Monday, December 11, 2017

Snow in the South

Well the southern part of the USA got a Christmas surprise in the form of a snow storm. While Decatur was snowless, Birmingham got six inches of the white stuff.

You know Margaret was glad for a snow day!

Katy got the kids up bright and early to see the snow, thinking it would melt quickly.

Baylor enjoyed watching the snow from the inside of the house! I love how he was clapping his hands with joy over the winter wonderland.

Katy and Ben enjoyed the snow day as well. Ben's work was cancelled as everyone remembers the snowpocolypse of several years ago. So just stay home and chill out was the good word.

Snow in the south is a wonderful thing as we get so little of it. And true to form by today, it was gone except for the snow lingering in shady places.  And that is alright with most Southerners as we love it but we have things to do this time of the year!


Karen said...

I remember what a thrill it was to have a snow day in Georgia!! Glad they had a good time.

Mary said...

Such a great December surprise for the kids to play in the snow, you can see from their faces they are enjoying the treat!

Anonymous said...

Cute and joyful photos of everyone enjoying the snow. I like Margaret's snowman and love seeing the delight in Baylor's face/eyes.

Mrs.T said...

Oh, my, to see Baylor's delight and his shining eyes is such a blessing to my heart this morning! So thankful to see that! And glad the other kids, and mom and dad, enjoyed the snow day as well.

We got about four inches here on Saturday and have five to eight predicted for tomorrow. I was really getting used to a warmer, snowless December, but I knew it couldn't last! Tomorrow is sounding to me like a good day to stay in and bake Christmas cookies.

Sandy said...

The Hoover grands did get a good bit of snow. I know they enjoyed it, and the others were probably a bit jealous. Hopefully, I am back in the saddle this week with posting.

Visits With Mary said...

Enjoyed your pictures! We had snow too, last time for us was 2008!!

Terri D said...

Fun for the kids!! I'm just glad it didn't come down our way! Worth it to see the joy and fun in the little ones' faces!

Mari said...

Wow! I love the pictures of the kids in the snow.
We are under a winter weather warning from tonight until Wed afternoon. I hope they are wrong!

RJ said...

Looks like fun!!! I have never seen snow in Florida. And I miss it. RJ