Thursday, January 18, 2018


Well the snow finally arrived on Tuesday.

This is the view from my front door. We now have all the grass covered and from what I see on Facebook, road conditions are deteriorating rapidly. It is supposed to be six tonight so doubtful the roads will be better tomorrow.  Girls I live in the South to avoid this kind of mess!! So far January has been one of the coldest I can remember. Usually we get some days of warmer weather between the frigid days. That being said, on Sunday it will be in the 60s. Come on Sunday!!

The kids enjoyed a snow day.

And I hung my Valentine on the door!

Marvin is home today as well. We are watching DVDs, I am cleaning a bit and stitching in between. I am hoping the Weather Man is wrong in his predictions. We are planning a trip to Grimmwood on Thursday but with the bad roads, we may be stuck in Alabama an extra day.

And in Georgia...

I need one of those Eskimo coats like Audrey"s!!

I don't think Birmingham got snow but it is very cold there. Hoping all my Grimmlins are on the road to recovery from their bouts with Flu.


Sandy said...

Yep, it is cold! According to my weather app, it got to 20 last night here and it didn't get above freezing until noonish yesterday. Crazy! It doesn't seem to bother the dogs other than Lemony does like the ice on the porch. The only thing I go out for is to take them out. I am trying to stay busy inside. Hopefully, you will get to the cabin.

Robin in Virginia said...

All I can say is wow; this weather pattern is certainly an interesting one. I hope you are able to travel to Grimmwood as expected. What super pictures of the grands you shared! Stay warm!

Karen said...

Looks like the kids had fun in the snow. We need a few snow days to make us really appreciate 50 degrees!!!

Visits With Mary said...

We have a new record low here in my part of the world. It's been so cold, but it's supposed to be 72 on Saturday. Typical South Texas weather!!

Mari said...

Oh Audrey! She just makes me smile!
It's such a cold January - I'm ready for Spring!

RJ said...

It has been very cold here in Florida too but no snow. I actually would love to see some snow. If I'm going to be cold, give me snow!!!

The grandchildren look adorable and like they enjoy the fluffy white stuff! RJ

shwet said...

I love Snow!!! Pictures are so adorable :)
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