Monday, January 29, 2018

Stitching Friends

When we were newlyweds living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, I had two dear friends, Melinda and Rebekah. We all lived in the same apartment complex and we attended Kern Memorial UMC. Our husbands were friends too so we had many happy times together.

Back in the late 1970s, Rebekah took up counted cross stitch and taught me and Melinda how it was done.  I kept with cross stitch but Melinda branched out into quilting. You may remember I shared the pretty in pink quilt she made not too long ago.

Melinda and I have kept our friendship going for 40 years, sometimes across continents and now across the USA. She had told me to expect a package in the mail. What would it be???

A beautiful wall hanging done in the Bow Tie Pattern. One of the bow ties is a material with pears the belonged to Melinda's grandmother's stash.  That really touched my heart that she would share something so special with me.

I am using it on my table at Grimmwood but when I go back it will be hung on the wall in my bedroom. Melinda gave me a tip on hanging it safely.

Being a needleworker myself, I appreciate it so much when someone takes the time to make something for me.

You may remember my tale of woe regarding my q snap misadventure that left me with a partially stitched Foothills Farm.  I took lemons and made lemonade.

I turned the stitching into what is called a "small".  These tiny pillows can be tucked anywhere for a bit of interest.  I had been wondering what I would do with this bit of stitching when I received my package from Melinda. Then I had my answer! I packed it up and sent it on its way to Henderson, Nevada.

And here it is in its new home.

This little chair belonged to Melinda's mother.  The colors are perfect and it makes me happy to know my stitching friend has a bit of my needlework in her home.


Sandy said...

The quilt is gorgeous. I love the small and it is perfect in her chair. Sweet story.

Mary said...

Arlene, Your gifted quilt is gorgeous!! I love that Melinda used a piece of her grandmothers fabric in your quilt, that makes it even extra special and I'm sure it touched your heart that she included it. (Is that piece the top right corner?) It appears it was hand quilted too which makes it all the more precious.

You certainly made lemonade out of your Foothills Farm. It goes perfectly with Melinda's mothers chair.

Did you even think 40 years ago that you would still be stitching? It's wonderful that you kept up your friendship after all these years.

I have found needleworkers to be such generous people. I truly enjoyed todays post! Mary

Robin in Virginia said...

Super post to read this afternoon, Arlene! The wall hanging made and gifted to you by your friend is stunning. It looks great on your table. I would love to hear her tip on hanging it safely. Your PS "small" turned out lovely and it looks great on the green chair at Melinda's.

Terri D said...

This post made me smile all the way through. Good friends are so very special and important in our lives and yours are creative and talented too!

Mari said...

That quilt is just beautiful! And I love your little pillow. It looks perfect on that chair.

Visits With Mary said...

That is a wonderful gift, something to treasure!!!

Mrs.T said...

This is just a wonderful post, Arlene. Friendship and needlework ... both gifts to be treasured! The little quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I think it looks wonderful on your table. And your little pillow is just so lovely -- as you said, just a happy thought to know that some of your handiwork is there in your friend's home. She will think of you every time she sees it!

Carol said...

What a sweet gift from Melinda--I love the fact that your friendship has stayed intact after so many years. And your little pillow looks darling in Melinda's home--I know she will treasure it, Arlene!