Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Valentines

Landon and Kendall stopped by after school to pick up their Valentines from Nana and Grandpa.  The other grands got cards with some money enclosed for candy or treats.

I am so glad these grands live near by!!

Amelia snapped this picture of Landon dancing with his "princess" at the Valentine Day Ball at school.  He could have dressed as a Prince or a King but chose not to do so. He had on a cute red shirt for the occasion.

Landon can remind me of his grandpa at times. Recently Landon had  a tube put in one ear to relieve the fluid that seems to gather there. While he was having a snack yesterday I asked if he could hear better now that his tube was in place. He looked right at me and said, "WHAT?"  Amelia and I both started laughing because his wit and timing were perfect.  I told  him that Grandpa would be proud of him. And Marvin got a big laugh when I relayed it to him. "Good for him!" was his exact response. Yes all I need is another male in the family to give me the business!!

I will be taking a little blog break. I love these long weekends that retirement has brought to our house.  See you Sunday!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Landon's response to you is exactly the kind of thing I'm used to at this house. LOL By the way, that Landon and his princess dancing is just a DARLING pic!!! That would be on my refrigerator for sure! xo

Mrs.T said...

Enjoy your blog break, Arlene!

Aritha said...

I love to read this! You are a real family - woman. I like that. Nice photos. Sweet dance!

Anonymous said...

Cute photo of Landon and Kendall. That's a treasure of Landon and the princess dancing.

I wish you a very enjoyable weekend. I think the weather should be perfect! xo

Mari said...

I love his quick wit!
Enjoy your break. :)

Linda said...

I loved this post!! Yes, living close to the grands is a GRAND thing!! Enjoy your time!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

My sons would have FREAKED OUT at the idea of dancing with a girl at that age! Good for Landon! What a witty charmer!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Leslie Anne, I believe the teacher gave them no option!! Their elementary school does this every year...they have a lead out and everything!! Rather like Cotillion...learning the social graces.