Thursday, January 4, 2018

Changes at Grimmwood

We just celebrated the anniversary of our first year at Grimmwood.  How we enjoy our is our happy place for sure. I am still tweaking things there.

Marvin had a music cabinet that belonged to his grandmother. It has been in our garage for several years as I considered how I would refinish it. It is a simple cabinet that had a lot of shallow shelves for storing sheet music when people played the piano before the days of the phonograph and radio. Marvin utilized  it in his room as a boy and he had treated pretty badly.  I decided it would just look distressed...but perfect for a bedside table at Grimmwood.( and there are only two shelves left inside...thanks to a young boy who ruined the others!!)

Here it is in our garage once I finished painting and distressing it.

And here it is at Grimmwood.

The curtain is usually pulled back but it was a chilly dreary day and we were trying to keep the house warm so I left it closed for the picture.

My friend, Deborah, gave me the perfect towel ring for the bathroom at Grimmwood.

I had not hung a towel near the sink as I was on the look out for a towel ring but I could not find one. The Rooster is perfect as I have a Chicken Theme in the bathroom.

I sometimes feel like a little girl playing house is so fun to do a country farm house versus my traditional eclectic house here at Nanaland.


Mary said...

I love the roping trim on the cabinet and the perfect size for a bedside cabinet. I bet you are having lots of fun decorating Grimmwood! Congrats on your first year there!

Sandy said...

You did a good job on the cabinet. Perfect, now it works well at Grimmwood with a story behind it!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a fabulous looking cabinet, Arlene! I am thrilled it has found a spot at Grimmwood. Your towel ring looks super on the wall of your bathroom. Stay warm!

Carol said...

I love the cabinet that you resurrected, Arlene--it has such a great history and is a perfect fit between the beds. I'm so glad you are enjoying decorating Grimmwood--you are doing a great job :)

Mrs.T said...

That is the perfect spot for the refurbished cabinet! Great job!

I'm sure it is indeed a lot of fun fixing everything at Grimmwood just the way you like it. If we ever have our own getaway place, I will be the same!

Karen said...

I know you are having fun finding treasures for your getaway. In the bitter cold, just think that maybe there will be fewer mosquitoes around next summer! lol

Miss Dishywoo said...

It is so fun to find a use for something that has a memory attached to it. It's great how you repurposed the old chest. Your towel ring worked out just right, too. Grimmwood is coming together, bit by bit!

Mari said...

You did a great job on the cabinet and it fits just right there! I like the towel ring too!

Linda said...

I love that cabinet! I’m catching up on the posts I’ve missed from you. Love all your Christmas gifts!
I feel the same way about our camper - kind of like I’m playing house! We want to go down there as soon as we can. I miss it..