Monday, January 8, 2018

The Stream

Well the stream is frozen girls so we will just skate along...Don't fall down!!

1. I get several decorating magazines.( My sisters and friends say I am good at decorating but what they do not know is that I am a good copy cat!)  One of my favorite home decor periodicals is HGTV magazine. My January issue arrived last week and when I sat down to look at it I was so disappointed.  It seems that the new wave in Home Decor is jarring colors and tacky furniture. I get repainting a piece of furniture. ( re Our Music Cabinet) but what I saw in the Jan issue was just frightening.  For a while, everything was hospital white, which looks better than the current trend.  I guess I just enjoy the classic colors and pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time.  I love Traditional Home, Southern Living and Veranda but most of the time their decorating budgets are much higher than my own! Could we have a home decor magazine for normal people. And HGTV Magazine...that is what you used to be! Let's go back to what worked in the beginning.

2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi   Can I say that this is my favorite Star Wars movie? It was so good! But I will admit that the first Star Wars movie is a classic. And by first Star Wars movie I mean what is now number three. ( Are you confused yet?) George Lucas why did you make prequels and get my numbers all mixed up? I was in my early 20s when I first laid eyes on Luke Skywalker and I was hooked. Marvin and I recently watched our dvd of this movie and we were laughing at what was high tech back in the late 70s.  Kendall and I returned to the theater yesterday to see The Last Jedi for the second time. After the movie was over we stopped at Krispy Kreme for a snack In these cold temps we need some carbs to keep warm!!While we ate our donuts, we talked about the movie and our theories for the subject of the next movie, which will be released in 2019.  We also talked about some things we missed the first time we watched the movie.  I won't publish any spoilers  but we all know that Carrie Fisher passed away and Princess Leia will be no more. I do not think another actress could take her place. She IS Princess Leia/General Organa. If you need to spend three hours where it is warm...visit your local theater and travel to a galaxy far far away.

3. One of my goals for 2018 is to go through every drawer and closet in my house. I did get my craft room/attic area organized on Monday when I put away all the Christmas decorations.  I am going to be stern with myself and if I have not used an object or article of clothing in the last six months I am tossing it or donating it.  I thank Mrs Erica on You Tube for the inspiration for this job.

4. Re number three, I have a question for you all. I am thinking of getting rid of some personal correspondence I have held onto for many years. Some might be old love letters from my DH. I am not sure I would want my children reading them if I were to go suddenly and they were chunking my junk.  Marvin and I say that our kiddos would have a dumpster delivered to our driveway and every thing in the house would be tossed!!  I have a Floss Tube friend who says she will adopt all my cross stitch. The kids might put those pieces  in a yard sale and sell them for a dollar each!! Of course some of this is jest but face it, the things we treasure do not mean much to the next generation. I saw an article online about the fact that Good Will type stores are filled with dishes and furniture of the Baby Boomer generation.  Have you heard of the Swedish book about Death Cleaning? In Scandanavian countries, once you get old you start cleaning out your things so your children are not bothered. Sorry but that is a bit morbid to me.  Yea or Nay on shredding the letters???

5. I really should have led with this point. Roll Tide. Tonight Alabama and Georgia will face off for the College Football Championship. Will I be pulling for Alabama? YES! Georgia Tech is my number one team but Alabama is a close second. We do not like the Bull Dawgs at this house.  And I am tired of all my Georgia Kin Folks razing me about Georgia Beating Tech on a regular basis.  If Alabama wins that will be some shut up juice for them but if Georgia wins, I may have to stay off Facebook for several days.   And as my friend, Sandy said on her blog, it is over for another year after tonight.  Time to move on to Ga Tech Basketball and hoping that the Atlanta Braves will have a good season this year.

6. We are anticipating some home improvement projects this year. Believe it or not we have lived in this town house for 10 years now. I plan to paint the living room, dining room and kitchen. However I will not be painting it, I realize that getting up up a ladder to paint 10 foot walls is in the past for me.  Lenox Tan by Benjamin Moore will be the color of the day. I need to pick out an accent color for the tiny foyer between the bedroom and bathroom. It can be seen from the living room so it must coordinate. I am thinking of a dark rust color. Any paint colors you have used in the past that you have loved?

7. Everyone is purging their kitchens of the holiday temptations, myself included but I have to say there are two things in my cabinet that I am having a hard time letting go of! One is Biscuits and Gravy Lays Potato Chips. Oh my...they are so yummy. I WILL NOT buy them again. The other thing is the small Fast Break candy bars. I blame my sister, Leta, for telling me about these. Now I have Kendall addicted to them as well. I told her to eat the rest of the stash!!

Well time to get in the house, sit by the logs and have a hot drink! Have a blessed day friends.


Preppy Empty Nester said...

You are going to be a very busy Lady, Arlene. Now I really feel like a slouch! Enjoy your week.

Sandy said...

Your frozen stream was fun to skate on today.
#1 Amen!
#2 I can't believe I have not been yet. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am headed very soon!
#3 I could talk for hours on this as I have cleaned behind my mom and stepdad. I am desperately trying to eliminate the stuff. Honestly, we all bought too much in the 80's and 90's. Then there is the sentimental stuff.
I have been going through the same stuff for three years now. Each year I get rid of a bit more.
#4 I loved looking at my letters of my parents, but nothing was there that I wouldn't want to see. On a similar note, I literally have a box of memorabilia of high school stuff in a closet that I am thinking of dumping. I don't go look at it anymore and my kids will surely not care about it...I may just throw away this month too. Also I think many so called antique stores are just full of what you spoke of. It kind of makes me sad to walk through them.
#5 Oh my...I will probably not comment on this. I have moved on to basketball anyway!
#6 I am also realizing I don't want to fall. I have seen some tone on tone that I like. Check out some of Nine and Sixteen blog pics. She is very traditional.
#7 I ate a few too many sweets this Christmas so I am eating right mode again. No talk of anything to tempt me!!!

Rian said...

After having to do the cleaning out for both my brother and my mom, I think it would be a good thing to de-clutter some of the stuff so the kids don't have to do it 'all'. There's bond to be some, but we all know there is stuff that means nothing to anyone but ourselves... (the thousands of cat pictures for one, the old no longer used technical equipment for another... old Christmas and birthday cards, etc.) I guess if there's correspondence that you wouldn't want your kids to read, I'd get rid of it. But I've read some of my dad's love letters to my mom and it's kind of nice knowing how they were when they were young. Your call.

Visits With Mary said...

I'm a good copy cat too, just hard for me to come up with my own ideas. I would find it hard to shred the old letters but I sure wouldn't want my kids reading them, or anyone else.

Joyce F said...

If I were you I would read the letters one more time (maybe along with DH), maybe keep one or two of your favorites that you wouldn't mind your kids seeing and shred the rest. I've been helping my son clear out a house following a divorce where she left and left stuff she didn't want (and he doesn't either) behind. That has given me the push I needed to get rid of some STUFF in our house. A long way to go yet, but a start. In 2018 I am not going to buy any books, jigsaw puzzles or stationery!

Terri D said...

1. There used to be a show on HGTV that showed a professionally decorated room that cost tens of thousands of dollars and then the show was about making that same room/look using consignment and thrift store finds. I LOVED it!! Copying is the only way my budget allows a new look!! LOL

2. I've never been a Star Wars fan so most likely will never see the new movie. I've seen the first three/3-4-5 but just because we all had to see them back then. I don't care for StarTrek either or any science fiction type movies. I know I'm probably alone in my thinking!

3. I still have drawers that need to be cleaned out from our move - almost a year ago!

4. As to the letters...if you don't want the kids (or any strangers) to read them, then go ahead and shred. I can tell you that we were responsible for cleaning out my grandma's apartment after she died and we did indeed fill up a dumpster. She DID have some family pieces that she put names on so we knew who she wanted to have them, and she also gave away many things so she knew who got them before she died. I am all for "death cleaning" though that term sounds horrid!!

6. I like Paprika and bought curtains in that color for our living room as a pop to the more neutral walls. I am in love with paprika. It might be a little warmer than rust, but certainly in the same family! Let us know what you choose!

7. I tossed the remains of the cookies earlier this week, on trash day. There are some wrapped candies left and some white chocolate covered pretzels that I made left. We both keep picking at it.

(No opinion on the college football.) Wishing you a blessed day as well!!

Carol said...

I know just what you mean about the HGTV magazines color trends--yikes! I guess I am getting old :) I have always loved Southern Home (even though I am no where near the South!).

That is a hard call on the letters! My mom still has all of my dad's old one from the 40s and I know she rereads them. Not sure she would want us reading them, though... Not sure what to advise you. I guess I better read through our old love letters from the 70s--now I'm nervous!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh I am loving all your input!! Terri, my friend, Candie, recommended Benjamin Moore's Paprika and since you echo the color, I am going to definitely check it out. And I loved HGTV when they did more decorating for regular people. I love Chip and Joanna but there is only so much of that I can I miss Matt and Shari's Room by Room. Carol, I have not looked at the letters in a while so I will read over them and maybe save some that are more g We have enjoyed a more temperate day and even though it is raining, My spirits are better!! I need warm weather for my thin blood. I hope each of you know how much I enjoy meeting here in Blogland and sharing thoughts and advice. Thanks for all your responses to my dilemma.

Mari said...

I agree with you on decorating. Everytime I'm just getting used to something, the styles change!
My Dad had letters he wrote to my mom when he was in the army. He was going to get rid of them and us kids said they were a treasure! So I have them, but we promised not to read them until he was gone. We did see a few and there was nothing crazy in them - just day to day life. So, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe go through them and get rid of any you don't want them to read, but save some. I think they are awesome!

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed reading your "stream" today. Hopefully, the jarring colors and tacky furniture will trend and be over quickly. There are days when I say I am going to get a dumpster and toss 80% the contents of this house in it, but then I return from the ledge. No suggestions on paint colors as we don't have any drywall in the house. Enjoy the warmer temps!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I have enjoyed skating on your frozen stream. One of my goals is to organize my crafts. I've ordered a couple of organizing shelf carts that should arrive this week. I am very excited about them! I think I'd hold onto the letters a bit longer. xx

Sally said...

Great post, Arlene! My sisters and I have had to clean out our mother's home when she moved to assisted living and after going through that, it has definitely made me want to purge my own house. It is very hard for me to part with the sentimental things though. And I agree with you that my sons are not going to want a lot of the stuff I have saved. I have read several articles about younger people not wanting all of the things their parents spent a lifetime accumulating. I think they are eventually going to regret passing up the nice antique furniture tho!