Friday, February 24, 2017

MOPs String Art

Our steering team has outdone themselves this year with all our great crafts.  We worked on String Art at this meeting. I had never done any string art before but it was fun.

My other Mentor Grandmother, Michie, was busy hammering in those nails.

The floor seemed to be the place for pounding nails.

Here I am carefully placing all my nails.

Angela's pretty heart.

The beginning of the unicorn that Jamey drew.

Lindsey was very ambitious with her art.

One of my favorites...

This sweet lady is an artist...can you tell???

Here is my finished project on my cross wall. I think I am a bit too OCD to really enjoy this I kept wanting to move my strings.  I will do another post of the finishes the ladies posted on FB. Be sure and look for them.


Mari said...

So cool! I love MOPS crafts!

Anonymous said...

Your cross turned out beautifully. When I am out and about and I see pear decor or crosses, I always think of you!

Barbara said...

I've got String Art on the list of crafts I want to do. I think it just moved up a few notches after seeing this.