Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Few Finishes

While at Grimmwood I finished another cross stitch project. That is always a cause for rejoicing for this stitcher. Since I missed posting on Saturday Stitches, I thought I would post my completed projects today.

Sweet Apples by Little House Needleworks. This chart was gifted to me by my sweet friend, Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics. Sandy and I both enjoy cross stitch and we occasionally pass the stash. She also sent me a cute spring bunny that I plan to do for next Easter.  I made a change to this chart as it had two cardinals perched on the apple basket and I just wanted apples. I will make this into my May Christmas ornament for Grimmwood.  My daddy raised apples for our family in an orchard in front of our home. He grafted some limbs from his granddaddy's apple trees onto his own trees.  My mother still harvests the apples, peels and dries them with the help of my sisters. Believe me, they make the best fried apple pies ever!!

This is the Good Stitch Witch by Stacy Nash Primitives. I become a witch when I do not get to stitch on a regular basis. I have a friend who shared that her husband tells her to go stitch when she gets too testy.  I am not sure how I will finish this one but it will be displayed in some way this fall.

The Coffee Quaker by Heartstrings Samplery.  I look forward to having this one framed and displayed over the coffee bar at Grimmwood.  I took part in an online stitch along for this one and it was so fun to stitch with ladies all over the world. It was interesting to see the different fabrics and flosses some of the ladies used to make their Quaker unique. And I thought stitching motifs would be easy. Oh my...I frogged quite a few because I mis counted.

Now that I have finished three projects in my rotation, I am going to start two more projects in June.

A Sue Hillis design that the grands will just love....I even purchased the lavender Aida as shown in the picture.

I am hoping to finish this by July 4th.

Another Little House Needleworks design. It is part of the Patriot series.  Some stitchers are doing all the patriots on one huge sampler. I am doing Betsy for my July display. They just released the newest patriot and it is Martha Washington. I plan to purchase that pattern and display it in February. Behind every great man is a good woman.

For those of you who stitch, Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher has a great tutorial on the Diagonal Pin Stitch.  It is great for starting your stitching neatly. I had heard of others who talked about this stitch but I could never figure it out. Vonna has a clear and precise tutorial on completing this stitch. I will be using this stitch for all my starts from now on. Thanks Vonna.

I am still trying to decide which Christmas ornament I will stitch for June....maybe I will post that on Saturday. Have a good one dear friends.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Filling Station

Since spending more time in North Georgia we are trying to find some new places to shop and to eat. Raspberry Row is my go to gift shop in Dalton and we are adding more restaurants to our list as well.

On Sunday we visited a Bible Church in Dalton. Since we attend First Bible Church here in Decatur, we thought we would see if one was available in the area. Fellowship Bible Church is located on Dug Gap Road about a 30 minute drive from Grimmwood.  We entered an empty parking lot only to find out the service started at 11 that morning in stead of the normal 10:30 start time listed on the website. We were welcomed into the gym where they were having a special Memorial Day service.  It was a friendly gathering of about 150 people. The pastor was a young man and he told us a bit about the church.  We were invited to stay for the Picnic lunch they were going to enjoy but we had already planned to have lunch at The Filling Station.

The Filling Station is a lunch buffet situated in an old gas station...often called Filling stations here in the south.  When we arrived at 11:45, we walked right in, paid the flat fee and headed for the buffet. The food was very good and you could go back for refills. I never get my money's worth at this type of restaurant as I try to stay disciplined and eat smaller portions. Marvin however, got his money's worth on Sunday!!  By the time we were finished there was quite the line outside waiting to be seated.  While we were there we met a couple visiting the area from Huntsville, Alabama. It is a small world.  On the way home we also stopped in at  our favorite Mexican bakery. We picked up some bread and a few goodies there. I am slowly sampling their sweet treats.:)

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Audrey. She is a sweetheart and we hope we can see her more often now that we have a Georgia House. Today Landon and Kendall will be arriving for a half day as school is out and summer had officially started here in Nanaland.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Home Sweet Home

It was a nice time away. It seems I always leave my troubles at my door when I go to Grimmwood.  We had a fun time visiting with Nancy, Charles and Audrey on Saturday.

Audrey loved the little stool Landon made for her.

And the wagon was a hit as well.

The great aunts enjoyed seeing Audrey riding like a queen in her wagon, thanks to Mommy.

Audrey and Nana...I gave her some icing off her birthday cookie as well as milk in a little Dixie Cup. She thought she was a big girl.

She is a cutie...dirty mouth and all.

I got a pretty tray from Charles and Nancy. I thought it looked great on the kitchen table.

I also got this mug from Charles to thank me for caring for Audrey while Charles and Nancy were out of town on Business Trips.  Charles tried to find a GRIMM mug for me as the tv show, Grimm, was filmed in Portland. Alas because the show ended this season there were no touristy Grimm items for sale in the city.

Audrey found this little Longaberger basket in my bedroom and she thought it was the perfect size for a two year old girlie.

Nancy took this picture today as the Canton Grimms were out and about enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.  I just love it. A girl and her is a special thing.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Way to Go Baylor

Many of you lift up my Baylor, our lovely six year old grandson who is on the Autistic Spectrum.  He  just finished preschool. Thankfully the school district allowed him to repeat a year of preschool to see if he could make some more progress before Kindergarten.  Yesterday he graduated from Special Needs Preschool.

Katy sent these photos to me as we were unable to attend the program.

Baylor will be going on to Kindergarten next year. There are several unknowns as to where he will attend as he will be in the Special Needs class.  But with the passage of the bill that requires insurance companies in Alabama to provide ABA therapy for autistic children, we are hopeful this therapy will help Baylor to make progress.  Please continue to lift up our Beautiful Boy and pray for Ben and Katy as they make decisions that can affect Baylor for years to come. It is a big responsibility and it rests heavily on their hearts.   We all want Baylor to reach his full potential!

Off to the country for a few days. I have books and cross stitch projects with me. Marvin borrowed a pellet gun from our son in law, Todd. We are ready for any snakes we might see. One of our neighbors killed a four foot copperhead and now we think the snake we saw swimming across the pond just might have been that snake. Did you know only poisonous snakes swim on the top of water????We did a good bit of research on snakes this week.  Hoping we do not meet any up close and personal!! Have a good Memorial Day Weekend friends.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gifts and Awards

Friends I received 15 birthday cards this year. I display them on the buffet in the dining room and it made me so happy to see them sitting there bringing birthday cheer. I also received some nice gifts from family and friends.

Most of my friends know I love dish towels and pears.

Amelia gifted me with this mug and it had a Target card included!! No I do not poop out at Parties....thanks to Vitametavegamin!!  My daughter and I both LOVE LUCY!
I put this pretty pull on one of my cross stitch project bag zippers .

My tea cart with its new tea towel.

My gift to myself...a pretty diffuser for my Young Living essential oils.  I received several gifts of money that allowed me to buy a few new summer things for my closet too. I also got a gift certificate for a pedicure that I look forward to using soon.

On to Awards...

Landon and his best friend both won math awards in their class. Landon also took home the leadership award. That award says so much about his sweet spirit and his helpful attitude.

Off to have breakfast with the girls after I drop the kiddos off at school. They are so excited that tomorrow is the last day of school. If I think hard, I can remember that same feeling!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Barn

One of my favorite birthday gifts was this photograph of my Daddy's barn, taken by Cousin Scott Kuhn.

it really captures the simple beauty of the place. Scott was able to remove the power  lines to make the photograph more pleasing.

It is perfect hanging with Miss Mayfield.

Our neighbor on the CCC Road took this picture of Fort Mountain last week.

Isn't it just beautiful? Jacinta and my sister, Kristi, are both interested in nature photography and they share their best pictures with each other.

And for a smile, I thought I would share this with you.

It is true for me....when I see the Saturn Rocket at the Space and Rocket Center I know I am almost home.  When Kendall was a toddler she insisted on calling it a light house like the one she had seen at Tybee Island on vacation.

Still playing catch up from being away and believe it or not, we are heading back to Georgia on Thursday to enjoy the long weekend.  My family is starting to get sick of the Grimms.:0 Not really...but it is different now that we have Grimmwood.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Books and Bayer

Well I just remembered that I am meeting a friend for coffee in the morning so I will write this post tonight. You can read it in the morning.:)

While enjoying R and R I read two good books, believe it or not.

I found this on the new book shelf but almost returned it to the stacks because it was set in Denmark. I have nothing against the Scandinavian countries but I tend to prefer to read what I know. Also turmoil regarding how to pronounce names keeps me up at night.( A Man Called Ove as a case in point). I love Ove but did not know how to say his name until I had finished the book.  The Lost Woman by Sara Blaedel is one of a series of books featuring detective, Louise Rick.  Clever writing and an interesting locale makes this book a four star winner. I never give out five star ratings unless I am really impressed by a novel.  This mystery revolves around the subject of euthanasia. What I liked about the writing of this author was her fair and balanced look at the subject. There was no preaching either way and no judgment. Each reader was allowed to retain their own beliefs on the subject and I found that very refreshing. I am going to be looking for more books featuring Louise.

I stumbled across this book while randomly roaming the stacks in the fiction section of our library. I will be reading more of Ms Simmons writing.  When I saw that Chevy Stevens endorsed it, that made me take this book home. It was a real page turner for me.  Ann is a well to do widow in her early 70s. She lives on the Main Line in Philadelphia but she is not the typical mother in law and grandmother. She does delight in spending time with her 8 year old granddaughter, Ellie. When Ann and Ellie stumble upon some old  photo albums, Ann's life comes flooding back to her. We find that Ann has led an interesting life as the scenes of the past once more flood her mind. And too, Ann is worried that the dementia that plagued her mother, is waiting for her.  So are her memories accurate?  I just love books like this that get to the heart of an individual.

I also saw that this book will be out in August.
If you have not read the Kinsey Milhone series by Sue Grafton, you have missed an alphabet's worth of mysteries.  This is one series that I have not tired of since I read A is for Alibi.

On to Bayer...

My back was giving me fits while on vacation so my sister, Leta, recommended this product. Oh My will always be in my medicine cabinet. It is wonderful.  It is Aspirin and Caffiene so I caution those of you with stomach problems, this may not be the best pain reliever for you. It is coated and you are told to take it with 8 oz of water to ensure it goes directly to your stomach.  Even with the caffeine in the product, it did not keep me awake at night after I took a dose. So if you are looking for some good OTC pain reliever, check out Bayer. ( There is also a caution about Reyes seems we have not heard of many instances of this side effect lately but it is something to consider.)

Well off to bed...have a Marvelous  Monday Friends.

On Grimmwood Pond

We are back home today after five days at Grimmwood.  It was so nice to spend my birthday in my happy place. Thanks to all of you who sent me sweet birthday wishes.  I hope to get back to posting tomorrow.

This picture was taken one afternoon as I was sitting on the porch. If you look closely across the pond, you will see a Catalpa tree in bloom. Actually there are three of them blooming right now. In the south they may also be called Catawba trees. Years ago men planted these trees by ponds and lakes as they attract a caterpillar that is prized fishing lure.   We have seen lots of wildlife around us at Grimmwood. I need to start a nature diary to keep there. One night we were sitting on the porch at dusk along with Leta and Bruce, when a big bird flew into a tree near the porch. We thought it was an owl but when it flew out, it was a stork.  Leta said that a stork built a nest in one of those trees several years ago and she has some pictures of it.  We saw two snakes swimming across the pond one afternoon. Supposedly, this summer will be a bad one for snakes!!  I have to admit they are not my favorite of the wild life in North Georgia.

Well it is almost time for my nap!! I will play catch up on reading blogs this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Birthday Blogging Break

Heading off on a Birthday Blogging Break to God's country...North Georgia.   It has been quite a few years since I spent my birthday in Georgia.  My mother called me to see what I wanted for my birthday cake and I chose a chocolate pie.  I almost told her not to make me a dessert but then I thought,  you still have a mama that wants to treat you to a birthday sweet, take advantage of it.   Mother will be 87 in August and I am learning not to take her presence in my life for granted.   I am hoping to get two of my cross stitch projects completed while I am at Grimmwood. We need to do some clean up on the property. Marvin bought some new tools to take care of that. And we will be hosting the family potluck over the weekend. Sweet Audrey and her parents are coming up for the festivities and we will also celebrate her birthday.  It is hard to believe that half of May is over and Summer is upon us.  See you on Sunday!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day Weekend

We had a pleasant weekend.  It started off with softball for Kendall. We also got a glimpse of her team picture.

That tall pretty girl in the back is our Kendall.

Meanwhile, Landon worked on a Birthday gift for Audrey.

A pink step stool with cupcakes on it. Because Audrey is our cupcake full of sugar.

Kendall and Landon gifted their mom with this...

This will be perfect for carrying snacks out to the pool this summer. As I said last week, Pineapples are everywhere it seems. I found these at Walmart at a great price. This would make a good teacher gift as well.

We had a super busy day at church as Marvin and I were in charge of communion as well as baptism. My dear friend, Sharon, made lunch for us. We usually go out to dinner after church but she knew it would be crazy on Mother's Day so she offered to cook. And she is a great cook so we said YES!

She always sets a beautiful table.

And I caught a glimpse of this on her end table...

She is a cross stitcher as well.  Us crazy for cross stitch people have to stick together.

I had texts and phone calls from my children so I had a lovely Mother's Day...hope you all did as well.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Stitching Saturday

I do not have a lot of stitching to show today.

Here is a Throw Back....

While cleaning out the attic I found this piece that I did many years ago. It still has youngest son listed as Chuck( he is Charles now) so I am thinking I did this back in the 1990s. I took it downstairs and hung it above the bulletin board in my back hallway.

Here is one of the patriotic pieces I have been working on.

It is a Brenda Gervais pattern called Lady Liberty. I am going to display her with my other patriotic stitches.  Some people complain about "color" patterns but I am liking them as I get older and my eyes are not what they used to be!!  Today I am getting out my Prairie Schooler village but with all I have to do today, it won't get much attention.

I will be making cheese straws and a pound cake for my Book Club which meets here on Monday morning. Landon and I are working on a little stool that he wants to give to Audrey. It belonged to him when he was little and now that he is a big boy he wants to pass it along to his baby cousin.

I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day. As I told one of my sweet friends, you may not be a biological mama but you  have touched many lives and are a mama of the heart.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Decatur's Bank Street Players put on Steel Magnolias at the historic Princess theater and we were there.  Marvin saw an article about the play in our morning paper and asked if I would like to go. I am going to be honest and say that I almost turned him down. I love the movie Steel Magnolias and I thought the locals might not do such a great job.

I was wrong...they did a very good job of bringing the beloved characters to life.  The play is a bit different from the movie as all the action in the play takes place in Truvy's Beauty Shop.  There were many of the favorite lines from the movie and few funny lines unique to the play.

In the play, M'Lynn explains what happened to Shelby that caused her to die. ( Complications from a surgery that was done when her kidney transplant failed. She had been back on dialysis and the surgery that was supposed to help her did not.)  I think that the relationships of the these friends comes through so clearly in this movie/play. We can all identify with one character or maybe more.  I have always loved Ouiser!! But I am probably more like M'Lynn.  How about you? Who is your favorite Steel Magnolia?

I am off early in the am to have breakfast with a friend so I am posting this evening. Have a fabulous Friday Ladies.

The Stream in Pictures

Well Friends today is a stream post with pictures. So climb in your inner tube and sit for spell in the stream as I share my week with you.

1. A New Great Niece..

Here is my niece, Sarah, and her family on Sunday. Dottie had a dance recital. You cannot even tell Sarah is expecting in this picture. Oh me, when I was pregnant I blew up all over!! Sarah is my first niece. She, Benjamin and my Ben were all born in the same year.  Pictured are left to right...Rob, Trent, Sallie,Sarah and Dottie.

And here is Mollie Rose.

Seven pounds of sweetness.  Mollie brings my great niece and nephew total to 17.  Every thing went well and soon Mollie will be at home with her brother and sisters.

2.  Sister Kristi took these pictures on the family farm the other day.

We will be heading to Grimmwood next week to celebrate my birthday.

3. Fidget Spinners....


Even Grandpa got in on the fun.

5. Some of my stitching this week.  This is a pin cushion with the Good Stitch Witch on the front. Stacy Nash Primitives is the designer. I think it will be cute when finished.

More on Smoky Mountain Christmas....I have part of the cloak done and now to back stitch which is no fun at all.

6. Birthday Gifts from Marvin arrived in the mail yesterday. My dear husband allowed me to go on a shopping spree at 123 Stitch, my favorite on line stitching store. I had a limit of course but I have enough charts to stitch for the next year. I need to stop looking at the Stitching sites on Facebook as I see someone else stitching a piece and I think to my self, I want to stitch that as well.

I love these Sue Hillis designs. I will finish these simply and hang them on my fridge for the appropriate season.  I picked up the purple Aida for the Halloween stitch and it may be my car project as it is stitched on 14 count fabric and I can see that without a magnifier.  I knew the grands would like these  cute projects.

Autumn Quakers, Pumpkin Brew and O Come All Ye Faithful.  I love that Autumn Quaker but I will not even think of starting it until Smoky Mountain Christmas is done. It will take me over a year to complete it once I start. I love stitching motifs but they can be tricky and one mistake can lead to pulling out of hair!!

Off to have lunch with my friends today. We will be celebrating my birthday so I picked one of my favorite restaurants in Hartselle. Then we will go to Deborah's house for cake and maybe some porch sitting. Marvin asked if I would like to go to Decatur's Princess Theater to see the Bank Street Players put on Steel Magnolias tonight. Well of course I said yes!! So today will be a Good Good Day.