Thursday, December 21, 2017

Trip To Birmingham

On Monday, Marvin had his post op check up with Dr B at the Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham. We were just in and out...his pathology report was all clear, just a fatty tumor. The operative site looked good and we hope we do not have to have any more surgery this year, or next year for that matter. Two surgeries in one month's time took a toll on both of us but we are happy with the outcomes.

We wanted to treat ourselves to a Christmas lunch in the big city. Son in law, Todd, recommended The Village Tavern at the Summit Center.

It was pretty busy as it seemed every office in Birmingham was having a Christmas luncheon there. Our wait was worthwhile as we each enjoyed our lunch.

I had the Luncheon Filet with crab meat.

Marvin enjoyed the Grouper..

He also ate my broccoli because I am in President Bush's I Hate Broccoli Club.  If you remember President George Herbert Walker Bush took quite the razing for his hatred of this green veggie.

We also stopped at Icing on the Cookie...

We shared these with the grands when we stopped there to open Christmas gifts.  Alas, I got no pictures of the excited Grimmlins.  But by the mess we left there, a good time was had by all.

Then we drove out to Bass Pro Shop. Marvin had a gift card to spend there.

The ride up to the store was quite steep and we were wondering if we were ever going to reach the top. Next time we will take the RV entrance.  Many people are surprised that Birmingham is hilly. But it is!! Even downtown in some spots.  The Bass Pro Shop is located in Leeds...a suburb east of town.

Seemed to be a popular place for Christmas shopping.

A pretty Christmas tree greeted us as we entered.

And a big fireplace as well.

Marvin found some ammo while I came away with two pretty fleece jackets that were on sale.

By the time we made it back to Decatur we were two tired puppies and we sank into our happy chairs to watch Jeopardy!! A good way to end the day for us nerds.


Miss Dishywoo said...

Oh, if that is how nerds spend their day, I am definitely a nerd. It sounds like a lovely day and just the kind of outing my husband and I like the most - low key, but spending time together while getting things done and relaxing.

Sandy said...

Oh Bass Pro Shop. I have all of them memorized and actually dread
going in them, but Jeff loves them. I just smile, find a camo recliner and read on my phone.

Linda said...

Bass Pro has the nicest Christmas displays! I haven’t been to one in ages!
Praise God for the good reports from the doctor! Yes, no more surgeries!

Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

sharon said...

So happy that you received a good report from the dr. Sounds like a perfect day out and I am with you about being a nerd!!

Anonymous said...

So thankful for a good report on Marvin. Praise the Lord.
So happy you enjoyed a good lunch and some shopping. Those cookies are so pretty.
All the best in the new year to you and yours and Merry Christmas. xo

Terri D said...

It sounds like a perfect day to me, or at least right next to perfect!! I'm sure you were tired!! Joe and I spend a lot of time in our "happy chairs"!! Love that!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, your day sounds full to the brim. The restaurant looks inviting as does the food. LOVE the big Christmas tree and lodge look. My husband and I often watch Jeopardy too. :-)

RJ said...

Looks like another wonderful day Arlene. I'm thrilled to hear the good results of Marvin's tests. Excellent news and I'm sure you will really enjoy your holidays. RJ