Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Photos

Amelia shared some pictures of their trip to Arkansas and it looks like the Roberts fam had a good time. ( So take that Disney World.):)

Here is Kendall on the Big Dam Bridge.

All the can tell Hampton is thrilled to be in this picture. He is rapidly becoming a teenager.

This was their favorite restaurant.

Purple Ice Cream!

Brain Freeze for Hudson.

I love this picture of Kendall. She has always been fascinated by the stars and planets.

Our kids love a good science museum.

Looking at the Little Rock area from an observation deck.

Hampton says no to holding the alligator at the Alligator farm. ( I agree!)

Notice the mouths are clamped shut...the alligator's not Hudson's/

The little boys are brave.

Brave mommy too.

The kids enjoyed a petting zoo as well.

They stopped in Memphis on the way home to see the Peabody Ducks then it was home sweet home. They packed a lot into four days.  School starts back here on August 8th so all the vacations are finished for the summer. Soon car line and home work will be our normal routine again.


Dianna said...

Looks as if the family had a wonderful time! Love those brave people with the alligator. I'd be right there beside Hampton saying no! haha

Sandy said...

I have said it before, I love it that Amelia takes the kids on these kind of trips. Lindsay were talking at lunch just yesterday about we didn't understand the Disney thing. One of her best friends since middle school books Disney trips for a living. We just don't get it all. I have been watching the ISS every night fly over. Kendall and I share a love.
My computer is still in the shop, so I just can't poke out a post on iPad. I have several post topics for when I get it back. I have a huge surprise to post about when I get it back. I will be out of town this weekend to pick this sweet little live surprise. I may have lost my mind, but I simply can't wait.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful adventure they had! Hmmm, not sure if I would hold a gator, but glad they were able to if they wanted. Enjoy your weekend, Arlene!

Mary said...

Such a nice family vacation, I would pass on holding the gator too. I have a nephew named Hudson, love that name! Have a great weekend. Mary

Anonymous said...

Wow - school starts in early August! What a lovely vacation! My children and grandchildren (except Sam yet) LOVE science museums! I think I'd hold an alligator but I'd be tempted to unclamp his mouth poor thing!

Terri D said...

What a great vacation and I agree that those kinds of trips are so much better than Disney! We have been so over the theme parks for years now, and they are in our back yard (so to speak). Kendall is growing up so fast!! She looks a foot taller than just a few months ago! A lovely family!!

doodles n daydreams said...

Great family photos Arlene, I always enjoy seeing them.
How are your reunion plans coming on or are they on hold just now?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Looks like they had lots of fun. I was born and raised in AR and the first photo I ever took was at the Alligator farm in Hot Springs...with a little Brownie camera. This sure brings back memories! Hugs!