Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Its a Daisy Day

My next door neighbors have a lovely bed of daisies that are blooming right now. Daisies are such a cheerful flower.   I remember one of my friends used them in her wedding as they were her favorite flower.

I put a few in a vase with sea shells at the bottom...just says summertime to me.

I was reading up on Daisies. The name comes from an old English word that meant Days Eye. These flowers bloom on every continent except Anartica.  They are rather like Poinsettias in that the middle part of the daisy is considered a flower on its own. Two flowers in one is how it is described in my reading.

Marvin was able to go to work Monday and Tuesday. He seems to be doing better and if we can get that pesky knee under control, I think we will be on the road to recovery. Thanks so much for all your prayers. Also, Marvin's cousin, Susan, has gone home with Hospice. Please pray for her family. Her daughter is expecting a baby in September and had hoped her mama would make it until the birth.

I hope all of my blog friends have a blessed Wednesday.


Terri D said...

Good news about Marvin. You both remain in my prayers, as well as your intentions for your friend. The daisy is my favorite flower. Love your vase with the seashells in the bottom! Great idea!!

Linda said...

Great news about Marvin and - as is true in life - I am so sorry about Susan. Praying God will give peace and comfort to all of you.
I love daisies and Louis Dean often sings that song about "I'll bring you a daisy a day...." It's kind of sad as the song tells of him doing this from courtship to her grave. Still, daisies are happy flowers!
Go, Marvin, GO!!! We are rooting for you - and praying, too!

Mary said...

The daisy is such a cheerful flower, pretty vase you have there! Happy to hear Marvin is doing better and I will say a prayer for Susan and her family. Mary

Dianna said...

Very interesting information about Daisies. I did not know that the middle part was considered a flower on its own.

I am so glad to hear the good news about Marvin. Praying that his knee will soon be good as new.

I'm so sorry to hear about Susan. I will keep her in my prayers and for her family. Not an easy thing to go through.

Sandy said...

Good news about Marvin.
So sorry about Marvin's cousin. Life can be hard.
Daisies are definitely a cheerful flower.

Karen said...

Who can resist those daisies? Thanks for sharing them. I hope Marvin's knee will heal.

Visits With Mary said...

Learned something new about daisies, very interesting. My SIL loved them. Good to hear Marvin is doing better, sorry to hear about his cousin.

Mari said...

I love daisies too - they are so cheerful!
Glad to hear Marvin is doing better.
So sorry to hear about his cousin though.

Mrs.T said...

I have always liked the cheerful look of daisies. They look pretty in a mason jar too. I like your idea of seashells in the bottom of a vase. Very summery indeed!

Glad Marvin has been able to get back to work, and will pray for that pesky knee!