Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Amelia

We had a little dinner party to celebrate Amelia's Birthday. She actually turns 37 on Sunday. I can remember the day she was born so clearly. It was Hot as Hades in Athens, Georgia and my legs were swollen up to my knees. My mother in law was staying with us so we would have someone to watch Ben as we went to the hospital. I had worked from 4 to 8 at the Student Health Center and I was having some contractions but I thought they were mild and I would just go to the doctor's office in the morning. As they say, the best laid plans...Amelia arrived at 4:12 am, ten minutes after we arrived at the hospital. And frankly it was the easiest of my three birth experiences.  I can still remember how lovely it felt to hold that new sweet daughter. So thankful that I have had 37 years to love her.

I decided to use some family china to set the table.

We inherited  Crooksville China Company's Spring Blossom from Marvin's grandmother, Pansy Morel Crane.

Mama G's Fostoria was on the table for dessert.

And speaking of dessert...

Chocolate cake!

And what is a birthday without presents...

Kendall and Landon chose two movies for Mom....Beauty and the Beast as well as Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

As our Aunt Mina says, your birthday is not over until you receive your last card. Celebrate all  month Amelia.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Throw Back Thursday

I was browsing Facebook the other day and I saw this post.

I had totally forgotten about these cute little change purses that were all the rage when I was a child.  Does anyone happen to have one of these gems? Alas I tossed mine many years ago.  I would pick the red or the pink change purse if I were choosing today. I think I had a blue one in a galaxy far far away!

I snapped a picture of this cute Doodlebug, as we called Volkswagons.  It was parked outside an ice cream store in Ellijay. Isn't it just TOO CUTE. I would not mind having one of these to go along with my red change purse.

And the final Throw Back....

My friend, Susan, picked these up from another friend who was cleaning out her mother's house. Susan shared them with several of her crafty friends. The ones I received were from the 70s and 80s. My sweet Mama G subscribed to this magazine and I remember looking through them when I visited her home in Savannah. It was fun to look back at the various crafts that were popular....candlewicking, quilling and the like. There were many crochet and knitting patterns in the WorkBasket. I looked through them then took them to Chatsworth to give to my Aunt Rachel who still crochets quite a bit. I know she will get a kick out of them.

I have to admit, looking back makes me feel a bit old and I realize that I have seen many things come and go and then come back around!! Hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Wows

I have two photos to share today. First is my lovely daughter and her husband.

They were in Mentone Alabama over the weekend and took some time to have dinner at the Wildflower Cafe. Amelia told me that Dad and I need to go there for a special occasion.  Amelia celebrates her 37th birthday on Saturday. We will be celebrating here in Nanaland tonight. Mexican Chicken Casserole and Chocolate cake will be on the menu.

And Cousin Scott has posted another beautiful picture of Foothills Farm,  our family farm.

This is going down the driveway to the Old CCC Camp Road. I walked down this drive many a morning to catch the school bus. My sisters and I were always accompanied by our dog, Mingo. He stood with us until the bus arrived then he strolled back up the drive to the house.  Our view of Fort Mountain is a great one.  I am going to go broke because I want to purchase a canvas of every one of Scott's photograph's!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Put On a Happy Face

Well after 20 years of meeting every Thursday for lunch, the Besties and I decided that Monday might be a better day to meet for the time being. We usually leave for Grimmwood on Thursday and I hate missing any time with the two ladies who make me laugh and encourage me to be a better person. While we were having lunch at Panera yesterday, we were talking about how difficult it is to get older. Not just the aches and pains but losing friends and attending more funerals. It can be downright depressing.  I attended a funeral last week for the husband of my first cousin, Charlotte. Her husband of 27 years died suddenly of a massive MI.  Charlotte had just retired and had planned many more years of traveling and enjoying her sweetheart.  People, we do not have the promise of tomorrow.  So let's try to enjoy each day that we have here on this good earth.

I was thinking of some ways to put on a happy face and I came up with these.

1. Send some happy mail.

I always try to keep a few goodies on hand to put in the mail to a friend. One of these envelopes holds a cross stitch pattern and the other envelope holds a package of pretty cocktail napkins that I though an ailing friend might enjoy.  When we think of others we take the focus off of ourselves and our grievances.

2. Read a Good Book.

Can you believe that it was 20 years ago that Harry Potter appeared on the book shelves? This series enchanted me from the very beginning.  Visit your local library. Our library always has an interesting exhibit as well as the used book store that calls my name each time I visit the Decatur Public Library.

3.Work on a craft. It does not have to be hard! This one I found at Hobby Lobby is easy peasy. You do not even need glue. The links connect without it.

And here is a piece of needlework I have been stitching. It makes me smile each time I pick it up.

Its the Most Wonderful Fright of the Year by Sue Hillis Designs.


For believers the Scriptures never fail to comfort and encourage. I keep my Bible out so that I can read a few words throughout the day.

5. Enjoy a healthy snack.

As we get older we have to really watch our diet. But every afternoon, I  like a little snack. A big glass of water and a small pack of yogurt raisins hits the spot. I am so glad Sun-Maid has packaged their yogurt raisins in individual sizes.  I find if I sit down with a bag of anything, I will eat TOO much.  I love my Simply Southern Tervis Glass as it keeps my water nice and cold. I try to keep it filled up through the day.

6. Chat with a friend. It can be on the phone or over the Net. I email a high school friend of mine at least every other day. We lost touch and reconnected when she found my blog. We have so enjoyed our times together. Another sweet friend just moved to Anniston, Alabama and we Facebook message. She is one of my faithful prayer warriors so I am happy we have stayed in touch in spite of the miles between us.  Don't forget texting. Several friends I know who have dealt with serious illnesses said that a text with a Scripture or just "I am praying for you." has lifted tired spirits.

So I hope that helped you because it was a good reminder to me that it is not all about ME!!  Have a blessed day dear friends. Your comments refresh me daily.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Littlest Grimmlin

We were happy to meet Charles, Nancy and Audrey in Ellijay, Georgia on Saturday. Ellijay is a good half way point for us to meet for some shopping and lunch.

Miss Audrey loved having two escorts.

 She got lots of Hellos and smiles while strolling the streets of Ellijay.  We went to the Olive Oil store and the Soap Store this trip. Then we had lunch at Cantaberry. If you ever visit Ellijay, try this nice little spot and order some of their chicken and rice soup...delicious.

We had to wait just a bit for a table. And it was HOT...Nana and Audrey had cheeks the same color as their ensembles.

This was also a late Father's Day celebration as we had lunch and then ice cream at Moo Bears.  The time passed too quickly and soon we were all heading back to our respective homes.  Another blessing of our house in Georgia is being closer to our youngest Grimmlin.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Stitching and A New Find!

Having such a busy week, stitching took a back seat to life so I do not have much to post in regard to my stitchy progress.

I was working on Lady Freedom. I changed up the chart a bit.  I added Liberty to the bottom of the piece instead of the year 1826 which was charted. At least I think it was 1826. I looked up the date to see what the significance and It had something to do with the Statue of Liberty. Since I had no idea what that date referred to I thought no one else would know either.( All right all you history buffs, don't give me a hard time about my lack of knowledge.)  I plan to have this piece framed in a navy blue frame so it can be a companion piece to Freedom.

I did make it to Hobby Lobby to purchase some thread, material etc to begin my sewing  journey. I plan to work on my finishing this week. If all goes well, I will have an update next Saturday.

While out shopping I found this...

See Drummond's new magazine and it was only $3.99. That is a real bargain in the world of periodicals.  So of course, instead of doing the chores I had planned to do, I sat down and visited Ree. I have to say this is a good magazine. Full of interesting articles and good recipes, it is one magazine I might subscribe to this year. We can all use some encouragement as we work to make our homes a warm and welcoming place. Have a great weekend Friends.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Oily Mail

This week I got a completely unexpected gift from Young Living Essential Oils.  Being a distributor, I enjoy sharing my love of essential oils with others. And because my business did well, I got a gift as a thank you from my company.

This wonderful travel bag was filled with goodies.  A diffuser necklace so I can wear my favorite oil whenever I choose.  I got two travel jars along with a recipe for a sugar scrub. A little spoon was included to scoop out the scrub.  I also received a nice face cloth and FOUR essential oils.  The travel bag also includes secure slots for four oils, making it perfect for travel near or far away.  You may wonder where my other two oils went. Well I often gift some of my freebies to customers so they can try a new oil.  Believe me, my oily arsenal is well stocked.

My favorite oil right now is Peppermint. Marvin and I both enjoy this oil. It is a useful for many purposes, supporting digestion and over all well being.  As someone who has always struggled with gut issues, I am amazed at how oils have changed my life.

Thanks Young are the BEST.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Grimmlins Come to Town

Marvin and I enjoyed having Margaret and Elliott last week. Ben had  a business trip to New Orleans so Katy asked if we could watch the Grimmlins while she and Baylor hung out at home.

Margaret went to Friend Day with me, Deborah and Susan. We ate lunch at the Freight House in Hartselle. Margaret enjoyed watching the trains go right by the window.

Miss Deborah got a photo of me and my Marg.

Margaret is holding a light up Koala bear we found at Walgreens.

Meanwhile Elliott and Grandpa had fun playing at home.

Ninja Turtle Farmer.

On Friday we hit up McDonalds. In case you did not know, McD's has Beanie Babies in the Happy Meals this week.

Our McDonalds actually brings your meal to the table. With little ones this is real customer service.

Katy and Ben arrived to pick the kids up on Friday and Grandpa and I retired to our recliners for a bit of a rest before we headed out for pizza.  We both realize that we do not have the energy we used to have when we raised our own children.  But we will rest up and be ready for another visit from the Grimmlins!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Father's Day Swim Party

Amelia and I hosted a Father's Day party for Todd and Marvin last Wednesday. I provided the pizza and Amelia made a cake. With Margaret and Elliott in town, the cousins had a great time together.

Making memories.

Kendall picked up this mouse pad for Grandpa when she was at Space Camp. It's Not Rocket Science...No wait, it is rocket science.  Kendall loves to give gifts.  She is also a  science lover like her grandpa.

Amelia and her dad.  Amelia looks like her dad and her Grandma Saramina.

Margaret and Elliott barely got home and got baths before they fell asleep. Swimming is excellent for tiring out the little ones. ( and the big ones too!)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Travels with the Roberts Bunch

Amelia and Todd have a family rather like the Brady Bunch. She has Kendall and Landon while Todd has Hampton and Hudson. All are about the same ages and that makes for a fun time when they travel.

Remember that these are the only four children in the USA who turned down a trip to Disney World. In fact, they would probably stay at home, play video games and cool off in the family pool if they had their druthers. I told Amelia that from now on, no votes from the peanut gallery. Just announce a trip and let that be that.

Last weekend the clan headed off to Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta. It is a family historic site as Marvin and I got engaged at Stone Mountain.  I don't think there is a plaque but there should be!!

Camping the old fashioned way.

Quite an impressive site....the carving on the mountain is hard to see here but it always makes me take a second look.  It features some of the Confederate Generals, including Marvin's cousin, RE Lee. ( They are 10th cousins if you are counting.)

On top of the mountain...thanks to the cable car. You can hike up the mountain and  I did that when I was in nursing school. I do not think I could make it today.

Todd and the kiddos...

Mom and Dad

On the way home the family stopped to visit Vulcan in Birmingham.

Vulcan is the god of the forge. Birmingham was once a big steel city  If you are a fan of Anne George's Southern Sisters mysteries, you will know that Vulcan has a bare heinie that moons a portion of Birmingham.  That Nekkid Man, as a cousin of Patricia Anne and Mary Alice, once remarked.  ( his front is covered by an apron...thank goodness.) These mysteries were popular in the 90s and Anne George has since passed away but if you want to know what crazy old Southern women are like, check out these cozy books.  I would start with the first one, Murder on a Girl's Night Out. I have to admit if I am feeling down, I go upstairs, pick up one of these mysteries from my personal library and soon I am smiling.

Birmingham from the viewing deck at Vulcan Park.

I bet these kiddos are thinking Disney looks pretty good right now!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Another One For the Wall

I received another cross from Ben and Katy as a late Mothers Day/Birthday gift.

Made by a sweet lady at our church who is also the mother of one of Katy's close friends.  They know they cannot go wrong with a cross as a gift for Nana.

It looks great on my wall. I am going to have to get a bigger house to display them all!!

Hope you have a happy Monday friends. I am off to have coffee with some of my former co workers at Central Weekday School. Yes we discuss our old students and what they are up to these days. Last Sunday, a precious girl from my first class at CWS, was pictured in the Living Section of the Decatur Daily. She was a beautiful bride.  I admit I felt old when I read about the ceremony. Another young man we knew as a preschooler  was named in the baseball draft! He went in the 39th round but will be on the team at Auburn here in Alabama.  Teachers are always proud of the accomplishments of former students.  What a blessing it is to my heart to know that I helped start my two year olds on their road to education.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stitchy Mail

What is it about opening your mail box and finding a package? I do not know about you but I channel Christmas and birthday rolled into one when I spy a package in the mail.  This week I received some Stitchy Mail from my friend Tonya at Tonya's Sewing Room.  Tonya has an ETSY shop as well as a Floss Tube channel. She is  a southern gal like me and she lives in a rural part of North Carolina. I have ordered several project bags from her as well as needleminders.  Project bags are great for keeping cross stitch projects organized and neat and tidy. Now that I am the owner of my very own Singer Sewing Machine, I may be making my own from here on out.

I asked for one for my Halloween project, The Most Wonderful Fright of the Year.  She came up with this cute Charlie Brown fabric.

I do not think I will be losing this bright bag( unless another stitcher snatches it.)

Here is one that could hold any project.

I love the vintage look of this project bag.

Here are my needle minders.

I ordered the Holly Hobby needle minder and Tonya gifted me the cute witches hat.  I will be using the hat on my Sue Hillis Halloween project. So many of the ETSY shop owners I have worked with are so generous with their customers. Often they will toss in a freebie or a nice card or note.

I mentioned earlier I had purchased a very basic Singer. I wanted to be able to do some home decor projects as well as finishing some of my cross stitch projects. I have not touched a machine in about 20 years so I am hoping it is like riding a bicycle and it will come back to me. If not,  I will check You Tube.  I took home ec in high school, made most of my own clothes as well as dresses for Amelia when she was a girl so I am not a novice but I am still feeling rather hesitant about taking up this craft again. I will let you know how it goes! Any hints for diving into sewing again will be welcome.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Original Tiny House

In our present day of minimalism, the tiny house is quite the rage. Back in the early 1800s the tiny house was a way of life.  The Cherokee Indians in North Georgia had become fans of the European way of life as a result of James Vann's example as well as the influence of their Moravian friends.
Here is a picture of what the average Cherokee family called home.

This cabin was dismantled and moved to the Vann House property.

A fireplace, a table and a bed took up most of the space downstairs.

Here is the fireplace wall.

A ladder led to the loft where the children slept.

The Vann House did not have a kitchen as it was located in a cabin on the property. The slaves produced the meals and transported them to the dining room.

I loved seeing these "leather britches" hanging from the rafter. When I was a girl we spent many summer afternoons stringing green beans on thread and hanging them to dry on the front porch.

The Vann kitchen was very well appointed.

The fireplace in the kitchen was decorated very nicely for a kitchen. Notice the colors repeated from the Vann House decor.

Here I am standing in the kitchen door. I am about 5'8" so you can see how low the doorways were. Marvin had to stoop to enter. Our guide informed us that the Cherokee were taller than their European counterparts. Joe Vann was 6'6" tall which was very tall for that time period.

Here was an interesting sign we saw outside the garden.

The Cherokee had their own method of gardening!

Because the Cherokee claimed prime property in the area, many were jealous of them. And with land grants being given out to the white settlers, the government decided to relocate the Cherokee to join their "brothers" out west.  Joe Vann knew he was going to be evicted from his plantation and he was wise enough to take some money and move on his own. Being a shrewd businessman, he began a ferry service in the west. His business came to an end when the steam ship he was piloting on the river exploded.

The Cherokee with limited means were herded into a compound near the Chief Vann House. Many died of disease before they could even begin the trip west. On the trail, 14 people were buried at each stop as a rule. It was a tragic time in Georgia history. I have some ancestors who we think were of Cherokee descent. However, we cannot prove it as they did not dare claim their Indian blood on the US Census. We have several family names that were common to the  English surnames the local Indians took as their own.  Two of my ancestors applied for the Guion Miller Claim that paid reaparation to the descendants of the Cherokee who were displaced.  Many Cherokee in North Carolina were able to hide in the mountains to prevent being taken west. Our tour guide said that the Indians in this area did not try this as they had become very European in life style and they did not think they could make it in the mountains.  So they headed west and were fortunate if they made it to the end of the journey.

Hope you enjoyed this little step back in time. We need to remember the bad times in our History as well as the good times.

The Chief Vann House

I have mentioned before that my hometown is near Spring Place, a major Cherokee settlement in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  The centerpiece of this settlement was the beautiful home build by James Vann. James was the son of a Cherokee woman and a Scottish trader.  He amassed quite a fortune.

The house was a Mansion in its day. It had glass windows which was totally unheard of in North Georgia at the time. James Vann had glass imported from Savannah, Georgia. The bricks were made of the the red clay that is plentiful in the area.

James Vann was wealthy but it did not keep him from addiction to alcohol and gambling which lead to his murder shortly after the Vann House was completed. His wealth was left to his son, Joseph.

Before entering the house visitors can tour the museum housing many interesting exhibits. One of which is my Grandfather Henderson's collection of artifacts.

Proud granddaughter right here I must add.

Jacob Hickman was our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable and interesting. We also visited with Tim Howard, a local historian who is a friend of the family and a big supporter of the Vann House.
Much of the information on the Vanns and their plantation come from the diaries of the Moravian missionaries that James Vann asked to come to the area to educate the Cherokee and to spread the Good News of the Bible.

The Vanns did own slaves and this basket was probably made by a slave in the style of the baskets you will still find produced in Charleston, SC.   It was amazingly preserved.

The main entry to the Vann House. The stair well was built without the support that you can see to the right of the photo. It was a floating staircase but over the years it began to sag so the column was added for structural support. The colors used in the house are the blue of the sky, the red of the red clay, the green of the trees and the warm yellow of the sun.

The dining room with a portrait of Chief Joe Vann above the fire place. Joseph was very influential in the Cherokee Nation.

A reminder of some of the things that led to the murder of James Vann can be found in the parlor. President Monroe was a guest of the Vann family on one of his trips to the South.

As a stitcher I had to have a picture of this beautiful needlework.

The children slept in a dormitory in the attic. Boys on one side, girls on the other.

A bathroom circa 1804.

It was interesting to revisit the rich history of this part of North Georgia.  Tomorrow I will share how the other half lived in Spring Place, the Cherokee who were not wealthy but loved their lifestyle that was brutally ripped from them with the Trail of Tears.