Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Streaming at the Barn

Bruce added a flag to the barn...I love it!

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my post regarding the barn the other day. I thought I might do a short Stream about growing up on the farm.

1. My parents bought this 40 acre farm in December of 1954. I believe Mother told me that they paid $2000. The house and the barn were built in the 1920s.

2. One of my first memories of life on the farm is my dog, Cindy. She was a collie and I loved her.

3. My daddy had a great aunt named Miranda Magnolia Tankersley. Yes that was her name!! She went by Nolie. ( No Lee)  She was renowned in our family for her gift of gab. Daddy said I took after her...I loved to talk. I passed that gift on to my son, Charles.  Amelia says the two of us could talk to anyone about anything.

4. Another early memory I have is following Daddy to the barn....probably talking the whole way.

5. We had a horse named Tony. My mother has a picture of me astride Tony when I was about two.

6. One thing about growing up on a farm, there is never a Day Off. My daddy worked a hard full time job then came home and milked his cow, plowed the garden or burned brush.  I can remember helping Daddy by dragging brush to the burn pile. Daddy was particular about what he would let us girls help out with on the farm. He did not use us as hired hands and protected us from some of the unsavory parts of farm life. We knew our meat came from some of the animals on the farm but it was rather nebulous to us as how it got from the barn to the table.

7. My mother was always busy. There were no dishwashers, except us girls. When I was a girl we still had a wringer washing machine on the back porch. All the laundry was hung on the line. When we got a washer and dryer it was a big day on the farm. Mother sewed all our clothes, even pajamas. She put up enough food to feed us through the winter. And she taught each of us girls how to cook, clean and take care of ourselves.

8 Our social life revolved around our extended family and our church.  We went to VBS in the summer and we looked forward to the Christmas program at church on the Sunday before Christmas. Our cousins were our first best friends. Our grandparents were a part of our everyday life and we were blessed with great aunts and uncles as well as one set of great grandparents.

I am thankful for many happy memories of growing up in a simple time and place.


Mary said...

Arlene, what a wonderful childhood you had growing up on a farm. Your memories are just wonderful. I have similar memories but unfortunately not farm life. My father would have loved it though! My Mom made all our clothes and going out to eat was a rarity. I set the table everyday with a tablecloth and we had a good homemade dinner everynight. I look back on my childhood years with the best memories, life was simpler but much more rewarding. I enjoyed your post immensely!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood, Arlene. Love the flag. Enjoy your week!

Sandy said...

I loved that our cousins were our first best friends. I can definitely say that was the case for me. My daughter has the gift of gab. My son is the quiet one, but I often wonder if it was because he couldn't get a word in.
Great memories. I am glad you are able to spend this time with family again.

Robin in Virginia said...

What memories of the farm you have to treasure, Arlene! I enjoyed reading your memories.

Cranberry Morning said...

Wow, a lot of this could have been written by me! So much of it was familiar. I loved reading your reminiscences, Arlene. And I love the name Magnolia. Isn't that pretty!

Visits With Mary said...

The flag looks great on the barn, it made a great picture. Love your precious memories, thanks for sharing with us!!

RJ said...

Love the flag on your barn Arlene! I truly enjoyed your days growing up on the farm. I grew up in a small suburb in New Jersey and yet we had the same experiences growing up. My cousin was also my best friend and even was my Maid of Honor. Going to visit Grandma and Grandpa was looked forward to and I could not wait to get there. Going to Catholic school in a uniform and attending Mass six times a week was part of growing up. We never went out to eat until I was in high school and that was on our way to visit my Aunt and Uncle. My Mom kept a spotless home, made meals everyday and also took in sewing to pay the bills. I have such fond memories of those days too. RJ

doodles n daydreams said...

Oh the memories this brought back, I loved reading it. We lived with our grandparents when I was young and so I saw a lot of my cousins as well. The washing was done in a copper with a mangle over the tubs, then we got a wringer washing machine. Good times for the kids, hard work for the women. I thoroughly enjoyed your post.


Sally said...

How great to read about your childhood. My mother most of our clothes, too and VBS was the highlight of our summer. Brings back great memories!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love learning more about how you grew up. I grew up in a small Southern town and my Grandmother had chickens in her backyard. I remember the BIG garden too and having to shell peas. It's nice to have good memories! Hugs!

Mari said...

I love the flag too!
Such great memories of that barn. I grew up on a farm too, and our life revolved around church and extended family as well. And yes - VBS was our summer highlight too.
What a name!