Saturday, July 1, 2017

Stitching Saturday

I have several finishes to show you this week.

Thanks to this sweet machine, I was able to pick up sewing with ease. The hardest part was figuring out how to thread the needle.

Her is my first finish....It is not perfect...I need to work on getting my lines a bit straighter.

I used Vonna Pfieffer's method of creating a seam in the back, stuffing it and then slip stitch it together. It makes your lines and corners a bit neater.

Vonna also suggested using a wooden dowel to aid in stuffing your corners. I used my cuticle stick.

On display!

The Good Stitch Witch is stored away until October.

And another finish. I will be having this one framed. 

I so enjoyed finishing these projects and learning that the old skills I learned in Miss Edna Jo Butler's Home Economics Class 40 something years ago, came back to mind without much prodding.


Anonymous said...

Cute little sewing machine and I love your finished projects. I love them all but I am partial to the Autumn ones!
Happy 4th!

Visits With Mary said...

Great stitches Arlene and I love your display! I use a chopstick when stuffing projects, it works well too. I've also used that method for the back seam, I think it's the easiest.

Sandy said...

Like a pro. They look great.

Mary said...

Miss Edna Jo Butler taught you well!! Great job on the finishing. I somehow missed the tip on the seam in the back and that is a great one, I am never happy with where I sew up my seams, always shows a bit differently.
I love your patriotic display and stitches!
Great job on you witch finish, I like the little black fabric trim separating the stitch from you finishing fabric. Nice choice of fabrics.
Your Liberty lady is beautiful, certainly deserving of a beautiful frame.
My co-blogger RJ has tried to comment on your blog for the last 4 posts and has not been able to, can you think of a reason why she has not been able to post?

Have a Happy and safe 4th, Mary@stitchingfriendsforeverblog

Mrs.T said...

Wow, Arlene! Beautiful work! I've never heard of that back seam method, but it does work well, doesn't it? I like to use a chopstick for getting stuffing into corners.

Now I need to find some time for cross stitch. I love how your Betsy Ross piece turned out.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mary I am sad that her comments are not coming through! I have not re sieved any on my blog comment moderation page! I have several blogs I read that I have not been able to comment on and I am still not sure why! It is so frustrating to me. Please ask her to keep trying. Thanks so much for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, you did a great job on those pillows! I'm glad you are enjoying your sewing machine! Love your needlepoint - as always!! xo

Mari said...

I love your stitchery work! The pillows are so cute!

Linda said...

All your projects look wonderful! I thought about you this evening as I was stitching away on my Christmas Cross Stitch...I have every intention of finishing it by Christmas! I am a SNAIL compared to you!!! inspire me!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments. i enjoy sharing my stitching with y'all.

Terri D said...

Brilliant to us your cuticle stick to help with the corners! Great projects!!

Carol said...

Oh, these are all so beautiful, Arlene! I don't know where we would all be without Miss Vonna's helpful hints and tutorials, do you?! Hope you have a lovely 4th with your family!