Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Things I am Loving

One of the floss tube ladies I enjoy watching is Heidi Cran. At the end of her stitching posts she shares things she is loving that week. I thought it might be a fun post here at Nanaland So here goes....

1. Orange Cranberry Pecan Butter.  I found this yummy confection at our local Bank Street store, The Cupboard.  I eat it on toast for breakfast and it is yummy!!  The cranberry gives it a kick and the orange citrus tang compliments the cranberry perfectly. Add pecans to anything I will love it. Pecans are my favorite nut.

2. My silver scrubby. I went to The Cupboard to get a new Wet It for the kitchen and they were out of stock. Ginger assured me they were expecting a shipment any day. She suggested I try this silver scrubby with a sponge inside. They are perfect for scrubbing cast iron and coated cast iron without scratching the surface. They are also great for cleaning glass cooktops.

3. Cupcake Hershey Kisses. I purchased a bag of this confection to add to my Valentine Dough Bowl that you will see tomorrow here at Nanaland. These little white chocolate candies have sprinkles inside.

4.The book, God or Nothing by Cardinal Robert Sarah has been the perfect New Year read for me. I am trying to make it last another week.

5. My carafe. This was a Dollar Tree find that I purchased to place on my bedside table so I can keep water for my diffuser handy. I diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint every night to help with my allergies. The large carafe holds enough water for four or five days. And it looks pretty too!

6. Cardigans at Target. Ladies, Target is bringing out the spring fashions. That means goodbye to fall and winter. I purchased 5 cardigans that had been marked down to $11.48 each! I purchased one cute leopard cardigan to just see if I liked it. Well I loved it so I went back and was fortunate to find a black, red, rose and navy floral version.  Five cardigans for about $60.  These will see me through the rest of winter and I will have them ready for next year. I love to wear cardigans over sleeveless tops. Add some pearls and voila... June Cleaver.

So what are you loving right now? I would enjoy hearing from all of you!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

50 Taters

Well now that I have your attention....

I had heard of a restaurant in Scottsboro, Alabama called 50 Taters.  Who would not want to know more about this place? Marvin and I were traveling home from Grimmwood on a Monday and we were passing through Scottsboro just at lunchtime.  "Wanna eat at 50 Taters?" I asked. Of course my wish was his command! We googled the location and we were pleased to find it was not very far off our route.

It is very rustic!

We went inside and checked out the menu. Marvin chose a BBQ Tater and I got a hamburger. The food was delicious. As Senior Citizens we got a free dessert of peach cobbler. There should be perks to joining the over 60 crowd!

I took this picture of the unique decor...

I loved the old barn wood used as a valance at the top of the window shade.  

If you are ever in the Scottsboro, Alabama area, check out this eatery. And don't forget to visit the Hammers Department Store is a great shopping experience.  It is fun to find new places as you travel through life.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Stitching Friends

When we were newlyweds living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, I had two dear friends, Melinda and Rebekah. We all lived in the same apartment complex and we attended Kern Memorial UMC. Our husbands were friends too so we had many happy times together.

Back in the late 1970s, Rebekah took up counted cross stitch and taught me and Melinda how it was done.  I kept with cross stitch but Melinda branched out into quilting. You may remember I shared the pretty in pink quilt she made not too long ago.

Melinda and I have kept our friendship going for 40 years, sometimes across continents and now across the USA. She had told me to expect a package in the mail. What would it be???

A beautiful wall hanging done in the Bow Tie Pattern. One of the bow ties is a material with pears the belonged to Melinda's grandmother's stash.  That really touched my heart that she would share something so special with me.

I am using it on my table at Grimmwood but when I go back it will be hung on the wall in my bedroom. Melinda gave me a tip on hanging it safely.

Being a needleworker myself, I appreciate it so much when someone takes the time to make something for me.

You may remember my tale of woe regarding my q snap misadventure that left me with a partially stitched Foothills Farm.  I took lemons and made lemonade.

I turned the stitching into what is called a "small".  These tiny pillows can be tucked anywhere for a bit of interest.  I had been wondering what I would do with this bit of stitching when I received my package from Melinda. Then I had my answer! I packed it up and sent it on its way to Henderson, Nevada.

And here it is in its new home.

This little chair belonged to Melinda's mother.  The colors are perfect and it makes me happy to know my stitching friend has a bit of my needlework in her home.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Stitching Saturday

You all will remember my famous last words, "I will stitch from stash this year!" Well that is just not working for me right now. There have been too many cute releases that I cannot resist.

Lizzie Kate came out with this new chart. I did the Autumn pillow and I want a Winter pillow as well. I may wait and stitch it for next winter however. Because...

I want to get busy on this Easter Parade pillow by Shepherd's Bush.

Another winter project. But I had to get it now as it might go out of print and I would have to pay lots of money for it on EBAY. ( My rationale!)

Now here is my progress report for this week.

I finished February while we were at Grimmwood. Now to iron it and get it ready for the clipboard. I changed up some of the colors...I did not like the brown roof that was charted so I changed it to green.

Spring is almost here Yall!! Only G to add!

Mount Vernon was completed and you can see a small start of Martha in the bottom left.

I stitched my cow again! I made her black and white this time around. Last time it was a very dark brown and ecru.  We like black and while cattle on my farm. Now to get it finished into a Christmas ornament.

I have a small start on May...It is my birth month so I wanted to get it done so I can display it in the merry merry month of May.

I will be playing Nana this weekend so not much stitching will be completed! But Sunday afternoon, Smoky Mountain Christmas will come out to play.

Friday, January 26, 2018

F is for Family

In this day and age it seems I only see my cousins when we meet at a funeral.  My sister, Kristi, worked to get us all together last weekend. We met at Amazing Grace Baptist Church where several members of the family attend services.  Good Food and Great Fellowship was had by the grands of Cliff and Naomi Tankersley. Cousin Steve and his family could not make it. Cousin Dwayne and his family were on a mission trip to Haiti. We are already planning another gathering.

My cousins, Brenda and Charlotte,  me, Kristi and Leta.  We are missing three cousins who have gone on to heaven. Carolyn was the second oldest granddaughter. She died in her early 50s from complications of Lupus. Our cousin, Kathy, died suddenly quite a few years ago and Pam, Carolyn's sister died three years ago from cancer.  Charlotte lost both of her sisters and her mom. She is the Mama to all her nieces and nephews now and much loved.

This is a picture of me with Carolyn's daughter, Andrea.  Carolyn was very special to me. We were closest in age and I always thought she could do no wrong. Carolyn would be so proud of her daughter who is a strong woman of faith. I found a new prayer partner.

The girls with Kevin, our youngest guy cousin.  Brent managed to escape before the picture taking began.

Our branch of the family.

I am so grateful for my extended family. These are the people I grew up with. We laugh at common memories, miss the same loved ones and hold each other up in prayer. We are blessed.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Marvin was going through an old box from his mama's house. ( Yes we are still sorting through things about six years after her death.) Marvin is very sentimental about his mama's things and he can only look at so much at a time. He also has a hard time deciding what to keep and what to toss.  Another reason I am trying to pare down my things so my children will not have to make those decisions.

Anyway, long story short...look what he found.

This photo was taken for the Kern UMC directory in 1977.  We look young. I was 22 and Marvin was 26. We lived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Marvin was getting his PhD at Oak Ridge National Lab and I was an RN at Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital. We lived in a one bedroom apartment and life was good.

I also came across this picture of us that was made about 12 years ago.

It was made in our house on Brandywine Drive.  I think this might have been when I first started blogging. I blogged for a few years, decided to quit and deleted my old blog. However I could not stay away from blogging. It really is a  great community and I missed sharing with my friends.

Hope you enjoyed traveling back in time with the Grimms.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Blue is the New White and other Decorating Trends

I  ranted last week about the current decorating trends so I thought I would prove my point today. I received two more magazines in the mail this week with some questionable photos.

I love Blue as much as the next person but really??? (sorry for the taken from magazine with my cell phone.)  I fussed for years about the all white trend that everyone was embracing but it looks good to me compared to this!! As an old nurse, the all white walls reminded me too much of the Operating Rooms I had worked in years ago.

More Blue...I am thinking of what a nightmare it would be to paint this fireplace and wall when you tire of the blue.

And here is another trend that is bothering me.

Painting the trim the same color as the wall.  And that green...uh just NO.  To me this looks like you got carried away. I have painted enough in my life time to know how hard it is to reverse dark colors to lighter ones so no way I would ever do this in my home.

I also saw a picture of a room with the ceiling painted this shade of green.  A whole lot of NOPE on that one.

Here are my ideas of blue and white.

I love blue and white in this presentation. In fact I have lots of blue and white in my own home.

A soft blue and white is so pretty and restful in a bedroom.

The pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet so I guess the blue trend is an off shoot of that design choice.  Tell me, what do you think about painted ceilings and painted trim.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy Anniversary to Ben and Katy

Ben and Katy are celebrating nine years of marriage. They got married on a warm January evening. Well Warm compared to what we have had this year!

Katy has three older sisters and they got together to put on a sweet intimate family wedding. Ben came to see us on Monday and told us he was getting married on Friday. He is a low key kind of guy and he did not want a big fuss. At first the happy couple planned to get married at the courthouse but the Sistas said a great big NOPE on that one. In four days the Hargrove Girls pulled off one of the sweetest weddings I have ever attended.

The Grimms...Charles was in China so he missed the festivities.

Of course Ben blinked in this one. We have a family full of blinkers. Landon always blinks!

That Italian Cream Cake was delicious.

So sweet.
The send off.
Ok, I had to share this one. Katy's nephew, Charlie, was determined he was going to kiss Kendall, the flower girl.  She put up her purse to block him!! The purse held her rose petals by the way.  We have always laughed that if these two should get married one day, this has to be the Save the Date picture.:)

It was a lovely evening and I am so thankful that Katy's sisters made it so special.

Monday, January 22, 2018


I have mentioned before that Yesteryears of Tennga is one of my favorite shopping places in my home county. Just drive up Highway 411( Pathway to the Smokies) until you almost reach the state line. Situated in an old country store on the left side of the road you will see many items that grab your attention.

Here are some photos from their FaceBook page. I am thinking the next time I am at Grimmwood I will have to go and check out their new things.

I love this farmhouse sign.

We think a lot of Sweet Tea in the Sunny South.

Another farm house sign along with an old Tobacco basket hanging on the wall.

Proud to be a Georgia Peach when I am not an Alabama Belle.

I could just see a lot of gee gaws displayed in this old thing...not sure what it is!! Feel free to share if you know what it is.

This is a genuine old dough bowl. These run in the $200 range. I am happy with my reproduction but if I ever come across the real thing at a price I can afford, it will be coming home with me.

Hope you enjoyed a visit to Yesteryears. If you are ever traveling up that way, stop in and visit the nice ladies who own the store. They are only there on Thursday Friday and Saturday so plan accordingly.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stitching Saturday

This will be a short Stitchy Visit.  I am in the process of kitting up some stitching projects for my rotation. I will share those next week.

Here is an FFO...fully finished object.

This little cushion will be going into the Valentine Dough Bowl.

One new start is Martha Washington by Little House Needleworks. This is part of their Patriotic series. I just purchased the lady patriots. I have completed Betsy Ross and I still have Abigail Adams and Molly Pitcher to stitch before summer time. If I get Martha done I may display her in February when we honor her husband. And when is Martha's Birthday? We ought to celebrate her because she was a huge encouragement to the Father of our Country. I just googled her birthday and it is June 13th! I know you all wanted to know!!

And I pulled this back out...

I have decided that each Sunday afternoon I will work on Smoky Mountain Christmas. I am finishing up his robe and I got a little start on his wooden sleigh. I hope to complete  in time to get it framed for Christmas 2018. I am thinking of displaying this one all year at Grimmwood.  Those Bears...I almost wish I had just stitched them with the wreaths and stopped there.

Happy Stitching everyone!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

I Am A Fan

Girls, I seldom watch much tv anymore because now I am a You Tube Fan. Ok, Marvin and I still watch Jeopardy every night. Did you hear that Alex Trebek had brain surgery? No it was not to remove all the facts he has acquired over his 30 plus years as the host of Jeopardy but it was to relieve pressure on his brain from a fall he took a month ago.  Another reason that Falls are one of my fears as I get older. He is doing well and will be back hosting soon. Jeopardy put off filming one of its tournaments to allow Alex time to recover.  We also watch The Big Bang Theory as well as Young Sheldon. We watch the British shows on PBS. Marvin has a new  favorite, Doc Martin. That guy just gets on my last I would not want to be Doc Martin's nurse.

If you are tired of tv but looking for some good You Tube Channels here are a few that I enjoy.

1. Eclectic Kristen  I have mentioned her channel before on the blog. She is a young woman who visits Dollar Tree Stores and reports on what is new in the store. I find it very helpful especially if I am looking for seasonal goodies. Kirsten also does some DYI using products from the Dollar Tree and her turtorials are very good. She reminded everyone who is planning a wedding shower that now is the time to get some decorations from the Valentines Day Aisle. I went to Dollar Tree yesterday to pick up some things for my Valentines Day Dough Bowl which I plan to put on display next week.

2. Clutterbug.  I just found this perky young wife and mom's channel. She has so many tips on organization, cleaning and decorating! She does not make you feel guilty about your piles of stuff but helps you to deal with it once and for all. She is a HAPPY lady and I love to see someone who is so upbeat and encouraging without being obnoxious.

3. Mrs Erica. I have mentioned this channel before as well. Mrs Erica lives in Mobile, Al and is a working mom with lots of lifestyle hints and tips. She does some Clean with Me posts and I find they motivate me to get up and get to cleaning.  She is a woman of faith and is very encouraging as well.

4. Come Home for Comfort. Whitney is a young wife who I have known in the blog world for a long time. Her blog can be found on my Blog Roll.  Whitney shares grocery hauls, products she finds helpful in the home as well as sharing some decorating tips on a budget. It seems that I watch a lot of Homemaking blogs, but I learn something different from each lady.

5. Chelsea and Priscilla. This Mother Daughter duo has a channel on Floss Tube where they show their cross stitching and finishing skills. Priscilla's blog can also be found on my Blog Roll.  These two are so fun together and their 30 minute videos are perfect when I am walking"inside my house". Watching their banter makes the time fly by ( and no I have not run into a wall yet while watching You Tube and walking!!)

6. The Primitive Stitcher.  Suzette is one of my favorite stitchers. She is so calm and some days I need a calming voice to speak to me of stitching. Her craft room is so cute and she has it all oraganized beautifully.

There are as many channels as there are interests and I would encourage you to give You Tube a try.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Well the snow finally arrived on Tuesday.

This is the view from my front door. We now have all the grass covered and from what I see on Facebook, road conditions are deteriorating rapidly. It is supposed to be six tonight so doubtful the roads will be better tomorrow.  Girls I live in the South to avoid this kind of mess!! So far January has been one of the coldest I can remember. Usually we get some days of warmer weather between the frigid days. That being said, on Sunday it will be in the 60s. Come on Sunday!!

The kids enjoyed a snow day.

And I hung my Valentine on the door!

Marvin is home today as well. We are watching DVDs, I am cleaning a bit and stitching in between. I am hoping the Weather Man is wrong in his predictions. We are planning a trip to Grimmwood on Thursday but with the bad roads, we may be stuck in Alabama an extra day.

And in Georgia...

I need one of those Eskimo coats like Audrey"s!!

I don't think Birmingham got snow but it is very cold there. Hoping all my Grimmlins are on the road to recovery from their bouts with Flu.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Streaming at the Barn

Bruce added a flag to the barn...I love it!

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my post regarding the barn the other day. I thought I might do a short Stream about growing up on the farm.

1. My parents bought this 40 acre farm in December of 1954. I believe Mother told me that they paid $2000. The house and the barn were built in the 1920s.

2. One of my first memories of life on the farm is my dog, Cindy. She was a collie and I loved her.

3. My daddy had a great aunt named Miranda Magnolia Tankersley. Yes that was her name!! She went by Nolie. ( No Lee)  She was renowned in our family for her gift of gab. Daddy said I took after her...I loved to talk. I passed that gift on to my son, Charles.  Amelia says the two of us could talk to anyone about anything.

4. Another early memory I have is following Daddy to the barn....probably talking the whole way.

5. We had a horse named Tony. My mother has a picture of me astride Tony when I was about two.

6. One thing about growing up on a farm, there is never a Day Off. My daddy worked a hard full time job then came home and milked his cow, plowed the garden or burned brush.  I can remember helping Daddy by dragging brush to the burn pile. Daddy was particular about what he would let us girls help out with on the farm. He did not use us as hired hands and protected us from some of the unsavory parts of farm life. We knew our meat came from some of the animals on the farm but it was rather nebulous to us as how it got from the barn to the table.

7. My mother was always busy. There were no dishwashers, except us girls. When I was a girl we still had a wringer washing machine on the back porch. All the laundry was hung on the line. When we got a washer and dryer it was a big day on the farm. Mother sewed all our clothes, even pajamas. She put up enough food to feed us through the winter. And she taught each of us girls how to cook, clean and take care of ourselves.

8 Our social life revolved around our extended family and our church.  We went to VBS in the summer and we looked forward to the Christmas program at church on the Sunday before Christmas. Our cousins were our first best friends. Our grandparents were a part of our everyday life and we were blessed with great aunts and uncles as well as one set of great grandparents.

I am thankful for many happy memories of growing up in a simple time and place.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On the Road

This Christmas  two of the four children who did not want to go to Disney World, received a trip to Disney and Universal Studios as their Christmas Gift from their dad, Nick, and step mom, Tara.  From the pictures Nick and Tara texted to me I would say they are having a good time.

Miss Kendall...riding the waves.:)

And its Landon Potter.

I am going to admit that I am jealous as I would like to visit the Wizarding World of Happy Potter. So glad they got to enjoy a fun trip with their little sisters.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Little Women

While browsing the old and rare used book shelf at the local library I came upon this gem and it had to come home with me.

When I was in the fourth grade I was obsessed with this book. I would read it over and over again. Two things stick out in my mind from my early reading of this classic.  1. What are pickled limes and how could they be a candy? I may not remember the name correctly but Amy got in trouble at school over this treat.  2. From the abridged version I read, I was not sure that Beth had actually died. Her passing was written in such flowery language that I had to ask my mother to see if I had the right idea.   And I will admit I was miffed that Jo and Laurie did not get married at the end. Laurie and Amy as a couple just never occurred to my nine year old mind.

Here is the book....isnt it pretty? It was worth the $2  I paid for it and it is the unabridged version so I am going to read it again to see how it differs from the one I read as a child.

The illustrations are just lovely.

When you open the book this is what you see.

Marmee leaving to go to Father.

Jo meets Mr Laurence.

Meg's wedding.

I am looking forward to PBS's version of Little Women which I believe will be aired this year. One of my favorite actresses, Angela Lansbury, will play Aunt March.

I love rescuing these old classics and I hope my grand girls will enjoy them as much as I did back in the day.