Friday, July 7, 2017

Belly Flops

One of my favorite candies is Jelly Bellys.  Ronald Reagan knew a good jelly bean when he introduced this brand to me.  One of the bad things about Jelly Bellys is the price which is a bit high for my purse. At Christmas, Marvin gifted me with a big bag of my favorite flavor, Tutti Fruitti. I told him I was honored to receive $100 worth of Jelly Beans. No I don't think they cost that much but I am sure he paid a pretty penny for this treat. He finally acknowledged that the dispenser got away from him!!

My sister, Leta, brought me a bag of these the last time we were at Grimmwood.

These are Belly Flops...essentially the "seconds" of Jelly Bellys.  They taste good and the only change may be the shape or color of the beans. They are delicious. You can find them at Big Lots. I had to take a detour by Big Lots yesterday as I was on my way to the library.  Yes, this small bag is $1 at Big Lots and it is the same size as the $4 bag of Jelly Bellys I sometimes purchase at Walmart. There is a big bag that is just $3. I had to leave it there as I knew I would eat the whole bag if I brought it home.:)

Be sure and check out Big Lots if you are a Jelly Belly fanatic.


Sandy said...

I love gummy bears. They now make a gluten free package and it ALWAYS staring at me when I go grocery shopping and now my friend is telling me about jelly beans. I can't get away from temptations.

Linda said...

Thank you! I will be making a trip to Big Lots!

Karen said...

Belly Flops! What a great name. lol