Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Little Christmas Joy

We had a nice Christmas week...we were with my family in Chatsworth on Christmas Day but we were able to Face time with our grands to see what Santa brought to them.

Here are the Hoover Grimmlins on Christmas their new pjs.

Landon and Kendall were with their dad, step mom and sisters for Christmas.  Their gift was a trip to Disney and Universal Studios which will take place next week.

On Wednesday we traveled to Canton, Ga to visit with the Charles Grimm fam.

We went out to eat at Queenie's in Canton.

I give it five stars if you are ever in the area. It was my first trip to downtown Canton and I saw several shops that I hope to explore when I return.

Me and Nancy.

You can tell Charles is the baby of the family...always joking!

Some pretty flowers outside the eating place...I am sure those pansies are dead today. It is bitter cold here in the Sunny South. Global WHAT? We have been hunkered down here at home, with the gas logs and the blankets keeping us company. It will be a bit better tomorrow...Marvin has to return to work and Kendall and I are going to see Star Wars The Last Jedi...AGAIN. We are nerd princesses for sure.  Stay warm friends.


Sandy said...

Great pictures Arlene. Haven't been to see the movie yet either. I simply must get to it as well.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope it's nicer next week. We are cold and rainy this morning! I guess this is another movie to add to my list. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

Cranberry Morning said...

Ha! Enjoy the movie again. Cute pic of the kids in their Christmas pjs. Sorry it's so cold... everywhere!! You're right, we have the heavy equipment up here to handle the snow and are prepared for cold temps, although if this steak of way-sub-zero temps continues, I wonder if we'll have enough firewood for the entire winter.

Robin in Virginia said...

Have fun at the movies! What a wonderful assortment of photos you shared, Arlene! Stay warm in your neck of the woods.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Love your pics, Arlene! You have a beautiful family.

Carol said...

Looks like lots of fun at Christmas time, Arlene, even if you didn't get to see all of the grandkids in person. Face Time must make it much easier to stay in touch :)

I'll be interested to hear how you liked Star Wars... My youngest was bitterly disappointed. He thought I might like it, though, as I'm not a Star Wars purist like he is!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Carol I loved the latest of the best I thought. I have seen all the movies and my granddaughter keeps me up on on all the Internet buzz about theories etc. Shoot me an email at when you have seen it.

Visits With Mary said...

I enjoyed your family photos. It's always nice to see families come together for a good visit.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, FT is such a blessing! We FT the grands as they opened the presents we bought them. So happy to see them excited and pleased! Love all your photos! Those poor flowers - it is so cold here too!

Terri D said...

Beautiful happy faces in all those photos! Our weather should be back in the 70s next week for that trip to Disney and Universal. Hope it holds for them! Happy new year!

Mari said...

Looks like the whole family had a nice Christmas. Margaret always makes me smile - she has a mischievous look about her! And I love seeing Charles goofing off!
It's snowing here again - we got about 9 inches today and are supposed to get another 10 this weekend. And it's sooo cold!