Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Things I am Loving

One of the floss tube ladies I enjoy watching is Heidi Cran. At the end of her stitching posts she shares things she is loving that week. I thought it might be a fun post here at Nanaland So here goes....

1. Orange Cranberry Pecan Butter.  I found this yummy confection at our local Bank Street store, The Cupboard.  I eat it on toast for breakfast and it is yummy!!  The cranberry gives it a kick and the orange citrus tang compliments the cranberry perfectly. Add pecans to anything I will love it. Pecans are my favorite nut.

2. My silver scrubby. I went to The Cupboard to get a new Wet It for the kitchen and they were out of stock. Ginger assured me they were expecting a shipment any day. She suggested I try this silver scrubby with a sponge inside. They are perfect for scrubbing cast iron and coated cast iron without scratching the surface. They are also great for cleaning glass cooktops.

3. Cupcake Hershey Kisses. I purchased a bag of this confection to add to my Valentine Dough Bowl that you will see tomorrow here at Nanaland. These little white chocolate candies have sprinkles inside.

4.The book, God or Nothing by Cardinal Robert Sarah has been the perfect New Year read for me. I am trying to make it last another week.

5. My carafe. This was a Dollar Tree find that I purchased to place on my bedside table so I can keep water for my diffuser handy. I diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint every night to help with my allergies. The large carafe holds enough water for four or five days. And it looks pretty too!

6. Cardigans at Target. Ladies, Target is bringing out the spring fashions. That means goodbye to fall and winter. I purchased 5 cardigans that had been marked down to $11.48 each! I purchased one cute leopard cardigan to just see if I liked it. Well I loved it so I went back and was fortunate to find a black, red, rose and navy floral version.  Five cardigans for about $60.  These will see me through the rest of winter and I will have them ready for next year. I love to wear cardigans over sleeveless tops. Add some pearls and voila... June Cleaver.

So what are you loving right now? I would enjoy hearing from all of you!


Preppy Empty Nester said...

I still can't get past Cupcake Hershey Kisses! What a beautiful combo.
Yum. Have a great week, Arlene.

Dianna said...

I think I am heading to Target tomorrow to see if they have such a wonderful bargain on cardigans as you found at yours! That is fantastic! I love cardigans!

I also like your idea of the carafe at your bedside for filling the diffuser nightly.

I am loving shopping at Aldi for the ingredients for my salad-in-a-jar recipes.

Mary said...

Arlene, cranberry nut bread is one of my favorite breads, I would love your spread!

Your June Cleaver comment gave me a good chuckle! As you see below I'm no June Cleaver!

I have a few new favorites: 1st is Needlpoint brand 100% silk floss, oh, how smoothly it glides through the linen!
2. Trader Joe's Next to Godliness cedar cleaning spray. I love the scent and at 2.99 a bottle it's a steal.
3. Lounging around the house I'm all about comfort. I just bought mens small flannel bottoms and long sleeve v neck t's for 5$ each at Modells. Going back to buy more but you would never, ever catch me out in public wearing pj bottoms!
4. When I go out for breakfast I bring my own Maple syrup and a friend just bought me a bottle of Masefield smoky maple syrup, love the smoky flavor...once I had maple syrup I could never go back to Aunt Jemima's!
5. Outlander series...I go to a friends home to watch and Optimum cancelled Starz, I have 3 more episodes to catch up that show!

This was fun and looking forward to seeing what others are loving right now.

Visits With Mary said...

WoW, great buy on those cardigans. I also where cardigans and love them. Love your list of 'loves.' Love is in the air!! lol

RJ said...

Hmm lets see what do I love right now.
1. Gator basketball games. We have season tickets and never miss a game. Go Gators!

2. This is Us. Love this show and look forward to each new episode.

3. Blaze pizza. It's a new pizza place where you pick all of your own toppings but they are all really neat gourmet items. They call them artisan pizzas and they are very inexpensive. I could go there every single day.

4. I've also fallen in love with silk threads. They are a real treat. And if I win the lottery I will never stitch with cotton again.

5. Almond M & M's...bring them on!

I also love some of the items mentioned cranberry, orange and pecans. And always get real maple syrup too. Once you have it, there is no going back.


Mari said...

I love reading about what you are loving! You did great on the cardigans. I may have to check that out!

Terri D said...

I think I am loving everything you mentioned, whether I've experienced it or not. I think a visit to Target might be in order!!

Shelley Kuecks said...

1. I love Forest Snowfall cross stitch project that I’m almost done with (do I love it because it’s close to a finish?)
2. I loved that huge moon and very high tide.
3. I love how the internet makes it seem like you’re all next door (I’ll have to try Blaze Pizza, we have one too)
4. I love how easy it is to make scampi (& it was delicious)
5. I love that I got a day off carpooling yesterday because DH and a friend did it.
6. I love that the Celebrity Big Brother cast is better than I expected.
7. I love the Hulu series 11.22.63 that I started watching yesterday although I am not a history buff or fan of science fiction

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Shelley, doing a happy dance right now...thanks for visiting.