscaping plan soon so we can carry out more projects as we can afford them.

Charles and Nancy came up for the day....Nancy took these pictures.

This one melts my heart. All the grands loved laying on Grandpa's big strong shoulder.

Yesterday we cleaned up the house and left for Alabama.  I have to admit this country place has brought me so much happiness. I am glad Marvin had the vision for this property and carried it through.  I am counting the days until we return.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning and welcome back. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Grimmwood. Thankful your mom is better and I'll be praying for your Uncle. I enjoyed your photos so much. How nice to have a good selection of games and books for the children to enjoy and I like your little side table you purchased. We are in that stage of deciding how to landscape our yard too. It was too hot in July when we moved here to do much at all.
God bless your week.

Mrs.T said...

Wonderful post, Arlene. What a blessing Grimmwood has been to your family already! I will pray for your uncle Robert and I am glad your mother is doing better. I love that little side table. It looks a bit like the base of an old sewing machine or school desk. New, but with a vintage-y look. Books and games for the grands ... such a great idea, especially with no internet.

When you made your plans for Grimmwood, did you plan specifically to have good light for cross stitching? It seems in most of the vacation places we have stayed, good lighting is non-existent (except outdoors) and I end up crocheting rather than cross stitching.

And that Audrey ... continues to be the most adorable child I have ever seen.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mrs T, i have a stitching spot by the front window. There is a lamp there as well as natural light. I still have to use my magnifier. the older I get the more I rely on them.

Anonymous said...

Oh little Audrey! So precious!!

Welcome home! Love to see your cottage pictures.

Prayers sent up for your Uncle and Mother. ♥

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

What a lovely place to escape, think and dream. The absence of TV is a blessing your grandchildren will never understand until later. My grandparents in Hartselle never had a TV and we have so many fond memories of just . . . playing!
Prayers for Robert to feel peace and huge love.

Mari said...

That Audrey is just so adorable!
Glad your mom is doing better. I'll add your uncle to my prayers.
Glad you had a good time at Grimmwood!

Barbara said...

Your country place is just perfect. I'm so glad your DH had the forethought too.