Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On the Road

This Christmas  two of the four children who did not want to go to Disney World, received a trip to Disney and Universal Studios as their Christmas Gift from their dad, Nick, and step mom, Tara.  From the pictures Nick and Tara texted to me I would say they are having a good time.

Miss Kendall...riding the waves.:)

And its Landon Potter.

I am going to admit that I am jealous as I would like to visit the Wizarding World of Happy Potter. So glad they got to enjoy a fun trip with their little sisters.


Mary said...

What great photos!!! They are having a blast!

Sandy said...

Once in a while to Disney is fun, just not every month like many are doing.
I haven't been to Harry Potter World either. Both of my kids have been. They loved it.
Jeff had his second injection. I think he may have a baker's cyst on the back of the knee from all the inflammation. Hoping he can get some relief soon so he can ride his bike and get it moving.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I think they had a good time but no they will not being going often as so many do these days. I have a 70 year old aunt that goes several times a year!!Sandy a friend of mine had a bakers cyst on her knee and they were able to drain it so if that is what is causing Jeff's pain, hopefully it is an easy fix.

Robin in Virginia said...

It looked like they had a fabulous time. Glad they were able to go!

Linda said...

So many people love Disney World! I’ve only been to Disney Land in California one time and that was way back in the 1970’s!

Sally said...

Looks like they are having a great time! How wonderful that they could go.
I agree with you Arlene. I see so many young families that go multiple time a year and I just do not understand it. I know they think they are giving the children "experiences", but you can still spoil them with trips, travel, fancy hotels, etc. Do you agree?!
My 2 sons are in college and have never been to Disney! We could never afford big vacations. We did what we could and tried to have some fun adventures without spending a lot. I read about some families that take so many Disney trips and wonder if we were wrong for not placing more of an emphasis on it. Somehow, I think my sons will overcome it!
This has been on my mind, so thanks for letting me vent.

Sally said...

Arlene, I hope my previous comments did not sound critical! I am so happy that your grandchildren were able to go on their trip. I think a trip to Disney is great, it is just the multiple times a year I was referring to!

I love your blog. You are a great mother and grandmother and I get so much inspiration from you.
Your blog always brightens my day!

(you don't have to post this if you think it sounds too critical!)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sally I totally agree with you!! We saved to take our kids once back in the mid 80s. I do not see how many young families afford multiple trips to the Magic Kingdom. I have to admit, I do want to visit Harry Potter World. I dropped a hint to my

Terri D said...

So fun!! The theme parks (all of them) really know how to help make wonderful memories! I wish you had gone with them because we would have driven over to meet up with you for lunch or dinner! Missed opportunity!! :) Maybe next time!!

RJ said...

They look like they are having a great time Arlene. I only went to Disneyland once and that is when we were stationed in California. Our son Mike and I drove the five hour drive and enjoyed Disneyland, a baseball game and Sea World. It was a really nice experience.

We also went to Disney World once. It was fun too but I prefer the smaller size of Disneyland "the original".

I can see you having a blast with your wonderful grandchildren. RJ

Mari said...

Looks like they are having fun! I'm not to interested in Disney, but I would like to visit Harry Potter world too!