Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Blue is the New White and other Decorating Trends

I  ranted last week about the current decorating trends so I thought I would prove my point today. I received two more magazines in the mail this week with some questionable photos.

I love Blue as much as the next person but really??? (sorry for the taken from magazine with my cell phone.)  I fussed for years about the all white trend that everyone was embracing but it looks good to me compared to this!! As an old nurse, the all white walls reminded me too much of the Operating Rooms I had worked in years ago.

More Blue...I am thinking of what a nightmare it would be to paint this fireplace and wall when you tire of the blue.

And here is another trend that is bothering me.

Painting the trim the same color as the wall.  And that green...uh just NO.  To me this looks like you got carried away. I have painted enough in my life time to know how hard it is to reverse dark colors to lighter ones so no way I would ever do this in my home.

I also saw a picture of a room with the ceiling painted this shade of green.  A whole lot of NOPE on that one.

Here are my ideas of blue and white.

I love blue and white in this presentation. In fact I have lots of blue and white in my own home.

A soft blue and white is so pretty and restful in a bedroom.

The pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet so I guess the blue trend is an off shoot of that design choice.  Tell me, what do you think about painted ceilings and painted trim.


Robin in Virginia said...

I am not a fan of paint (we have tongue and groove pine in the house), but I really don't like everything painted the same color and/or dark. I like blue and white, but the pictures you shared at the start of your post are not soothing.

Sandy said...

You know I love blue especially with a little burnt orange:), but yea, what they are doing is overkill. I have only seen one home with the same trim and wall color the same that I liked. I like a little contrast. The one I saw was a soothing color with flat vs gloss and I could live with that I guess. I haven't been too crazy about some of the stuff I see either. I was glad to be over the all white, but can we just be a little normal.

Terri D said...

I am right there with you. Just a little too much color for me. I tend to neutrals with pops of color that you can change when you want a change.

Mari said...

I'm with you. I like neutrals with color accents. That green is horrible and painting the trim the same color as the wall is also crazy.

Linda said...

I never pay attention to what's in style or trendy. I go through color stages myself from time to time. I used to never have red - or at least only a touch. Down here at the ranch I use red a lot. I had a blue themed Christmas tree for years....not I don't use much blue if any at all anywhere. Greens are good to me they must be a good green. When I redid our utility room, I put stucco on the walls and painted them green. Then I added a wash of a different green because I couldn't stand the first green. Finally, I used a tube of my artsist oil Burnt Umber and thinned it down with turp and rubbed that over every bit of the wall and then wiped some of it off. Perfect!! But I will never be able to duplicate it if I needed to!
I say - if YOU like it - go for it! What doesn't look good to you or me may be just the thing someone else loves. To each his own.

RJ said...

I agree with you totally Arlene. That blue in the first photo is very jarring. I do love the photos at the end...that is my idea of blue decorating too. And Southern Lady is one of my favorite magazines. RJ

Mary said...

Arlene, My Mom's good dinnerware was Blue Onion pattern, so I just love your blue and white photo. Beautiful!!

My favorite color is green but not that green!! I think it's hideous...and I don't like the trim painted the same color as the walls either.

Have you been to SavySouthernStyle blog? She has a dining room ceiling painted a goldish color and I love that.

I guess this is why I no longer buy deco magazines!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I enjoyed reading all the comments. Linda, I often use Burnt Umber to tone down a finish in my crafting. I love the way it looks. I also used it on my music cabinet I recently updated. I guess I have strong opinions about this because in the past I always did my own painting. Marvin hates painting so it was left to me to change anything. Mary I have seen a few painted ceilings that I like. My friend Susan has a pale blue ceiling in her living room and it is very tasteful. I just know how hard it is to change that type of decision so I stick to white for trim and ceilings. As you can tell I think about this kind of stuff way more than I

Carol said...

I am a blue and white lover--everyone knows that who reads my blog, but I think I keep it tasteful :) I am very happy to see blue back in vogue--I need to replace a few things and it is fun looking at all that is available right now.