Monday, July 10, 2017

The Stream

Good Morning...lets paddle gently down the stream. Because that is about all I can do today.

1. We are off to the doctor this morning for an orthopedist/spinal consult for Marvin. After two weeks of pain we got an MRI which showed he has a herniated disc.  We could not see the physician until August 31st( by which time I would have killed him or he would have died of pain.)  So we opted for this doctor's PA so we can find out what our options are for treatment. Prayers appreciated as we consider what this medical professional has to say.  Thanks to friend, Susan, for suggesting Marvin use her husband's back brace. Of all the treatments that seems to work the best.  In addition to Marvin's problem, we were informed that a much loved cousin is struggling with the end stage of breast cancer. She has fought for years and seemed to be stable when the cancer reared its ugly head with a vengeance.  Our hearts are broken for her and her family.

2. We have been home a lot...watching Wimbledon  and the Atlanta Braves. I am thankful I have my stitching to keep me busy. I have accomplished a good bit of work on every piece in my rotation.  I may share my rotation with y'all this stitching Saturday. It does keep me from becoming bored with working on one piece as was my habit in years past. So thankful for the Stitching community I have found online.

3. I finished a good book, The Chilbury Ladies Choir by Jennifer Ryan. The second World War has just begun in England and while the ladies of the community are willing to give up a lot, singing is not on that list. This spirited group of ladies gather each week to sing and they find it does help them to cope with the woes of war.  I believe I read this book in two days. I found it hard to put down. One reviewer noted that it was rather predictable but hey, right now I want to read a book where all ends well and I put it down feeling happy.

4. On TV, we have been enjoying Prime Suspect 1973. Masterpiece Theater has kept us entertained for years. We remember Jane Tennison and it is interesting to see her as a rookie cop in this series. As a matter of fact, I looked up the old series on Amazon and I may purchase it to take to Grimmwood. We have watched all our Morse's and Inspector Lewis. Speaking of Morse, Endeavor which chronicles Morse's early years as a policeman is set to return to PBS in August.  Why can't we make some quality programs on this side of the pond?

5. One more TV post here.( as  I said, we have been homebound)   We enjoyed watching To Joey with Love on CMT last week. It is the story of country music stars Joey and Rory Feek.  What a heartbreaking story yet very empowering to those who are believers. Death is not the end. After seeing the movie, I saw Rory's book, This Life I Live, on sale at Hobby Lobby so I purchased it. It was a good read. Rory continues to blog at This Life I Live. He talks about his life as a widower raising his three year old Down Syndrome daughter, Indie.

6. And unless you think all I have been doing is stitching, reading and watching tv...I have been working on getting my steps in every day. It has turned HOT here in NoAla so I have been going to the mall to walk. I have not been there since winter and I must say the new owners of the mall have remodeled it in a lovely style. It is very cheerful and bright. I hope it may attract some more stores to the facility.  I noted as I walked by Hallmark that their 2017 Christmas ornament premier is this week. Girls we just cannot get away from Christmas it seems.

7. While I have been home, I have also worked on my prayer journal that had been sadly neglected. This morning at church our pastor pointed out that sometimes God uses illnesses to keep us at home where we can be more effective in prayer and Bible study. ( I am greatly paraphrasing his words...he put it much or eloquently.)  I have found that I do have time for many things that had fallen by the wayside, housekeeping, genealogy work, writing cards and notes etc.  I am trying to remember my post from several weeks ago that was a pep talk about fighting discouragement.

8. The things I am struggling with this pain at seeing Marvin in such pain and my attitude in being a servant.  I will admit that at times my patience has worn thin and I grumble with God about how long this is going on. Deep Down I know there are many people who would LOVE to have this problem and then I feel guilty about being such a weak minded person.  So friends, if you have a few extra prayers this week, I would greatly appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for both Marvin and you. Keep us posted as you have the time.

Sandy said...

I will do that Arlene. Getting down is just part of life. I hate it so, and many of us keep it all locked up inside instead of asking for prayer from our friends. I do hope you get some answers soon for Marvin. Jeff had a pinched nerve that was giving him fits and then all of a sudden it quit hurting. That was a total relief.
Last week I got myself all in a dither over my son. I was so gang depressed I couldn't see straight. I spent two days completely out of sorts and moping. Frustrated with myself for my lack of trust in God, but I am a realist. God doesn't always keep the bad away. Well, let's just say I through a big Pity Party. Then he comes to church on Sunday with Katie, and the sermon was one that blew me away. So much so that I am still reeling from it.
Take care my friend.

Terri D said...

Poor Marvin. Back pain is just the worst! And being a caregiver is no picnic. Prayers for your both, my friend. Hang in there. Glad you got in to see the PA sooner than the August appointment. Please keep us posted!

Mari said...

I'm sorry about what both of you are going through. Back pain is miserable.
I love British tv too - it really does beat ours!

Mrs.T said...

Praying for you both, Arlene, and hoping that you were able to get some helpful answers in yesterday's appointment. Back pain can be so debilitating. My son-in-law had a terrible time with his back in December -- disc issues as well. He spent weeks having specialized chiropractic treatment in California and I believe he got a special brace as well. It all did help and today he is back roofing. He does have to be careful not to overdo, and to do the stretching exercises faithfully.

So sad about your cousin. We have a dear friend who has battled cancer for nearly ten years. Things are looking not so good for her right now either. In a way we think of it as grim news, and yet on the other hand, how can we be completely sad when they are that much closer to heaven? It's thinking of those who'll be left behind that grieves us, I guess.

Visits With Mary said...

I pray the doctors can give Marvin something to relieve his pain, back pain is so terrible. Also pray that God will give you strength and patience to get through these days.