Friday, February 24, 2017

Flying Around the Neighborhood

Cousin Scott had his drone flying on Tuesday and he shared this picture with me.  You can see our pond in the  upper middle right of the picture The trees have hidden our house.  The sky is so beautiful...thank you God for creating so many things that we take for granted!

Off to MOPs today. We are doing a craft so hopefully I will have something to share with y'all tomorrow.  Grandpa has babysitting duty while I am gone. As Elliott will tell you, Grandpa is more fun than Nana. Grandpa lets Elliott play in the dirt for as long as he wants to do so. Of course, Nana gets to do the bath to clean up that scamp. Elliott is not a fan of baths..."I'm not dirty." he tells me.:)

Have a good day Bloggy Friends. If you are looking for some new You Tube VLOGS...check out Dixie Delights. I have read Amanda's blog for years so I was glad to see she posted some videos last week. Be sure and check out the tour of her mother's home in Savannah, all decorated for Christmas. I got several ideas for Christmas 2017 here at Nanaland.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and your cousin Scott for sharing this gorgeous pic. Have a lovely time this morning. I hope Grandpa and Elliott won't get too dirty! lol

Sandy said...

Have fun. Boys will be boys when it comes to dirt:) I loved Amanda's tutorial on making those tassel banners. It was great.

Mrs.T said...

What a gorgeous sky picture! Thanks so much for sharing it. Your family home is in a beautiful area.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mildred, Grandpa dug out three trucks that were his when he was a boy and they had a blast playing. Sandy...I loved that one two. Amanda's mom is so talented. She made all the drapes in her home!! Mrs T...I cam counting the days til we return. I am going to meet up with some old high school friends.

Anonymous said...

So cute that Grandpa is more fun! What is it with men and dirt? Looking forward to your MOPS project reveal!

PS Great photograph!