Friday, January 19, 2018

I Am A Fan

Girls, I seldom watch much tv anymore because now I am a You Tube Fan. Ok, Marvin and I still watch Jeopardy every night. Did you hear that Alex Trebek had brain surgery? No it was not to remove all the facts he has acquired over his 30 plus years as the host of Jeopardy but it was to relieve pressure on his brain from a fall he took a month ago.  Another reason that Falls are one of my fears as I get older. He is doing well and will be back hosting soon. Jeopardy put off filming one of its tournaments to allow Alex time to recover.  We also watch The Big Bang Theory as well as Young Sheldon. We watch the British shows on PBS. Marvin has a new  favorite, Doc Martin. That guy just gets on my last I would not want to be Doc Martin's nurse.

If you are tired of tv but looking for some good You Tube Channels here are a few that I enjoy.

1. Eclectic Kristen  I have mentioned her channel before on the blog. She is a young woman who visits Dollar Tree Stores and reports on what is new in the store. I find it very helpful especially if I am looking for seasonal goodies. Kirsten also does some DYI using products from the Dollar Tree and her turtorials are very good. She reminded everyone who is planning a wedding shower that now is the time to get some decorations from the Valentines Day Aisle. I went to Dollar Tree yesterday to pick up some things for my Valentines Day Dough Bowl which I plan to put on display next week.

2. Clutterbug.  I just found this perky young wife and mom's channel. She has so many tips on organization, cleaning and decorating! She does not make you feel guilty about your piles of stuff but helps you to deal with it once and for all. She is a HAPPY lady and I love to see someone who is so upbeat and encouraging without being obnoxious.

3. Mrs Erica. I have mentioned this channel before as well. Mrs Erica lives in Mobile, Al and is a working mom with lots of lifestyle hints and tips. She does some Clean with Me posts and I find they motivate me to get up and get to cleaning.  She is a woman of faith and is very encouraging as well.

4. Come Home for Comfort. Whitney is a young wife who I have known in the blog world for a long time. Her blog can be found on my Blog Roll.  Whitney shares grocery hauls, products she finds helpful in the home as well as sharing some decorating tips on a budget. It seems that I watch a lot of Homemaking blogs, but I learn something different from each lady.

5. Chelsea and Priscilla. This Mother Daughter duo has a channel on Floss Tube where they show their cross stitching and finishing skills. Priscilla's blog can also be found on my Blog Roll.  These two are so fun together and their 30 minute videos are perfect when I am walking"inside my house". Watching their banter makes the time fly by ( and no I have not run into a wall yet while watching You Tube and walking!!)

6. The Primitive Stitcher.  Suzette is one of my favorite stitchers. She is so calm and some days I need a calming voice to speak to me of stitching. Her craft room is so cute and she has it all oraganized beautifully.

There are as many channels as there are interests and I would encourage you to give You Tube a try.


Mary said...

Arlene, we cut the cable to tv in 2001 so I pretty much watch what I can get from the library and BBC shows are my favorite. Have you seen Call the Midwife? I enjoyed that as it was based on a nurses experiences after WWII in a poor area of England. I'm with Marvin, I really enjoyed Doc Martin, what a curmudgeon!!

I'm going to check out your recommendations on youtube...Mary

Sandy said...

I find myself watching Youtube more and more. I have a confession. I have been watching the original Peyton Place put on Youtube by Soaps and Things. I just finished the first season. IT has been fun to watch. It is rather slow and not nearly as scandalous as I remember everyone saying. Of course, I am just finished season one which was 1965. The Return to Peyton Place may be different:)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mary I really enjoy Call the Midwife! The early seasons are my favorite. Yes that Doc Martin is a curmudgeon for sure. Be sure and check out Floss Tube if you have not tried that ...all cross stitching all the

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy it is amazing what you can find on you tube. I have watched a few episodes of old soaps that we watched with Mother, growing up. You are right...very slow moving to me today. I watched Dark Shadows and boy, it was slow boring and not nearly as scary as I remember it

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I don't watch much tv...we've not found a favorite even on PBS. But I think I would enjoy the you tube videos. Thanks for the links! Something fun for a winter day. Hugs, Diane

sharon said...

I have never looked into you tube, but will have to check out your suggestions. Have a great weekend after our Alabama snow!!

Terri D said...

Joe and I LOVE Doc Martin and can't wait for the next season. We don't watch YouTube often but watch Netflix and Acorn TV all the time. The British shows are all so great!