Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Stitching

Well after admitting to my mistake in putting my fabric on my qsnaps, I went back to the Cross Stitch Peddler and picked up a new piece of fabric. I got a bigger piece this time but you can be sure I will be more careful with my measurements.

I am still working on a few Christmas pieces and I had a finish this week.

A Prairie Schooler Santa. I did change some colors and instead of stitching the flower in his hat, I added a pretty holly sticker.  I need to trim my fabric, don't I?

Oh well from a distance you do not notice it as much. I was in a hurry to take a picture for this post.

I am going to move him to an easel this week.

I also started on my January cottage.

Do you like my needle minder?

It is so shiny you can see the ceiling fan reflected in it.  I found these on EBAY...magnets featuring the tv show, Grimm.  I love it.

This fabric will not be used by this stitcher again. The dots which appear so cute, rather like a quiet snow fall, are a bear to stitch on. I have heard other stitchers complain about this fabric and now I know why. The dots appear to be painted on the fabric rather then woven into the fabric.  Cross stitch needles are not super sharp and I have to really be careful to get my needle in the correct hole and to make it push through the material.

It is hard to believe it it time to consider what I plan to stitch in the new year. I have several Prairie Schooler Santas that I plan to stitch on perforated paper. They are so easy to display this way and to keep them up all year. I am doing a Patriotic Santa as well as a Sunflower Santa this year. And January means Easter Stitching if you hope to have the pieces done for the holiday. So...plenty of things to stitch this year but prioritizing the pieces are my big dilemma.

Have a good weekend Bloggy Friends.


Mary said...

Arlene, That will have to become your favorite needle minder, made for you!! I stitched one thing on the dotted fabric and though i love the look it is a pain to stitch through the white dots. Love your PS Santa....great idea to stitch them on paper for easy storage. Mary

Sandy said...

That fabric will be cute for the January cottage though. I have some with red dots that I haven't used, so I will keep that in mind.

Phoebes World said...

Lovely cross stitch Arlene, I think I prefer the holly on Santas hat to a flower. And personally I dont mind the uneven edge.
I like the 'snow' fabric..but I can imagine its a bit of a pain. will be pretty when its done
And yes..I like your needle minder
Enjoy your weekend
Phoebe x

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations to you on your PS Santa finish! He looks great on the perforated paper. You are off to a good start on your January cottage. I am sorry you aren't enjoying the polka dot fabric to stitch on. Enjoy your Saturday!

Carol said...

Your singing Santa is so cute, Arlene! I like the white lantern you've stitched, too. And the January cottage will look so sweet on the dotty fabric. I have some that I keep forgetting to use...sigh! Well, maybe next year :)

Linda said...

You amaze me at not only tithe quality of your work but the quantity! You are a true blue stitcher!

Visits With Mary said...

Great find on the needle keeper!! Love your patterns and I really like the look of the dotted material. Sorry to hear it's not what it should be for stitching.

Terri D said...

As always, your work is beautiful and I love the patterns you choose!!

RJ said...

Love your music Santa Arlene. It looks great on the perforated paper. I'm going to give the paper a try this year. I love your choices for next year the Patriotic Santa and the Sunflower Santa were two of my favorite to stitch.

I have also stitched on the dotted fabric. I know what you mean about going through the painted dots but when it is done it really looks so cute.

Love your needle minder. Happy stitching. RJ

Mari said...

You have been so busy!
I love the needle minder and I like that fabric too, but can see why it's hard to work on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene, Oh how I love your cross stitch. It is hard to believe you'll be working on Easter decor soon. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love the holiday scenes! And since my birthday is next month, I always like winter decorating for January. Holiday hugs!