Tuesday, November 28, 2017

More Rocks..

While we were walking in the park we found some more pretty painted rocks. The Chatsworth community is still embracing the painting of rocks and the hiding of rocks.

I found this one....

It had a wave on the side.

Kristi found this was left by Calhoun Rocks.

We all had a chuckle over this one.

After leaving the park, we drove through  the Cool Springs community.

This view of Fort Mountain on Tom Terry Road is one of the prettiest places in the county.

We drove by Cool Springs Baptist Church.  We girls had flowers delivered to our Daddy's grave and our Grandparents graves. It is a Holiday tradition.

We noted that many families continue to care for and spruce up the resting places of their families.

My grandparents...Cliff and Naomi.  As I walk through this cemetery I remember the many precious people who are buried here.  It is good to have the blessed hope of being reunited with them one day. It was a good way to end Thanksgiving Day.


Anonymous said...

The flowers for your loved ones' resting places are very pretty. That is such a beautiful view there in the mountains.
I love the cat rock! I found a painted rock during the summer. I contacted the website listed on the rock and made a home schooled child very happy!

Karen said...

The rocks are a great idea. I love the kitty cat one! The flowers at the cemetery are very nice. A comforting family tradition.

Sandy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your sisters. My dad is buried in a little country cemetery as well. Mom's place is set for her next to him. I go regularly to see about it. The church keeps it cut, but that church is full of the elderly. I do hope some young ones will see that as a need to take up to keep it nice.

Linda said...

It was a perfect ending! Visiting a cemetery is a good place to ponder our priorities in life. I’m glad you have such happy memories of your grandparents.

Visits With Mary said...

Both of our parents are buried in the same cemetery and we go there often.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, those rocks crack me up! I've always found something comforting about graveyards. Such sweet memories are brought to mind and the love of those lost.

Terri D said...

The rocks are so fun. I don't know if Lakeland is still doing it, but it was a big thing a few months ago. Fun times for kids and adults! The flowers on the graves are beautiful and it is nice to remember those who have gone before us. My sister-in-law lives closest to our home-town cemetery and she puts pine blankets on the family graves at Christmas. We keep the memories warm in our hearts!

RJ said...

What a lovely tradition you and your sisters follow. I'm glad you were with them during this special holiday.

The rocks were fun. RJ