Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grimmlin Fun

We enjoyed a quick trip to Georgia. We had planned to stay unit the 4th but Marvin had a flare up of Sciatica and when you hurt, you would rather be home. So we came home. He will be having an MRI on Thursday. Prayers appreciated for an answer to this pain.

On Friday night we enjoyed some dinner at Los Amigas Mexican Restaurant.

WE all crammed into one big booth.

Note Elliott is showing us his mouth full of tortilla.

Ben came with Margaret and Elliott while Katy stayed home with Baylor. It gives her a break when it is just the two of them. As Baylor gets older, it seems he is sleeping better, which is good for everyone.
Aunt Leta brought over some goody bags for the great niece and nephews.

The boys. Marvin found this rocking chair was about the only chair he could sit in comfortably. Note his Waconia Brewing Company shirt. Waconia MN is his dad's home town.

Never a dull moment with these two Grimmlins around!!


Sandy said...

I hope Marvin's pain ends soon. A few months ago Jeff had an issue that was killing him. He went to the doctors for rounds of tests. He was not even thinking about giving into surgery, but then all of a sudden it went away. Our bodies can start giving us some weird pinches and deteriorating bones when we age. I hope his just goes away as well.
Love those family times. I had a great time with mine yesterday.

Cranberry Morning said...

Sweet family pics, Arlene! Sorry to hear about Marvin's sciatica. That's so miserable. Thank you to Elliott for showing us the tortilla. LOL Just like something my grands would do. :-)

Terri D said...

Great photos and you obviously all had a great time. So sorry about Marvin's pain. Keep us posted on the MRI results. Sciatica pain is terrible.

Mari said...

Poor Marvin! Sciatica pain is miserable I'm told. I hope he gets some good results on the MRI. Looks like the grands were good medicine though.

Linda said...

Sorry Marvin is hurting! Prayers he gets relief soon! You gotta give him credit for smiling anyway!!
Loved all your happy family photos! Nothing better!!

Anonymous said...

So very sorry about Marvin's pain and I will continue to pray for him. I enjoyed these pics very much. I pray you both will have a restful night.