Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy Anniversary to Ben and Katy

Ben and Katy are celebrating nine years of marriage. They got married on a warm January evening. Well Warm compared to what we have had this year!

Katy has three older sisters and they got together to put on a sweet intimate family wedding. Ben came to see us on Monday and told us he was getting married on Friday. He is a low key kind of guy and he did not want a big fuss. At first the happy couple planned to get married at the courthouse but the Sistas said a great big NOPE on that one. In four days the Hargrove Girls pulled off one of the sweetest weddings I have ever attended.

The Grimms...Charles was in China so he missed the festivities.

Of course Ben blinked in this one. We have a family full of blinkers. Landon always blinks!

That Italian Cream Cake was delicious.

So sweet.
The send off.
Ok, I had to share this one. Katy's nephew, Charlie, was determined he was going to kiss Kendall, the flower girl.  She put up her purse to block him!! The purse held her rose petals by the way.  We have always laughed that if these two should get married one day, this has to be the Save the Date picture.:)

It was a lovely evening and I am so thankful that Katy's sisters made it so special.


Sandy said...

Actually I think that is the way to go. I have a feeling that will be the way Paul Allen does it. It is very pretty. Kendall is adorable.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a cute shot of Kendall fending off a kiss! Best wishes for a wonderful anniversary to Ben and Katy.

Rian said...

Great pictures! Loved the one of the kids. Happy Anniversary to Ben and Katy. And we love Italian cream cake.

Visits With Mary said...

That would be something if the two little ones got married someday, yes, you certainly should keep that picture! Happy Anniversary to Ben and Katy.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Great pics. They are a darling couple! Have a great week, Arlene.

Terri D said...

Happy anniversary to the blessed couple! Her dress is really gorgeous! I love that last photo with the purse blocking the kiss. Too cute!! Such happy memories!!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary to them! I love that it was simple, but looked so nice! And the picture of Kendall is so cute.
You look really nice too. I like your hair and you look so good in that pink color!

Linda said...

A beautiful wedding and bride! YOU looked beautiful, too!
Loved the one of Charlie and Kendall!!!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary to Ben and Katy! Great photos! I love your hair in this photo, you look great in red!