Monday, November 20, 2017

A Day in Scottsboro

Every year around this time, my friend, Diane, and I take time to enjoy a Girls Day Out. We go to different destinations close by. Nashville, Franklin and Cullman were the last three trips. Diane suggested Scottsboro this year and I was happy to oblige.

We stopped first at Unclaimed Baggage

As we entered the store there were some glass cases that displayed things that have been found in unclaimed baggage. These Apostles Spoons were a treasure that someone lost in travel.

Then we stopped at Hammers on the square in Scottsboro. This store has been around for 70 years.

It is a big old store with wooden floors. It reminds me of the department stores of my youth.

Diane and I both found several things here.

After shopping we were hungry so Payne's Drug Store was our next stop.

A charming old blast from the past.

Of course we had to post for a picture.

We highly recommend the Slaw Dogs...yummo.

After lunch we walked around the Square....

The Gazebo was decked out for the season.

Then it was on to The Grapevine, a local gift shop.

 They were decked out for Christmas as well.

On the inside we found lots of lovely things, including a Christmas ornament that we chose to remind us of our day out.

We are Merry here in NoAla.

Santa has come to Scottsboro.

A cute Mason Jar for your Sweet Tea.

Roll Tide!!

We are in the Land of Cotton!!

What can be better than a day out with a friend, eating slaw dogs and enjoying some retail therapy?


Sandy said...

I have never been to Scottsboro. The pictures kind of reminded me of Brewton, but probably a bit bigger. I still love to go home and hit a few shops downtown.

Mrs.T said...

Sounds like a perfect day, Arlene! So happy that you and Diane can take this wonderful time together.

Linda said...

It doesn’t get any better than that!

RJ said...

Oh what fun Arlene! I love Nashville and Franklin but have not been to the other places but would like to go. I'm only seeing a few photos (the rest aren't showing for me) so I will come back later to view your wonderful day. RJ

Terri D said...

What fun! Best of all, you are supporting the small businesses!! Hooray for that and for girls' days out. Wish I lived close enough to share one with you too!

Mari said...

What fun! I think I want to come shopping with you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It sure looks like you had fun...wish I had been the 'Diane' that got to shop with you. We saw fields of cotton on our trip and some were being harvested when we drove by. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I had to laugh at the apostle spoons. So strange! And oh I would love to have an ice cream soda at that soda counter. What a delightful time you had!

RJ said...

The photos are up now and they are great. I love that town. The soda fountain reminds me of one that was in our hometown growing up. And all of the stores look festive and back in time...perfect. Love that Mason jar...cute, cute, cute!!! I would love a day out like that. Glad you and your friend had such a good time, Arlene. RJ

Mary said...

I much prefer hopping in quaint little towns like this with with privately owned stores. I would love that Drug store to dine!! So quaint! What a lovely way to spend the day with your friend! I want to see what you bought though!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mary I got two sleeveless shirts at Hamricks. I can wear them under jackets in the winter. I also picked up a few little gifts so I cannot show them. At the Gift Shop I to a candle and a Christmas ornament. Then Diane gifted me with a pretty holiday piece for Grimmwood. I will be showing it next week.

Diane Wiley said...

How blessed I am to spend time with you. I love these trips every year, and our breakfasts! I love our conversations, from the serious to the silly. Thank you for how you encourage me and for your listening ear. God bless you, Arlene. I love you! <3