Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hello February!

Today is Groundhog's Day....I wonder if winter will linger or arrive early???

My long time Georgia friend, Debbie, posted this on her Facebook page last night.  Her daffodils are blooming. I saw a few of these pretty yellow flowers on my walk yesterday. They always make me smile. Apparently spring is coming early this year Mr Groundhog.

I managed to finish my Prairie Schooler "February" and I finished it like Priscilla does on her blog, Priscillas. My friend, Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics also uses this method. It really is Easy Peasy. I purchased the frame on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I also purchased a small piece of sheet metal and some magnets. I glued the sheet metal to the glass portion of the frame with the glue, E600.  I also glued magnets to the back of my stitched piece.  Then you simply attach your seasonal needlework to the frame. I did add a piece of Scrapbook paper to the glass. I just used some scotch tape on the back of the paper to adhere it to the glass. So I can change up this look many ways. And I save money on framing so it is a win win.

Right now I am working on Prairie Schooler's "March" as well as this Bent Creek Quaker Easter Egg. I will frame this piece as I think it is one I want to preserve!

I also changed my Facebook profile picture this week.

Marvin and I are pulling for the Falcons to win their first Super Bowl.  Since we met in Atlanta, the city holds a special place in our hearts.

Off to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast. Our friend, Candie, is joining us this morning so I am looking forward to seeing her. Have a blessed day friends.


Sandy said...

Your finish is so cute. I may do at some point down the road a set of seasonal stitches I saw on Priscillas. I think I would like those as well. Your Quaker egg is going to be great too.
Falcon love here too.

Mrs.T said...

Well, of course you do know New Englanders like us are bound to be Patriots fans. Mr. T and I are not rabid about it, however. Win or lose, I will still be your friend!

I love the way you finished your February sampler. (And oh, isn't Priscillas an inspiring place? How she accomplishes all that stitching I will never know.) Would you mind telling me what size frame you used? I still have not finished off my December sampler and this looks like a very good, easy option!

Terri D said...

Love your February piece and what a great way to frame and display them! I'm sure you enjoyed your breakfast and catching up with Candie. We don't really have a favorite team but just hope it's a good game!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, LOVE your handiwork. What a great idea to use the magnets etc. Smart!

Enjoy your Cracker Barrel moments! :-)

Mari said...

I'm so impressed by all your cross stitch! I really like this piece and it's such a great way to finish it!

Linda said...

I love seeing your needleworks! Such patience to do so many! They are all beautiful! I will be watching the Super Bowl! We are leaving for the ranch in the morning to do critter care while Dean is away. We will leave after Sunday morning chores!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Arlene... your new profile pic is adorable! Enjoy your weekend!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Ladies, you all are so sweet...I am going to get the big head!! Thanks for your kind words.