Monday, July 17, 2017

Hurray for Habitat for Humanity

I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of the newest Habitat House here in Decatur.  And it belongs to my friend, Kathleen.

Kathleen, her husband, Harold and son, Michael, will be moving into their new home next weekend.  Kathleen is quite a woman.After her husband became disabled due to complications from a surgery, Kathleen stepped up to the plate to care for her husband and her family. Originally from Upstate New York, Kathleen and Harold are true southerners now.  The Moores attend First Bible Church and Kathleen is in my small group of ladies who meet for encouragement and prayer. I can still remember the day Kathleen told our little group that she and Harold were applying to be accepted into the Habitat program. And believe me, it is not easy. It has been a three year journey for this family. They took required classes and worked on the houses of other Habitat families while waiting for their home to be built.

Today was a very touching day...celebrating this accomplishment! Our church, First Bible, was one of the sponsors in building the home. In addition to giving money for the project, many FBC members worked on the house.

And here it is...just lovely. It is a two bedroom two bath home. In the master bedroom is a nook devoted to Harold's dialysis, which Kathleen does all by herself. She shared with me that she was not pleased with the dialysis center so she learned to administer the dialysis.  As an old nurse, I do not know if I would be comfortable doing that so my hat is off to my amazing friend.

The kitchen and the living room are one big area. The Moores are going to really enjoy this new home.

And here is a gift for the family from our small group. Moore with The blessing house in white across the name. established 2017.  Kathleen and Harold are planning to use their new home to be a blessing in the neighborhood.  God Bless this wonderful family in their new home.


Sandy said...

Great story. Love those uplifting moments.
I took notice of the sign for my Cricut which has been sitting still.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy, my friend, Stephanie, did that for us. She also made me some cute tee shirts for our family Christmas in July( which will be the first weekend in August due to some members having conflicts in july.) Those machines are amazing.

Mary said...

This is such a wonderful program and how rewarding to be part of it and have your friends be the recipients. The home is lovely, I wish them much happiness in their new home. Mary

Karen said...

That is an amazing blessing. It will mean so much to them. Thanks for sharing this story.

Terri D said...

My brother was very involved with Habitat when he was alive. He was the construction manager on many of the homes around the central Ohio area. Such a worthy organization. May God bless the Moores in their new home!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what a sweet story. I am so glad that your friends have a new home. xo

Mari said...

The habitat homes are such a blessing! Bob worked on one once and it was a good experience. I'm happy for your friends!